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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

TB2Ever smoke cigarette/cigar/pipe, even single puffV04596
ATB3How old the very first timeV09352
ATB3AWas it before your teensV09353
ATB3BWas it before your twentiesV09354
TB4Ever smoke at least 1/week for 2 months or moreV04600
ATB5ITR1Current smoker, how old the very first timeV09355
ATB5I1ACurrent smoker, was it before your teensV09356
ATB5I1BCurrent smoker, was it before your twentiesV09357
ATB5ITR2Ex smoker, how old the very first timeV09358
ATB5I2AEx smoker, was it before your teensV09359
ATB5I2BEx smoker, was it before your twentiesV09360
ATB6How old, first time, once a week for 2 monthsV09361
ATB6AAWas it before your teensV09362
ATB6ABWas it before your twentiesV09363
ATB6AHow old, first time, every day for 2 monthsV09364
ATB6AAAWas it before your teensV09365
ATB6AABWas it before your twentiesV09366
TB9Past 12 months-# days smoked at least 1 cigarette/cigar/pipeV04611
TB10Days smoked in past year-# of cigarrettes per dayV04612
TB10ADays smoked in past year-# of cigars per day V04613
TB10BDays smoked in past year-# of pipes per day V04614
TB11Year in life when smoked more than past year V04615
TB12Year(s) smoked freq-# days at least 1 cigarette/cigar/pipeV04616
TB13AYear(s) smoked freq-# cigarette/cigar/pipe per dayV04617
TB13BYear(s) smoked freq-# cigars smoked per dayV04618
TB13CYear(s) smoked freq-# pipes smoked per dayV04619
TB14# of different years in life smoked daily/almost dailyV04620
TB15Ever had irresistable desire to smoke that couldn't think of elseV04621
TB15ADeveloped physical tolerance over time so no negative effectsV04622
TB15BExp physical symptoms when cut down/stop smokingV04623
TB15CExp emotional symptoms when cut down/stop smokingV04624
TB15DSmoked to avoid physical/emotional symptomsV04625
TB15ESmoked even though promised self not toV04626
TB15FSmoked more frequently/days in row than intendedV04627
TB15GTried to cut down/stop smoking and unable to do soV04628
TB15HChain smoked for several days or moreV04629
TB15IReduced/gave up important activities for month or moreV04630
TB15JTobacco ever caused physical problemsV04631
TB15KContinue smoking regarless of physical problemsV04632
TB15LTobacco ever caused emotional problemsV04633
TB15MContinue smoking regardless of emotional problemsV04634
TB16_1Remember exact age of very 1st smoking problemV04635
TB21Remember exact age 1st time any smoking related problemsV04636
TB21AAge of very 1st smoking related problemsV04637
ATB21BHow old, first time, any problemV09367
ATB211AWas it before your teensV09368
ATB211BWas it before your twentiesV09369
TB22Recent time of smoking related problemsV04639
ATB23How old, last time, any problemV09370
ATB23AWas it before your teensV09371
ATB23BWas it before your twentiesV09372
TB24# different years ever had at least 1 smoking problemV04641
TB25Had 3 or more smoking related problems in same yearV04642
ATB26How old, first time, 3 or more problems, same yearV09373
ATB26AWas it before your teensV09374
ATB26BWas it before your twentiesV09375
TB31How soon after waking you smoke 1st cigarette/cigar/pipeV04644
TB32Difficult to refrain from smoking in forbidden placesV04645TB7*
TB33Cigarette/cigar/pipe would most hate to give upV04646
TB34Smoke more frequently first hours after waking than rest of dayV04647
TB35Smoke even when so ill and in bed most of dayV04648
TB36# different times seriously attempted to quit smokingV04649
TB38Since serious attempt to quit, longest gone without smokingV04650
TB38AUnit of time longest gone without smoking, TB38V04651
TB40# different times gone without smoking for 3 months +V04652
TB41AUsed nicotine gum or patch to quit smokingV04653
TB41BUsed prescription medication to quit smokingV04654
TB41CUsed nicotine-free cigarettes to quit smokingV04655
TB41DWent to groups or classes to quit smokingV04656

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