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Social Networks

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

SN1Freq talk on phone/get w/ relatives who don't live w/ youV05501SN1*
SN2Freq rely on relatives who don't live w/ you for serious probV05502SN2
SN3Freq can rely on relatives who don't live w/ you to disc worriesV05503SN3
SN4How often relatives make too many demands on youV05504SN4
SN5How often your relatives argue with you V05505SN5
SN6How often talk on phone or get together with friendsV05506SN6
SN7How much can rely on friends when have serious problemV05507SN7
SN8How much can you open up to friends and talk about worriesV05508SN8
SN9How often friends make too many demands on youV05509SN9
SN10How often your friends argue with you V05510SN10
SN12How often you let relatives know about your problemsV05512SN12
SN13How often you let someone else know about your problemsV05513SN13
SN14Easy to get close to and depend on others/no fear of abandonV05514
SN15Uncomfortable being close/trusting others/nerv when too closeV05515
SN16Others reluctant to get too close/won't stay w/ me/scare awayV05516

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