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Variable Label: Type of self-help group attended in past 12 mths:4th mention


(RB, PG 33)

You mentioned going to a self-group in the past 12 months. What kind of self-help group did you go to? Just give me the letter.


1 A. Groups for people with substance problems (such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Rational Recovery) (see V03430)

2 B. Groups for people with emotional problems (such as Grow, The Manic Depressive Association, or Emotions Anonymous (see V03430)

3 C. Groups for people with eating problems (see V03430)

4 D. Groups for dealing with the death of a loved one (such as The Compassionate Friends or Widow to Widow) (see V03430)

5 E. Groups for people making other life transitions (such as Parents Without Partners or Empty Nesters) (see V03430)

6 F. Groups for survivors (such as Adult Children of Alcoholics or Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse) (see V03430)

7 G. Groups for people with physical disabilities or illnesses (such as Living with Cancer or Living with Aids) (see V03430)

8 H. Parent support groups (such as Toughlove or Parents Anonymous) (see V03430)

9 I. Groups for the families of people with a physical illness (such as the Candlelighters or Families of Children with Cancer) (see V03430)

10 J. Groups for the families of people with emotional or substance problems (such as the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill or Al Anon) (see V03430)

11 K. Any other self-help group, mutual help group, or support group

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  • Valid Range: -
  • Missing Data Codes: -8 (Don't know), . (Missing)
  • Total Cases: 9282

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