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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

PH1# diff kinds of prescrip meds taken during past 7 daysV02610PH1PH1
PH2# diff kinds of non-prescrip meds taken during past 7 daysV02611PH2PH2
PH2_1ATook sleeping pills/sed under doc super in past 12 mthsV02807PH2_1APH2_1A
PH2_1BPrescrip meds taken in last 12 mths-anti-depressantsV02614PH2_1BPH2_1B*
PH2_1CPrescrip meds taken in last 12 mths-tranquilizersV02616PH2_1CPH2_1C*
PH2_1DPrescrip meds taken in last 12 mths-amphetamines/stimsV02617PH2_1DPH2_1D*
PH2_1EPrescrip meds taken in last 12 mths-anti-psychotic medsV02620PH2_1EPH2_1E
PH2_3Scrip meds for emotions, sleep, stress, etc in past 12 mthsV02623PH2_3PH2_3
IDMedication ID #:1st mention (17 iterations)V02509IDID
MEDICATIONMedication names:1st mention (17 iterations)V02530MEDICATI
PH5_01Med1-# days taken in past monthV02632PH5_01PH5_01
PH5_02Med1-# days taken in past yearV02633PH5_02PH5_02
PH5_03BMed1-day took for the first time in the past yrV02635PH5_03BPH5_03B
PH5_04BMed1-estimate of day took most recentlyV02637PH5_04BPH5_04B
PH5_05AMed1-amount taken on medicated daysV02638PH5_05A*PH5_05A
PH5_05BMed1-method of dosageV02639PH5_05BPH5_05B
PH5_06Med1-milligrams of dosageV02640PH5_06PH5_06
PH6_01Med2-# days taken in past monthV02642PH6_01PH6_01
PH6_02Med2-# days taken in past yearV02643PH6_02PH6_02
PH6_03BMed2-day took for the first time in the past yrV02645PH6_03BPH6_03B
PH6_04BMed2-estimate of day took most recentlyV02647PH6_04BPH6_04B
PH6_05AMed2-amount taken on medicated daysV02648PH6_05A*PH6_05A
PH6_05BMed2-method of dosageV02649PH6_05BPH6_05B
PH6_06Med2-milligrams of dosageV02650PH6_06PH6_06
PH7_01Med3-# days taken in past monthV02651PH7_01PH7_01
PH7_02Med3-# days taken in past yearV02652PH7_02PH7_02
PH7_03BMed3-day took for the first time in the past yrV02654PH7_03BPH7_03B
PH7_04BMed3-estimate of day took most recentlyV02656PH7_04BPH7_04B
PH7_05AMed3-amount taken on medicated daysV02657PH7_05A*PH7_05A
PH7_05BMed3-method of dosageV02658PH7_05BPH7_05B
PH7_06Med3-milligrams of dosageV02659PH7_06PH7_06
PH8_01Med4-# days taken in past monthV02660PH8_01PH8_01
PH8_02Med4-# days taken in past yearV02661PH8_02PH8_02
PH8_03BMed4-day took for the first time in the past yrV02663PH8_03BPH8_03B
PH8_04BMed4-estimate of day took most recentlyV02665PH8_04BPH8_04B
PH8_05AMed4-amount taken on medicated daysV02666PH8_05A*PH8_05A
PH8_05BMed4-method of dosageV02667PH8_05BPH8_05B
PH8_06Med4-milligrams of dosageV02668PH8_06PH8_06
PH9_01Med5-# days taken in past monthV02669PH9_01PH9_01
PH9_02Med5-# days taken in past yearV02670PH9_02PH9_02
PH9_03BMed5-day took for the first time in the past yrV02672PH9_03BPH9_03B
PH9_04BMed5-estimate of day took most recentlyV02674PH9_04BPH9_04B
PH9_05AMed5-amount taken on medicated daysV02675PH9_05A*PH9_05A
PH9_05BMed5-method of dosageV02676PH9_05BPH9_05B
PH9_06Med5-milligrams of dosageV02677PH9_06PH9_06
PH10_01Med6-# days taken in past monthV02678PH10_01PH10_01
PH10_02Med6-# days taken in past yearV02679PH10_02PH10_02
PH10_03BMed6-day took for the first time in the past yrV02681PH10_03BPH10_03B
PH10_04BMed6-estimate of day took most recentlyV02683PH10_04BPH10_04B
PH10_05AMed6-amount taken on medicated daysV02684PH10_05A*PH10_05A
PH10_05BMed6-method of dosageV02685PH10_05BPH10_05B
PH10_06Med6-milligrams of dosageV02686PH10_06PH10_06
