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Adult Demographics

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

DA31B_01Religious preference:1st mention: Recoded (2 iterations)V09414DM_DA311 B1
DA33Frequency attend religious servicesV05629DA33
DA35During difficult times-seek comfort in religionV05631DA35
DA36_1Ever been homelessV05633
DA36A_1Remember age 1st time homelessV05662
DA36A_2Age 1st time homelessV05663
DA36A_3AEstimate age 1st time homelessV05664
DA36A_3B1st time homeless before teensV05665
DA36A_3C1st time homeless before twentiesV05666
DA36A_4Age last time homelessV05667
DA36_1A1How long homeless since 18 years old V05635DA36_1A1
DA36_1A2Unit of time homeless since 18, DA36.1A1V05636DA36_1A2
DA36_1B1Had a job that required you to carry gunV04351CC67
DA36_1C1Aside from job, # of times you threatened someone with gunV04352CC68
DA36_1E1Threat always in self-defenseV04353CC70
DA36_1G1Age when threat with gun happenedV04354CC72
DA36_1H1Age 1st time threatened someone with gunV04355CC73
DA36_1I1Threatened someone with gun in past 12 monthsV04356CC74
DA36_1J1# of times you threatened someone with other weaponV04357CC75
DA36_5Received welfare/pub assistance since turning 18V05657DA36_3H49*
DA36_5A# total years received public assistance since 18V05658DA36_3AH49A*
DA36_5CAge last time received public assistanceV05660DA36_3C
DA37Rank how well off now relative to US peopleV05668DA37
DA38Rank comm standing now relative to people in communityV05669DA38
DA38BRank in country of originV05671
DA39Know anyone killed in 911 attackV06390T1
DA40Know anyone injured but survived 911 attackV06403T2
DA41ATime spent getting info from media few weeks after 911V05688
DA42BLife affected as result of 911-losing my jobV05692
DA42DLife affected as result of 911-reduction in family incomeV05693
DA42ELife affected as result of 911-more patrioticV05694
DA42FLife affected as result of 911-feel less safeV05695
DA42HLife affected as result of 911-treated unfairly due to race/appearV05696
DA42ILife affected as result of 911-less optimistic about futureV05697
DA42LLife affected as result of 911-no longer cope with thingsV05698

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