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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

AG1Ever strongly fear being home aloneV01626AG1AAG1
AG1BEver strongly fear being in crowdsV01627AG1BAG1B
AG1CEver strongly fear traveling away from homeV01628AG1CAG1C
AG1DEver strongly fear traveling alone or away from home aloneV01629AG1DAG1D
AG1EEver strongly fear using public transportationV01630AG1EAG1E
AG1FEver strongly fear driving a carV01631AG1FAG1F
AG1GEver strongly fear standing in line in public placesV01632AG1GAG1G
AG1HEver strongly fear being in stores/mallsV01633AG1HAG1H
AG1IEver strongly fear being in large auditoriumsV01634AG1IAG1I
AG1JEver strongly fear being in restaurants or other public placeV01635AG1JAG1J
AG1KEver strongly fear being in wide open field or streetV01636AG1KAG1K
AG3INTR1Remember exact age 1st time had fear of one situationV01638AG3INTR1AG3INTR1
AG3INTR2Remember exact age 1st time had fear of one situationV01639AG3INTR2AG3INTR2
AG3AAge 1st fear when being alone or in public situationV01640AG3AAG3A
AAG3B1Estimate age 1st fearsV01642AAG3B1AG3B1
AAG3B21st fears before start school, AG3BV01643AAG3B2AG3B2
AAG3B31st fears before teenager, AG3BV01644AAG3B3AG3B3
AG4AFear experienced: being alone or separate from loveV01646AG4AAG4A
AG4BWhich fear experienced:danger/being robbed or assaultedV01647AG4BAG4B
AG4CFear experienced: getting sick to stomach or diarrheaV01648AG4CAG4C
AG4DWhich fear experienced: having panic attack V01649AG4DAG4D
AG4EFear experienced: heart attack or other emergencyV01650AG4EAG4E
AG4FFear experienced: physically ill/unable to get helpV01651AG4FAG4F
AG4GFear experienced: difficult or embarrassing to escapeV01652AG4GAG4G
AG4HFear experienced: other terrible things might happenV01653AG4HAG4H
AAG6A1Age 1st avoid public situationsV01656AAG6A1AG6A1
AAG6A2Avoided public before started school, AAG6A1V01657AAG6A2AG6A2
AAG6A3Avoided public before teeager, AAG6A1V01658AAG6A3AG6A3
AG8Particular event 1st caused fearsV01659AG8AG8
AG8AHad panic attack as result of eventV01660AG8AAG8A
AG9AIn most severe fear-heart racedV01661AG9AAG9A
AG9BIn most severe fear-sweatV01662AG9BAG9B
AG9CIn most severe fear-trembleV01663AG9CAG9C
AG9DIn most severe fear-dry mouthV01664AG9DAG9D
AG11During fear-ever have one/more reactionV01666AG11AG11
AG11ADuring fear-trouble breathing V01667AG11AAG11A
AG11BDuring fear- feel like chokingV01668AG11BAG11B
AG11CDuring fear-have pain in chestV01669AG11CAG11C
AG11DDuring fear-sick to stomachV01670AG11DAG11D
AG11EDuring fear-feel dizzy/faintV01671AG11EAG11E
AG11FDuring fear-fear losing control/go crazy/pass outV01672AG11FAG11F
AG11GDuring fear-afraid you might dieV01673AG11GAG11G
AG11HDuring fear-chills/hot flushesV01674AG11HAG11H
AG11IDuring fear- felt numbness or tinglingV01675AG11IAG11I
AG11JDuring fear-feel like not really thereV01676AG11JAG11J
AG11KDuring fear-feel things unreal/dreamlikeV01677AG11K
AG13Ever unable to leave home for day due to fearV01678AG13AG13
AG13ALength time unable to leave home due to fearV01679AG13AAG13A
AG13A1Unit of time unable to leave home due to fear, AG13AV01680AG13A1AG13A1
AG14Unable to leave home without family/friendV01681AG14AG14
AG15Extent fear situations interf with work/social life/relationsV01682AG15AG15
AG16Ever time felt emotionally upset/worried/disapp due to fearV01683AG16AG16
AG17Strong fear or avoid situations in the past yearV01684AG17AG17
AG17AWhen avoided situations in the past yearV01685AG17AAG17A
AG17BAge last time avoided situations due to fearV01686AG17BAG17B
AG18Severity of fear if faced today with sit that scares mostV01687AG18AG18
AG19How often avoid feared situations in the past yearV01688AG19AG19
AG20ASevere mth-extent to which fear interfere home mgmt V01689AG20A*AG20A*
AG20BSevere mth-extent to which fear interf with ability to workV01690AG20B*AG20B*
AG20CSevere month-extent to which fear interf form/maintain relV01691AG20C*AG20C*
AG20DSevere month-exent to which fear interfere with social lifeV01692AG20D*AG20D*
AG22# of days in past yr unable to carry out acts due to fearV01695AG22AG22
AG24Ever talked to Medical professional about fearV01697AG24AG24A*
AG24AAge 1st time talk professional for fearV01709AG24AAG26
AG35Received helpful/effective treatment for fearV01730AG35
AG35AAge 1st got helpful/effective treatment for fearV01731AG35A
AG35BTotal profs seen for fear incl helpful treatment docV01732AG35B
AG35C# of professionals ever talked to about fearV01733AG35C
AG37Received professional treatment for fear in past yearV01734AG37
AG38Ever hospitalized overnight for fear?V01735AG38AG30
AG38AAge 1st time hospitalized overnight for fearV01737AG38AAG30A*
AG38_1# of close relatives w/ fear of home alone/crowds/awayV01736AG38_1
AAG3B4Qualifier, AG3BV01645
AAG6A4Was it not before teenagerV09351

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