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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

SC9CFrequency trouble sleeping or staying asleepV00242
SC9DFrequency bothered by nervousness, fidgety, tenseV00243
SC9EFrequency bothered by headachesV00244
SC9FFrequency of loss of appetiteV00245
SC9GFreq bothered by upset stomachV00246
SC9_1# days past month PH/MH/SU limit daily activitiesV00239SC9_1
SC10_1ADifficulty in learn/remember/concentrate due to conditionV00252SC10_1A
SC10_1BDifficulty getting along with others due to conditionV00253SC10_1B
SC10_1CDifficulty dress/bathe/getting around house due to condV00254SC10_1C
SC10_1DDifficulty leave home alone/go doctor due to conditionV00255SC10_1D
SC10_1EDifficulty working at job/business due to conditionV00256SC10_1E
SC10_1FDifficulty participating in school/housework/daily activitiesV00257SC10_1F
SC10_1HLimited in past 3 months due to health problemV00258
SC10_2Require help w/ personal care needsV00259
SC10_3Require help w/ routine needsV00260
SC10_4DHave learning disabilityV00264SC10_4D
SC10_4EHave physical disabilityV00265SC10_4E
SC10_4FHave cond that substantially limits physical activityV00266SC10_4F
SC10_4GHave emotional/mental disabilityV00267SC10_4G
SC10_5C1Learning disability:1st mention (2 iterations)V00273
SC10_5E1Other physical disability:1st mention (5 iterations)V00281
SC10_5EB01Physical Handicap: Recoded to Number of MentionsV00335
SC10_5E11Learning disability:1st mentionV00287
SC10_5E201Physical illness:1st mention (8 iterations)V00292
SC10_5E301Mental illness:1st mention (7 iterations)V00314
SC10_5I01Mentioned mental or emotion disability:1st mention (11 iterations)V00355
SC10_7AA1What disability would they think you have:1st mentionV00446
SC10_7A01Physical handicap:1st mentionV00378
SC10_7A201Physical illness:1st mention (2 iterations)V00403
SC10_7A301Mental illness:1st mention (2 iterations)V00425
SC10_8BHow long had these difficulties mentionedV00452
SC10_8B1Difficulties unit of time, SC10.8BV00453
SC10_8B2Had difficulties longer than 3 monthsV00454
SC10_8CHow long limited activity due to difficulties in 3 mthsV00455
SC10_8C1Limited activity unit of timeV00456
SC10_8DHow long assisted care for personal/routine needsV00458
SC10_8D1Assisted care unit time, SC10.8DV00459
SC10_8D2Has assisted care longer than 3 monthsV00460
SC10_8FF1What phys or emo cond causes difficulty:1st mention (2 iterations)V00529
SC10_8F01Physical handicap:1st mentionV00461
SC10_8F21Learning disability:1st mentionV00481
SC10_8F201Physical illness:1st mention (5 iterations)V00486
SC10_8F301Mental illness:1st mention (7 iterations)V00508
SC10_8GG1Disability causes limitations past 3 mths:1st mention (2 iterations)V00603
SC10_8G01Physical handicap:1st mentionV00535
SC10_8G201Physical illness:1st mention (4 iterations)V00560
SC10_8G301Mental illness:1st mention (2 iterations)V00582
SC10_8HH1Disab causes assist care for pers/rout needs:1st mentionV00677
SC10_12AHow long activities limited because condition/problemV00248SC10_12A*
SC10_12BUnit of time activities limitedV00249SC10_12B*
SC10_12CActivities limited longer than 3 monthsV00250
SC10_14# describes amt health probs limit activities in past 3 mthsV00251SC10_14
SC19Willing careful response for following questionsV00683SC19
SC20Fear or panic attack leaving frightened/anxious/uneasyV00684SC20SC20*
SC20AAttack leads to phys symptoms/loss control/dire outcomeV00688SC20ASC20A