PH11_01Med7-# days taken in past monthV02687PH11_01PH11_01
PH11_02Med7-# days taken in past yearV02688PH11_02PH11_02
PH11_03BMed7-day took for the first time in the past yrV02690PH11_03BPH11_03B
PH11_04BMed7-estimate of day took most recentlyV02692PH11_04BPH11_04B
PH11_05AMed7-amount taken on medicated daysV02693PH11_05A*PH11_05A
PH11_05BMed7-method of dosageV02694PH11_05BPH11_05B
PH11_06Med7-milligrams of dosageV02695PH11_06PH11_06
PH12_01Med8-# days taken in past monthV02696PH12_01PH12_01
PH12_02Med8-# days taken in past yearV02697PH12_02PH12_02
PH12_03BMed8-day took for the first time in the past yrV02699PH12_03BPH12_03B
PH12_04BMed8-estimate of day took most recentlyV02701PH12_04BPH12_04B
PH12_05AMed8-amount taken on medicated daysV02702PH12_05A*PH12_05A
PH12_05BMed8-method of dosageV02703PH12_05BPH12_05B
PH12_06Med8-milligrams of dosageV02704PH12_06PH12_06
PH13_01Med9-# days taken in past monthV02705PH13_01PH13_01
PH13_02Med9-# days taken in past yearV02706PH13_02PH13_02
PH13_03BMed9-day took for the first time in the past yrV02708PH13_03BPH13_03B
PH13_04BMed9-estimate of day took most recentlyV02710PH13_04BPH13_04B
PH13_05AMed9-amount taken on medicated daysV02711PH13_05A*PH13_05A
PH13_05BMed9-method of dosageV02712PH13_05BPH13_05B
PH13_06Med9-milligrams of dosageV02713PH13_06PH13_06
PH14_01Med10-# days taken in past monthV02714PH14_01PH14_01
PH14_02Med10-# days taken in past yearV02715PH14_02PH14_02
PH14_03BMed10-day took for the first time in the past yrV02717PH14_03BPH14_03B
PH14_04BMed10-estimate of day took most recentlyV02719PH14_04BPH14_04B
PH14_05AMed10-amount taken on medicated daysV02720PH14_05A*PH14_05A
PH14_05BMed10-method of dosageV02721PH14_05BPH14_05B
PH14_06Med10-milligrams of dosageV02722PH14_06PH14_06
PH15_01Med11-# days taken in past monthV02756PH15_01PH15_01
PH15_02Med11-# days taken in past yearV02757PH15_02PH15_02
PH15_03BMed11-Day took for the first time in the past yrV02759PH15_03BPH15_03B
PH15_04BMed11-estimate of day took most recentlyV02761PH15_04BPH15_04B
PH15_05AMed11-amount taken on medicated daysV02762PH15_05A*PH15_05A
PH15_05BMed11-method of dosageV02763PH15_05BPH15_05B
PH15_06Med11-milligrams of dosageV02764PH15_06
PH16_01Med12-# days taken in past monthV02767PH16_01PH16_01
PH16_02Med12-# days taken in past yearV02768PH16_02PH16_02
PH16_03BMed12-day took for the first time in the past yrV02770PH16_03BPH16_03B
PH16_04BMed12-estimate of day took most recentlyV02772PH16_04BPH16_04B
PH16_05AMed12-amount taken on medicated daysV02773PH16_05A*PH16_05A
PH16_05BMed12-method of dosageV02774PH16_05BPH16_05B
PH16_06Med12-milligrams of dosageV02775PH16_06PH16_06
PH17_01Med13-# days taken in past monthV02777PH17_01PH17_01
PH17_02Med13-# days taken in past yearV02778PH17_02PH17_02
PH17_03BMed13-day took for the first time in the past yrV02780PH17_03BPH17_03B
PH17_04BMed13-estimate of day took most recentlyV02782PH17_04BPH17_04B
PH17_05AMed13-amount taken on medicated daysV02783PH17_05A*PH17_05A
PH17_05BMed13-method of dosageV02784PH17_05BPH17_05B
PH17_06Med13-milligrams of dosageV02785PH17_06PH17_06
PH18_01Med14-# days taken in past monthV02787PH18_01PH18_01
PH18_02Med14-# days taken in past yearV02788PH18_02PH18_02
PH18_03BMed14-day took for the first time in the past yrV02790PH18_03BPH18_03B
PH18_04BMed14-estimate of day took most recentlyV02792PH18_04BPH18_04B
PH18_05AMed14-amount taken on medicated daysV02793PH18_05A*PH18_05A
