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Variable Label: Quantity of money give to worker w/ score 10


(RB, PG 54) (Think back to the 0-to-10 scale that you used to describe your own work performance. Imagine that you supervised 6 people who, on that same scale, had ranks of 0,2,4,6,8, and 10. Imagine also that you had $600 to pay these people altogether for one day of work and that you could pay them according to their relative values. You could give each worker as little or as much as you wanted, but the total must add up to $600. How would you distribute the $600 among the six workers?)

How much would you give to the worker with a score of 10?

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  • Valid N: 469
  • Refused: 31
  • Don't Know: 23
  • Missing (Other): 0
  • Missing (System): 8759
MeanStd DevMedianMinMax
  • Valid Range: 0 - 600
  • Total Cases: 9282

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