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Chronic Conditions

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

CC1AEver had arthritis/rheumatismV04044CC1A
CC1BEver had chronic back/neck problemsV04045CC1B
CC1CEver had frequent or severe headachesV04046CC1C
CC1DEver had any other chronic painV04047CC1D
CC1EEver had seasonal allergies like hay feverV04048CC1E
CC1FEver had strokeV04049CC1F
CC1GEver had heart diseaseV04050CC1G
CC1HDoctor or health professional told have heartV04051CC1H
CC1IDoctor or health professional told high blood pressureV04052CC1I
CC1JDoctor or health professional told have asthmaV04053CC1J
CC1LDoctor/health professional told had chronic lung diseaseV04055CC1L
CC1NDoctor/health professional told have diabetes/high blood sugarV04056CC1N
CC1ODoctor or health professional told have ulcer in stomach/intestV04057CC1O
CC1SDoctor or health professional told have epilepsyV04059CC1S
CC1TDoctor or professional told have cancerV04060CC1T
CC3AAge 1st had arthritis/rhumatismV04061CC3A
CC3BAge 1st had back/neck problemsV04062CC3B
CC4B12 months still have back/neck problemsV04079
CC5BReceived treatment for back/neck problems in past 12 monthsV04092
CC3CAge 1st had frequent /severe headacheV04063CC3C
CC4CFrequent or sever headaches in past 12 monthsV04080
CC5CReceived treatment for severe headache in past 12 monthsV04093
CC3DAge 1st had any other chronic painV04064CC3D
CC4DStill have other chronic pain in past 12 monthsV04082
CC5DReceived treatment for other chronic pain in past 12 monthsV04094
CC3EAge 1st had seasonal allergiesV04065CC3E
CC4EStill have seasonal allergies in past 12 monthsV04084
CC5EReceived treatment for seasonal allergies in past 12 monthsV04095
CC3FAge 1st had strokeV04066CC3F
CC3GAge 1st had heart attackV04067CC3G
CC3HAge 1st diagnosed with heart diseaseV04068CC3H
CC3IAge 1st diagnosed with high blood pressureV04069CC3I
CC4I12 months rec treatment high blood pressureV04087
CC5IReceived treatment for high blood pressure in past 12 monthsV04096
CC3JAge 1st diagnosed with asthmaV04070CC3J
CC3LAge 1st diagnosed with chronic lung diseaseV04072CC3L
CC3NAge 1st diagnosed with diabetes/high blood sugarV04073CC3N
CC4NStill have diabetes or got treatment in past 12 monthsV04091
CC5NReceived treatment for diabetes in past 12 monthsV04098
CC3OAge 1st diagnosed with ulcerV04074CC3O
CC4O12 months still have ulcerV04304
CC5OReceived treatment for ulcer in past 12 monthsV04099
CC3SAge 1st diagnosed with epilepsy/seizuresV04076CC3S
CC3TAge 1st diagnosed with cancerV04077CC3T
CC6Currently in treatment for cancer/in remission/been curedV04100CC6
CC6_1In past yr-had accident/injury/posioning required medical attenV04101CC6_1
CC8A1 to continueV04136
CC9# times see doctor or other prof for treatment of conditionV04137CC9
CC9_1Frequency of treatment for conditionV04138
CC10AExtent to which condition interfered with home managementV04140CC10A
CC10BExtent to which condition interfered with ability to workV04141CC10B
CC10CExtent to which condition interfered w/ form/maintain relationsV04142CC10C
CC10DThe extent to which the condition interfered with social lifeV04143CC10D
CC12# of day out 365 could not work/normall acts due to conditionV04145CC12
CC13INTRO C13 - condition interfered with lifeV04146
CC13BInterfered with life - stomach painV04147
CC13CInterfered with life - diarrhea/constipationV04148
CC13DInterfered with life - severe pain in arms/legs/jointsV04149
CC13EInterfered with life - severe chest painV04150
CC13FInterfered with life - heart race or poundV04151
CC13GInterfered with life - shortness of breath/trouble breathingV04152
CC13HInterfered with life - severe back painV04153
CC13IInterfered with life - nausea/gas/indigestionV04154
CC13JEver had severe menstrual pain/problemsV04155
CC13KEver had severe pain/problems during sexV04156
CC13LEver had frequent/severe dizzinessV04157
CC13MEver had frequent/severe fainting spellsV04158
CC13NEver had frequent trouble swallowing/lump in throatV04159
CC13OEver had severe numbness/tinglingV04160
CC15BTalked to doctor/prof about stomach painV04164
CC17BTake medication in past 12 months - stomach painV04181
CC15CTalked to doctor/prof about diarrheaV04166
CC17CTake medication in past 12 months - diarrheaV04182
CC15DTalked to doctor/prof about joint/extremity painV04167
CC17DTake medication in past 12 months - joint painV04183
CC15ETalked to doctor/prof about chest painV04168
CC17ETake medication in past 12 months - chest painV04184
CC15FTalked to doctor/prof about heart pounding or palpitationsV04169