PH18_05BMed14-method of dosageV02794PH18_05BPH18_05B
PH18_06Med14-milligrams of dosageV02795PH18_06PH18_06
PH19_01Med15-# days taken in past monthV02797PH19_01PH19_01
PH19_02Med15-# days taken in past yearV02798PH19_02PH19_02
PH19_03BMed15-day took for the first time in the past yrV02800PH19_03BPH19_03B
PH19_04BMed15-estimate of day took most recentlyV02802PH19_04BPH19_04B
PH19_05AMed15-amount taken on medicated daysV02803PH19_05A*PH19_05A
PH19_05BMed15-method of dosageV02804PH19_05BPH19_05B
PH19_06Med15-milligrams of dosageV02805PH19_06PH19_06
PH20_01Med16-# days taken in past monthV02809
PH20_02Med16-# days taken in past yearV02810
PH20_03BMed16-Mth and day took for the first time in the past yrV02812
PH20_04BMed16-estimate of day took most recentlyV02814
PH20_05AMed16-amount taken on medicated daysV02815
PH20_05BMed16-method of dosageV02816
PH20_06Med16-milligrams of dosageV02817
PH21_01Med17-# days taken in past monthV02858
PH21_02Med17-# days taken in past yearV02859
PH21_03BMed17-Day took 1st time in past yrV02861
PH21_04BMed17-estimate of day took most recentlyV02863
PH21_05AMed17-amount taken on medicated daysV02864
PH21_05BMed17-method of dosageV02865
PH21_06Med17-milligrams of dosageV02866
PH14_101Med1-problems took medicine for:1st mention (16 iterations)V02724PH14_101PH14_101
PH14_2Med1-overall effectivenessV02751PH14_2PH14_2
PH15Med1-took under supervision or on ownV02755PH15PH15
PH15_1Med1-who prescribedV02765PH15_1PH15_1
PH16Med1-typical month-# days forget or take lessV02766PH16PH16
PH17Med1-still taking medicineV02776PH17PH17
PH19Med1-health professional tell you stop takingV02796PH19*PH19
PH19AMed1-health professional agree with stop takingV02806PH19APH19A
PH20Med1-stopped taking because better or other reasonV02808PH20PH20
PH20A1Med1-reason stop taking:1st mention (5 iterations)V02821PH20A_01PH20A1*
PH20B01Med1-side effects made you stop:1st mention (12 iterations)V02843PH20B_01PH20B01
PH21_101Med2-problems took medicine for:1st mention (16 iterations)V02868PH21_101PH21_101
PH21_2Med2-overall effectivenessV02894PH21_2PH21_2
PH22Med2-took under supervision or on ownV02898PH22PH22
PH22_1Med2-who prescribedV02908PH22_1PH22_1
PH23Med2-typical month-# days forget to takeV02909PH23PH23
PH24Med2-still taking medV02919PH24PH24
PH26Med2-health professional tell you to stop takingV02930PH26PH26
PH26AMed2-health professional agree with stop takingV02931PH26APH26A
PH27Med2-stopped because no longer needed or other reasonV02932PH27PH27
PH27A1Med2-reason stop taking:1st mention (5 iterations)V02936PH27A_01PH27A1*
PH27B01Med2-side effects made you stop:1st mention (5 iterations)V02958PH27B_01PH27B01
PH28_101Med3-problems took medicine for:1st mention (10 iterations)V02974PH28_101PH28_101
PH28_2Med3-overall effectivenessV02995PH28_2PH28_2
PH29Med3-took under supervision or on ownV02999PH29PH29
PH29_1Med3-who prescribedV03000PH29_1PH29_1
PH30Med3-typical month-# days forget to takeV03001PH30PH30
PH31Med3-still taking medV03002PH31PH31
PH33Med3-health professional tell you to stop takingV03004PH33PH33
PH33AMed3-health professional agree with stop takingV03005PH33APH33A
PH34Med3-stopped because no longer needed or other reasonV03006PH34PH34
PH34A1Med3-reason stop taking:2nd mention (5 iterations)V03016PH34A_02
PH34B01Med3-side effects made you stop:1st mention (5 iterations)V03032PH34B01

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