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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

DM1_14Highest grade of school/college completed: Top/Bot CodeV09380
DM201Current employ situation:1st mention: Recoded (3 iterations)V03127
DM4Illness due to physical/emotional disorder/combV03138
DM6# years school spouse/partner completed: Top/Bot CodeV03139
DM7Spouse/partner ever work for pay?V03140
DM801Spouse/partner current employ status:1st mention: Recoded (4 iterations)V03141
DM22# living biological children: Top CodeV03173
DM23# other living children incl step/adopt/raised 5+ years:Top CodeV03177
DM1_6Country in which you were bornV09382
DM1_7# parents born in U.S.V03125
DM1_10# brothers/sisters had while grow up, incl step/half: Top CodeV03078
DM1_11# older than you:TopCodeV03079
DM1_12Male head of household during most childhoodV03080
DM1_12A# years school he/father completed: Top/Bot CodeV03081
DM1_13Female head of household during most childhoodV03083
DM1_13A# years school she/mother completed: Top/Bot CodeV03084
DM1_15Age 1st yr worked 6 mths + at paid jobV03086
DM14_6Money left over after liquidating and paying all debtsV03162
DM17# times married: Top CodeV03164
DM19# marriages ended in divorce/annulment: Top CodeV03165
DM20Age you married 1st time: Top/Bot CodeV03166
DM21AAmt of time dated first spouse before marriedV03171
DM21BUnit of time, DM21AV03172
DM21_3ALength been separated/divorce/widowV03167
DM21_3BUnit of time, DM21_3AV03168
DM21_4ALength been married/sep/div/widow from most recent spouseV03169
DM21_4BUnit of time, DM21_4AV03170
DM22A# living/biological children under age 5V03174
DM22B# living/biological children between age 5 and 12V03175
DM22C# living/biological children between age 13 and 17V03176
DM23A# other child(ren) under age 5V03218
DM23B# other child(ren) between age 5 and 12V03219
DM23C# other child(ren) between age 13 and 17V03220
DM23_101Religious preference:1st mention: Recoded (2 iterations)V03178

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