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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

AD1ADifficulty concentrate less than 7-frequently lose thingsV05908AD1A
AD1BDifficulty concentrate less than 7-trouble paying attention to detailsV05909AD1B
AD1CDifficulty concentrate less than 7-forget what planned to doV05910AD1C
AD1DDifficulty concentrate less than 7-ppl say you are not listening to themV05911AD1D
AD1EDifficulty concentrate less than 7-quick loss of interest in activities V05913AD1E
AD1FDifficulty concentrate less than 7-easily distractedV05915AD1F
AD1GDifficulty concentrate less than 7- avoided things req concentrationV05917AD1G
AD1HDifficulty concentrate less than 7-confused when making plansV05919AD1H
AD1IDifficulty concentrate less than 7-left chores undone when unintendedV05921AD1I
AD3Remember exact age 1st attention problemsV05923AD3
AD3AExact age of very 1st attention problemV05924AD3A
AD3B1Estimate age of 1st attention problemsV05926AD3B1
AD3B21st attention problem before 7 years old V05927AD3B2
AD3B31st attention problem before teen V05928AD3B3
AD3B41st attention problems before 20sV05929AD3B4
AD3BEstimate age of 1st attention problems-computeV05925AD3B
AD4Had difficulty with attention during past 12 monthsV05930AD4
AD4AAge last time had attention problem for 6+ monthsV05931AD4A
AD5Total # of years having attention problemsV05932AD5
AD6AAttention difficulties ever caused problems at schoolV05933AD6A
AD6BAttention difficulties ever caused problems at homeV05934AD6B
AD6CAttention difficulties ever caused problems at workV05935AD6C
AD6DAttention difficulties ever caused probs w/ relations/social lifeV05936AD6D
AD10AWorst month in past year-attention diffic interf w/ home mgmtV05940AD10A*
AD10BWorst month in past year-atten diffic interf w/ ability to workV05941AD10B*
AD10CWorst mth in past yr-atten diffic interf w/ form/maint relationsV05942AD10C*
AD10DWorst month in past yr-attention diffic interf w/ social lifeV05943AD10D*
AD12# days past year unable work due to attention difficultiesV05945AD12
AD14Ever talked to prof about attention difficultiesV05948
AD14AAge 1st talked to professional for attention difficultiesV05950
AD25Received helpful/effective treatment for attn difficultiesV05972
AD25AAge 1st got helpful/effective treatment for attn difficultiesV05973
AD25B# of profs ever talked to for attention incl helpful trmt docV05974
AD25C# of professionals ever talked to about attention difficultiesV05975
AD27Received prof treatment for attn difficulties in past yearV05976
AD28Ever hospitalized overnight for attention difficultiesV05977AD20
AD28AAge 1st hospitalized overnight for attention difficultiesV05978AD20A
AD30ARestless before 7-very active when should not beV05980AD30A
AD30BRestless before 7-often feel restlessV05981AD30B
AD30CRestless before 7-were often on the goV05982AD30C
AD30DRestless before 7-trouble playing quietlyV05983AD30D
AD30ERestless before 7-fidget/squirm while sittingV05984AD30E
AD30FRestless before 7-get up from seat when not supposed toV05985AD30F
AD30GRestless before 7- ofen extremely talkativeV05987AD30G
AD30HRestless before 7-blurt out answers before other finished spkgV05989AD30H
AD30IRestless before 7-inerrupt/join conversations uninvitedV05991AD30I
AD30JRestless before 7-often try to break into games/interrupt actsV05993AD30J
AD30KRestless before 7-trouble waiting your turnV05995AD30K
AD32Remember exact age of 1st restless/impatient difficultyV05997AD32
AD32AExact age of very 1st restless/impatient difficultyV05998AD32A
AD32B1Estimate age 1st irestless/impatient difficultyV06000AD32B1
AD32B21st restless/impatient difficulty before 7 yrs oldV06001AD32B2
AD32B31st restless/impatient difficulty before teenV06002AD32B3
AD32B41st restless/impatient difficulty before 20sV06003AD32B4
AD32BEstimate age of 1st restless/impatient difficulty-computedV05999AD32B
AD33Had restless/impatient difficulty during past 12 monthsV06004AD33
AD33AAge last time restless/impatient difficulty 6+ mthsV06005AD33A
AD34Total # of years having impatience problemsV06006AD34
AD35AImpatience ever cause problems with schoolV06007AD35A
AD35BImpatience ever cause problems at homeV06008AD35B
AD35CImpatience ever cause problems at workV06009AD35C
AD35DImpatience ever cause problems in relations/social lifeV06010AD35D
AD39AWorst month in past year-impatience interf w/ home mgmtV06013AD39A*
AD39BWorst month in past year-impatience interf w/ ability to workV06014AD39B*
AD39CWorst month past year-impat interf w/ form/maint relationV06015AD39C*
AD39DWorst month in past yr-impatience interf w/ social lifeV06016AD39D*
AD41# days in past year unable to work due to impatience difficultyV06018AD41
AD43_1Ever talked to professional about impatience difficultiesV06021AD43A*
AD43_1AAge 1st saw prof for impatience difficultiesV06022AD45*
AD43_1BReceived helpful/effective trmt for impatience difficultiesV06023
AD43_1CAge 1st got helpful/effective trmt for impatience difficultiesV06024
AD43_1D# profs talked to about impatience incl helpful trmt docV06025
AD43_1E# of profs ever talked to about impatience difficultiesV06026
AD43_1FReceived prof trmt for impatience difficulties in past yearV06027
AD43_1GHospitalized overnight for impatience difficultiesV06028AD49*
AD43_1HAge 1st hospitalized overnight for impatience difficultiesV06029AD49A*

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