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Variable Label: Life affected as result of 911-no longer cope with things


(As a result of the attacks, how much has your life been affected in the following areas - a lot, some, a little, or not at all? )

Feeling that I no longer can cope with things.

1 A LOT (see V08135)

2 SOME (see V08135)

3 A LITTLE (see V08135)

4 NOT AT ALL (see V08135)

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1A LOT11902.57%02.56%
3A LITTLE47010.15%10.11%
4NOT AT ALL380482.18%81.82%
-8DONT KNOW6-00.13%

Disclaimer: Frequencies displayed above are not weighted.

  • Missing Data Codes: -9 (Refused), -8 (Don't know), . (Missing)
  • Total Cases: 4649

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