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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

N1Sev mths + when tired/weak after minor phys/mental tasksV04365N1
N2After rest, fully regained energy/strength or still tiredV04366N2
N3During worst episode-how often get tired V04367N3
N4Exent to which tiredness interfered w work/soc life/relationsV04368N4
N4AFrequency too tired to carry out daily activitiesV04369N4A
N5AWorst episode of tiredness- have frequent headachesV04370N5A
N5BWorst episode of tiredness-oversleep/wake unrefreshedV04371N5B
N5CWorst episode of tiredness-frequent muscle painV04372N5C
N5DWorst episode of tiredness-often feel dizzyV04373N5D
N5EWorst episode of tiredness-often unable to relaxV04374N5E
N5FWorst month past year-often felt impatient and irritableV04375N5F
N5GWorst episode of tiredness-often sad and depressedV04376N5G
N5HWorst episode of tiredness-often nervous or worriedV04377N5H
N7Talked to medical doctor about tiredness and related probsV04380N7
N7ATiredness ever occurred as result of physical causeV04381N7A
N7BTiredness always result of physical cause V04382N7B*
N801Cause of tiredness according to doctor:1st mention (10 iterations)V04383N8_01
N10Tiredness always result of medication/drug/alcoholV04407N10
N13Abnormality found when examined/tested/X-rayV04410N13
N14Frequent tiredness always result of physical illness/injuryV04411N14*
N15Psychological factors played part in tiredness and other probsV04412N15*
N16Exact age 1st time sev mths+ when easily tired + other probsV04413N16
N16AAge 1st time sev mths+ when easily tired + other probsV04414N16A
N16BApprox age of very 1st tiredness + other problems sev mths +V04415N16B
N17Period 1 month + had tiredness and other probs in past yearV04416N17
N17AMost recent tiredness with other probsV04417N17A
N17B# months in past year had frequent tiredness + other probsV04418N17B
N17CAge last time frequent tiredness + other problemsV04419N17C
N18Total # episodes of tiredness lasting for several months +V04420N18
N20A# of months/years episode of tiredness lastedV04422N20A
N20BUnit of time, N20AV04423N20B
N21A# months/years the longest episode of tiredness lastedV04424N21A
N21BUnit of time, N21AV04425N21B
N22# different years in life at least 1 episode of tirednessV04426N22
N26AWorst month past yr-tiredness interfered w/ home mgmtV04428N26A*
N26BWorst month past year-tiredness interfered w/ ability to workV04429N26B*
N26CWorst month past year-tiredness interf w/ form/maint relationsV04430N26C*
N26DWorst month past year-tiredness interfered w/ social lifeV04431N26D*
N28# days past yr unable to work/normal activities due to tiredV04433N28
N31Age 1st talked to professional about tirednessV04435N31
N32Ever talked to professional about tirednessV04436N32
N32AAge 1st talked to professional about tirednessV04437N32A
N44Received helpful/effective treatment for tirednessV04438N44
N44AAge 1st received helpful/effective treatment for tirednessV04439N44A
N44B# prof talked to about tiredness include effective trmt docV04440N44B
N44C# professionals ever talked to about tirednessV04441N44C
N46Received professional treatment for tiredness in past yearV04442N46
N47Hospitalized overnight for tirednessV04443N47
N47AAge 1st hospitalized overnight for tirednessV04444N47A

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