CC17FTake medication in past 12 months - heart race or poundV04185
CC15GTalked to doctor/prof about shortness of breathV04170
CC17GTake medication in past 12 months - short of breathV04186
CC15HTalked to doctor/prof about back painV04171
CC17HTake medication in past 12 months - back painV04187
CC15ITalked to doctor/prof about nausea/gas/indigestionV04172
CC17ITake medication in past 12 months - nauseaV04188
CC15JTalked to doctor/prof about menstrual problemsV04173
CC17JTake medication in past 12 months - menstrual painV04189
CC15KTalked to doctor/prof about sexual problemsV04174
CC17KTake medication in past 12 months - sexual painV04190
CC15LTalked to doctor/prof about dizzinessV04175
CC17LTake medication in past 12 months - dizzinessV04191
CC15MTalked to doctor/prof about fainting/passing outV04176
CC17MTake medication in past 12 months - fainting spellsV04192
CC15NTalked to doctor/prof about trouble swallowingV04177
CC17NTake medication in past 12 months - trouble swallowingV04193
CC15OTalked to doctor/prof about numbness/tinglingV04178
CC17OTake medication in past 12 months - numbness or tinglingV04194
CC28_1Ever had medically unexplained chronic painV04223CC28_1
CC28_1A1Part of body pain occurred:1st mention (5 iterations)V04224CC28_1A1
CC28_2Severity of emotional distress because of pain at worst timeV04230CC28_2
CC28_3Extent which pain interfered with work/social life/relationshipsV04231CC28_3
CC28_3AFrequency unable to carry daily activities due to painV04232CC28_3A
CC29_1Age 1st medically unexplained chronic painV04234CC29_1
CC38INT1Had abdominal/intestinal surgeryV04275CC38INT1
CC38INT2Ever had abdominal or intestinal surgeryV04276CC38INT2
CC48Have regular med doctor for routine medical careV04289CC48
CC48AHave regular place to go for routine medical careV04290CC48A
CC49AIn past yr-# of visits to doctor/hosp/clinic for routine examV04299CC49A
CC49BIn past year-# of visits to dentist/optician for routine examV04300CC49B
CC49CIn past year-# of visits to ER/doctor/urgent careV04301CC49C
CC49DIn past year-# of visits to doc/ortho/ophth for sched treatmentV04302CC49D
CC49_2In past year-doctor asked you about alcohol or illegal drugsV04292CC49_2
CC49_2AIn past year-doctor advise to stop or cut drugs/alc useV04293CC49_2A
CC49_2BIn past year-doc asked about emotions/ nerves/mental healthV04294CC49_2B
CC49_2DPast year-doctor advise see specialist for emot/subst probsV04296CC49_2D
CC49_2EPast year-doctor suggested meds for emot/subst probsV04297CC49_2E
CC49_2FPast year-doc spent 5 mins + counsel for emot/subst probsV04298CC49_2F
CC50Covered by type of military health insuranceV04305CC50
CC50_1Health insurance obtained through employer/unionV04306CC50_1
CC50_2Covered by health ins plan purchased from ins companyV04331CC50_2
CC50_3Covered by MedicareV04332CC50_3
CC50_3ACovered by Medicare supplemental or Medigap V04333CC50_3A
CC50_4Covered by government assistant program for people in needV04334CC50_4
CC50_5Covered by state health ins for uninsured peopleV04335CC50_5
CC50_7Covered by other health insurances not mentionedV04337CC50_7
CC50_9Plan requires certain doctor for all routine careV04339
CC50_10Communicate with care provider in own languageV04307
CC50_10AInterpreter availableV04308
CC50_11Health insurance requires referral/approval for specialistV04309CC50_11
CC50_12Can see any doc if accepts ins or pick from networkV04311CC50_12
CC50_13Pay higher co-pay for doctors not in the networkV04314CC50_13
CC50_14Health plan is HMOV04315CC50_14
CC50_15If not have referral, insurance cover the costV04318CC50_15
CC50_16_Cost of going to plan doctor for routine visitV04319CC50_16_5
CC50_16ADollar or percentV04320CC50_16A
CC50_17_Cost for prescription medicines?V04321CC50_17_5
CC50_17ADollars or percentV04322CC50_17A
CC50_18ADifficult to get doctor appt over phone in last yearV04323
CC50_18BDifficult getting referral to specialistV04324
CC50_18CProvider spends limited timeV04325
CC50_18DLong waits of 1+ hour in waiting roomV04326
CC50_18EDifficulty getting info or advice over phoneV04327
CC50_18FDifficulty getting to assigned clinicV04328
CC50_18GDifficulty getting prescribed medsV04329
CC50_18HLack of continuity of care/high turnover of providersV04330
CC51If serious emot problem, probability of going to professionalV04341CC51
CC52Comfort level of talking to prof about personal problemsV04342CC52
CC53Embarrass level if friends knew getting prof help for emotionsV04343CC53

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