SC20_1Anger attack leading to breaking item of some valueV00685SC20_1*SC20_1
SC20_2Anger attack leading to hitting/attempt hitting personV00686SC20_2*SC20_2
SC20_3Anger attack leading to threat of harm to personV00687SC20_3*SC20_3
SC21Sad/empty/depressed for several day periodV00690SC21SC21
SC22Discouraged about life for several day periodV00691SC22SC22
SC23Lost interest in enjoyable things for several day periodV00692SC23SC23
SC24Energetic/restless/talkative/unusual behavior periodV00694SC24SC24
SC25Irritable/grumpy/bad mood for several day periodV00695SC25SC25
SC25AIrritation led to shout/argue/hit for several day periodV00696SC25ASC25A
SC26Worried more than others about same problemsV00698SC26*SC26*
SC26AMore nervous/anxious than most with same problemsV00708SC26ASC26A
SC26BAnxious/worried most days for one month or moreV00709SC26BSC26B
SC26_1Family worried about health due to excess smokingV00699SC26_1SC26_1
SC26_2Family worried or compl about drug/alcohol useV00705SC26_2SC26_2
SC26_3Alcohol/drug use caused problems/argue with othersV00706SC26_3SC26_3
SC26_4Alcohol/drugs interfered with responsibilitiesV00707SC26_4SC26_4
SC27AStrong fear of bugs, snakes, animalsV00715SC27A*SC27A*
SC27BStrong fear of still water/weather eventsV00716SC27B*SC27B*
SC27CStrong fear of going to doc or hosp/injections/blood/injuryV00717SC27C*SC27C*
SC27DStrong fear of closed spacesV00718SC27D*SC27D*
SC27EStrong fear of heightsV00719SC27E*SC27E*
SC27FStrong fear of flying/airplanesV00720SC27F*SC27F*
SC27_2Upset/nervous when faced specified fear(s)V00712SC27_2SC27_2
SC27_3Avoid situation(s) due to fearV00713SC27_3SC27_3
SC27_4Think fear stronger than normalV00714SC27_4SC27_4
SC29Extremely afraid or shy in social situationsV00722SC29SC29
SC29AAfraid/uncomfortable with public speakingV00727SC29ASC29A
SC29_1Very upset/nervous in social sit or in front of groupV00723SC29_1SC29_1
SC29_2Avoid social sit or activity in front of group due to fearV00724SC29_2SC29_2
SC29_3Think social fear stronger than normalV00725SC29_3SC29_3
SC30Afraid of crowds/public places/travelingV00728SC30SC30
SC30_1Upset/nervous when in crowds/public places/travelingV00729SC30_1SC30_1
SC30_2Avoid crowds/public places/traveling due to fearV00730SC30_2SC30_2
SC30_3Think fear stronger than normalV00731SC30_3SC30_3
SC316-10 more troub than most with concentration for 6+ mthsV00733
SC32Restless led to interrupt/troub wait turn 6+ mths in chldhdV00736
SC33Freq in trouble with adults for 6+ mths in chldhd or adolV00738SC33*SC33
SC33_1Lie/steal/break rules as child or teenV00739SC33_1SC33_1
SC33_2Broke into cars/set fires/destroy prop as child/teenV00740SC33_2SC33_2
SC33_3Run away/freq hooky/stay out too late as child/teenV00741SC33_3SC33_3
SC34Separation anxiety for 1+ mth as childV00742SC34*SC34*
SC35Ever separation prob gt 1mo when adultV00744
SC8_1Physical health ratingV00233SC8_1C8*
SC8_2Mental health ratingV00234SC8_2C8B*
SC9AGeneral health status compared to year agoV00240
SC9BGeneral health how much better/worse than year agoV00241
SC9HExtent health probs put in risk of dying earlier than age grpV00247
SC9_01Freq of vig activity in summer greater than 15minV00235
SC9_02Freq of vig activity in winter greater than 15minV00236
SC9_03Freq of mod activity in summer greater than 30minV00237
SC9_04Freq of mod activity in winter greater than 30minV00238

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