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Specific Phobia

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

SP1_11Specific group endorsementV01399
SP3A1Age 1st time feared some type of animalV01406
SP3A2Before 1st started school, SP3A1V01407
SP3A3Before a teenager, SP3A1V01408
SP3ATime when always anxious/upset faced with feared animalV01405
SP3BAvoid situation w/ risk to see animal because of fearV01409
SP3C1Age 1st avoided situations to see animalsV01410
SP3C2Before 1st started school, SP3C1V01411
SP3C3Before a teenager, SP3C1V01412
SP3CHow old first time avoided some type of animalV09423
SP5A1Age 1st time fear of storm or still waterV01414
SP5A2Before 1st started school, SP5A1V01415
SP5A3Before a teenager, SP5A1V01416
SP5ATime when always upset/anx when faced with scary situationV01413
SP5BAvoid situation being in storm or still water because of fearV01417
SP5C1Age 1st avoid situation like storm or still waterV01418
SP5C2Before 1st started school, SP5C1V01419
SP5C3Before a teenager, SP5C1V01420
SP5CHold old first time avoided storms or still waterV09425
SP7A1Age 1st time fear doc/inject/blood/injury experienceV01422
SP7A2Before 1st started school, SP7A1V01423
SP7A3Before a teenager, SP7A1V01424
SP7ATime when always anx/upset seeing doc/inject/blood/injuryV01421
SP7BEver avoid doc/inject/blood/injury due to fearV01425
SP7C1Age 1st avoid doc/inject/blood/injuryV01426
SP7C2Before 1st started school, SP7C1V01427
SP7C3Before a teenager, SP7C1V01428
SP7FFainted when saw bloodV01429
SP9A1Age 1st time feared closed spacesV01431
SP9A2Before 1st started school, SP9A1V01432
SP9A3Before a teenager, SP9A1V01433
SP9ATime always upset/anx when faced with closed spaceV01430
SP9BAvoided closed spaces because of fearV01434
SP9C1Age 1st avoided closed spacesV01435
SP9C2Before 1st started school, SP9C1V01436
SP9C3Before a teenager, SP9C1V01437
SP9FFeared about closed spaces-trapped/unable to escapeV01438
SP9GFear about closed spaces-panic attack/no helpV01439
SP9HFear about closed spaces-physical illness/no helpV01440
SP9IFear about closed spaces-not able to breatheV01441
SP11A1Age 1st feared high placesV01443
SP11A2Before 1st started school, SP11A1V01444
SP11A3Before a teenager, SP11A1V01445
SP11ATime when always upset/anxious about high placesV01442
SP11BAvoid high places because of fearV01446
SP11C1Age 1st avoided high placesV01447
SP11C2Before 1st started school, SP11C1V01448
SP11C3Before a teenager, SP11C1V01449
SP11FFear about high places-get dizzy and fallV01450
SP11GFear about high places-might jumpV01451
SP11HFear about high places-panic attack/no helpV01452
SP11IFear about high places-physical illness/no helpV01453
SP13A1Age 1st feared flyingV01455
SP13A2Before 1st started school, SP13A1V01456
SP13A3Before a teenager, SP13A1V01457
SP13ATime when always upset/anxious about flyingV01454
SP13BAvoid flying because of fearV01458
SP13C1Age 1st avoided flyingV01459
SP13C2Before 1st started school, SP13C2V01460
SP13C3Before a teenager, SP13C2V01461
SP13FFear about flying-being high in the airV01462
SP13GFear about flying-being in closed spaceV01463
SP13HFear about flying-panic attack/no helpV01464
SP13IFear about flying-physical illness/no helpV01465
SP13JFear about flying-plane might crashV01466
SP16Extent fear/avoidance interfered w/ work/social life/relationsV01467
SP17Time felt emotion upset/disapp/worried because of fear/avoidV01468
SP18During time of severe fear, have 2 or more problemsV01469
SP18AIn most severe fear-heart pound/raceV01470
SP18BIn most severe fear-sweatV01471
SP18CIn most severe fear-trembleV01472
SP18DIn most severe fear-feel sick to stomachV01473
SP18EIn most severe fear-dry mouthV01474
SP18FIn most severe fear-chill/hot flushV01475
SP18GIn most severe fear-numb/tingleV01476
SP18HIn most severe fear-trouble breathing normallyV01477
SP18IIn most severe fear-feel like chokingV01478
SP18JIn most severe fear-pain/discomfort in chestV01479
SP18KIn most severe fear-feel dizzy/faintV01480
SP18LIn most severe fear-afraid might dieV01481
SP18MIn most severe fear-fear losing control/going crazy/pass outV01482
SP18NIn most severe fear-like not really thereV01483
SP18OIn most severe fear-feel surrounding unrea/dreamlikeV01484
SP19Last time in months strongly feared or avoided thingsV01485
SP20Age last time strongly feared or avoided thingsV01486
SP21Severity of fear if faced today w/ thing that scares you mostV01487
SP22Avoided feared things in past 12 monthsV01488
SP23AExent to which fear interfered with home managementV01489
SP23BExent to which fear interfered with ability to workV01490
SP23CExent to which fear interfered with form/maint close relationsV01491
SP23DExent to which fear interfered with social lifeV01492
SP25# days past yr unable carry out normal activities due to fearV01493
SP27Ever talk to medical doctor or professional about fearV01494
SP27AAge 1st talk to medical doc/professional about fearV01495
SP38Received helpful/effective treatment for fearV01496
SP38AAge 1st received helpful/effective treatment for fearV01497
SP38BTotal profs seen for fear incl helpful treatment docV01498
SP38C# of professionals ever talked to about fearV01499
SP40Received treatment for fear in past 12 mthsV01500
SP41Hospitalized overnight for fearV01501
SP41AAge 1st hospitalized overnight for fearV01503
SP41_1# close relatives had strong fear of somethingV01502
SP3How old first time feared some type of animalV09422
SP5How old first time feared storms or still waterV09424
SP7How old first time feared going to doctorV09426
SP7CHow old first time avoided going to doctorV09427
SP9How old first time feared closed spacesV09428
SP9CHow old when first avoided closed spacesV09429
SP11How old was respondent the first time feared high placesV09430
SP11CHow old was respondent the first time avoided high placesV09431
SP13How old first time feared flyingV09432
SP13CHow old first time avoided flyingV09433

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