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Variable Label: Extent to which condition interfered with home management


(RB, PG 9)

Using the 0 to 10 scale on page 9 in your booklet, where 0 means no interference and 10 means very severe interference, think about the month or longer in the past 12 months when [(RANDOM CONDITION)] consequences were most severe. What number describes how much [(RANDOM CONDITION)] consequences interfered with each of the following activities during that time?

Your home management, like cleaning, shopping, and taking care of the (house/apartment)?

(IF NEC: How much did [(RANDOM CONDITION)] interfere with your home management, like cleaning, shopping, taking care of the (house/apartment) during that time?)
(IF NEC: You can use any number between 0 and 10 to answer.)


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A discrepancy exists between the question text in the surveys. You may wish to compare question text to determine how it affects the variable results.

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  • Valid N: 2717
  • Refused: 8
  • Don't Know: 1
  • Missing (Other): 0
  • Missing (System): 1923
MeanStd DevMedianMinMax
  • Valid Range: 0 - 10
  • Total Cases: 4649

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