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30-Day Symptoms

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

NSD1Past mth-felt a lot of psychological distressV04525
NSD1APast mth-feel trapped/caughtV04526
NSD1BPast month suddenly scared no reasonV04529
NSD1CPast month blame self for thingsV04531
NSD1DPast month how often feel lonelyV04533
NSD1EPast month-feel blueV04534
NSD1FPast month worry too much about thingsV04537
NSD1GPast month-feel no interest in thingsV04538
NSD1HPast mth-feel frightenedV04540
NSD1IPast month feel hopeless about futureV04543
NSD1JPast month-had trouble concentratingV04544
NSD1KPast month-feel tense/keyed upV04546
NSD1LPast month feel everything is an effortV04549
NSD1MPast month-feel worthlessV04550
NSD1NPast month-feel exhausted for no good reasonV04551
NSD2KPast month-feel irritable/grumpyV04556
NSD2LPast month-feel mad/angryV04557
NSD2MPast month-feel angry and out of controlV04558
NSD2NPast month-feel urge hit/push/hurt someoneV04559
NSD2OPast month-urge to break/smash somethingV04560
NSD2PPast month-everything in slow motionV04561
NSD2QPast month-muscles tense/sore/achingV04562
NSD2RPast month-heart race without exerciseV04563
NSD2SPast month-short of breathV04564
NSD2TPast month-had indigest/upset stomachV04565
NSD2UPast month-feel dizzyV04566
NSD2VPast month-feel trembly/shakyV04567
NSD2WPast month-had dry mouthV04568
NSD2XPast month-had hot/cold spellsV04569
NSD3Past month-negative feelings occurV04570
NSD3APast month-felt lot more, the same, little more full of lifeV04575
NSD3BPast month-felt lot less, the same, little less full of lifeV04576
NSD3_1APast month feel confidentV04571
NSD3_1BPast month feel optimisticV04572
NSD3_1CPast month feel happyV04573
NSD3_1DPast month-feel full of lifeV04574
NSD4APast month-find new things not remember buyingV04577
NSD4BPast month-feel standing beside and watching selfV04578
NSD4CPast month-not recognize friends/familyV04579
NSD4DPast month-objects/people/world not realV04580
NSD4EPast month-feel body not belong to youV04581
NSD4FPast month-feel like two different peopleV04582
NSD4GPast month-feel voices in your headV04583
NSD5AWorst month in past year-tired for no reasonV04584
NSD5BWorst month in past year-feel nervousV04585
NSD5CWorst month in past year-so nervous, nothing could calmV04586
NSD5DWorst month in past year-feel hopelessV04587FD27C* NSD2D*
NSD5EWorst month in past year- restless/fidgetyV04588FD27D* NSD2C*
NSD5FWorst month in past year-so restless couldn't sit stillV04589
NSD5GWorst month in past year-feel depressedV04590
NSD5HWorst month in past year-so depressed nothing could cheer upV04591
NSD5IWorst month in past year-felt everything is effortV04592
NSD5JWorst month in past year-feel worthlessV04593FD27H* NSD2F*

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