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Childhood Demographics

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

DE4Country in which you were bornV09383
DE5_1# parents born in U.S.: Top CodeV05701
DE5_2# grandparents born in U.S.V05702DE5_2
DE7Speak language other than English at home when gV05705
DE8Also spoke English when growing upV05706
DE9_1# full brothers and sisters, alive and dead:TopcodeV05707FH1
DE9_3Was your full brother or sister older than youV05708
DE9_4# of full brothers or sisters older than you:topcoV05709
DE9_5# half/adopted/step brothers and sisters, alive and deadV05710
DE9_7Was your half/adopted/step brothers or sisters older than youV05711
DE9_8# half/adopt/step brothers or sisters older than youV05712
DE20Highest grade of school/college completed: Top/Bot CodeV09381
DE20_2Attended all-girls/all-boys schoolV05716
DE20_2A# of years attended all-girls/all-boys schoolV05717
DE20_401Grade attended all-girls/all-boys school:1st mention (14 iterations)V05718
DE20_5# of different schools attended through high schoolV05732
DE20_7School system had middle school or junior highV05733
DE20_81Grades in middle school or junior high school:1st mention (6 iterations)V05734
DE20_8AIn grade school, you were younger/older/average in ageV05741
DE20_901Religion when growing up:1st mention (3 iterations)V05743
DE20_10Importantance of religion in your life while growing upV05713
DE20_11Raised in large or small city/suburbs/rural/town or villageV05714
DE20_12# times moved to new neighborhood/town when growing upV05715

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