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Family Burden

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

FB2INTR1# of close family members aliveV06280
FB2INTR2Remind # close family members aliveV06281
FB6AClose relative health prob-cancerV06282
FB6A11Close relative with cancer:1st mention (6 iterations)V06283
FB6BClose relative health prob-serious heart problemV06290
FB6B11Close relative with serious heart prob:1st mention (4 iterations)V06291
FB6CClose relative health prob-serious memory problemV06298
FB6C11Close relative with serious memory prob:1st mention (6 iterations)V06299
FB6DClose relative health prob-mental retardationV06306
FB6D11Close relative with mental retardation:1st mention (2 iterations)V06307
FB6EClose relative health prob-perm physical disabilityV06314
FB6E11Close relative with perm physical disability:1st mention (2 iterations)V06315
FB6FClose relative health prob-serious chronic phys illnessV06322
FB6F11Close relative with other serious chronic phy ill:1st mention (4 iterations)V06329
FB6GClose relative health prob-drug/alcohol problem V06336
FB6G11Close relative with drug/alcohol problem:1st mention (4 iterations)V06337
FB6HClose relative health problem-depressionV06344
FB6H11Close relative with depression:1st mention (5 iterations)V06345
FB6IClose relative health problem-anxietyV06352
FB6I11Close relative with anxiety:1st mention (5 iterations)V06353
FB6J11Close relative with schizophrenia/psychosis:1st mentionV06361
FB6KClose relative health problem-manic-depressiveV06368
FB6K11Close relative with manic-depression:1st mention (3 iterations)V06369
FB6LClose relative health problem-other serious chronic mental probV06376
FB6L11Close relative with other chronic ment health prob:1st mention (2 iterations)V06377
FB8Extent health of relative affects your lifeV06384
FB9AHelp relative w/ washing/dressing/eating due to health probsV06385
FB9BHelp relative w/ practical things due to health probsV06386
FB9CSpend more time w/ relative because of health probsV06387
FB11Spend time doing other things related to health problemV06323
FB12Amt of time ave week do things related to health probsV06324
FB13Extent health problems cause embarrassmentV06325
FB14Extent health problems cause worry and anxiousnessV06326
FB15Health problems impact financial expense/lossV06327
FB15AAmount of $ health probs cost you in ave mth in past yrV06328

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