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Variable Label: Freq OCD exp-# mins/hours each day exp OCD behavior (all)


You mentioned [(KEY PHRASE OF ALL "YES" RESPONSES IN O1 SERIES)]. Think of the time in your life when these experiences were most frequent. On the days you had them, about how many minutes or hours each day did you spend either with these unpleasant thoughts, images, or impulses on your mind, or carrying out repeated behaviors or repeated mental acts that you felt compelled to do?

PROBE FINAL DK: Was it at least 60 minutes a day?


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  • Valid N: 494
  • Refused: 39
  • Don't Know: 0
  • Missing (Other): 0
  • Missing (System): 8749
MeanStd DevMedianMinMax
  • Valid Range: 0 - 60
  • Total Cases: 9282

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