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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V07177Ever been arrestedH57
V07074Where lived when growing upH3
V07149Type of area lived in growing upH3A
V07075Spoke language other than English growing upH4
V07076What man raised you until age 16H5
V07077What woman raised you until age 16H6
V07079Did father work for pay while growing upH7A
V07083Did mother work for pay while growing upH11
V07086Condition of health through age 16H12
V07087Have HS diploma/equivalencyH13A
V07088Type of HS (if yrs of ed equal 0-12)H13B
V07089Type of HS (if yrs of ed equal 13+)H13C
V07091Have college degreeH13E
V07092Have any other schoolingH13G
V07093Have been in military serviceH14
V07097Spouse/Partner has HS diplomaH16A
V07098Spouse/Partner has college degreeH16B
V07099Spouse/Partner works for pay nowH17
V07102Spouse/Partner ever work for payH17C
V07105Past yr-didn't meet basic expensesH18A
V07106Past yr-didn't pay full rent/mortgageH18B
V07107Past yr-evicted for non-paymentH18C
V07108Past yr-didn't pay full utilitiesH18D
V07109Past yr-utility disconnectedH18E
V07110Past yr-phone disconnectedH18F
V07111Past yr-couldn't afford daycare/babysittingH18G
V07112Past yr-couldn't afford leisure activitiesH18H
V07114Closeness in ideas/feelings to your ethnic groupH23
V07118Which more important-origin/being BlackH23C_CB
V07137Reason came to USAH29A
V07138Social/econ change since coming to USH29B
V07139English-speaking abilityH29C
V07140Where receive most education-US or outsideH30
V07141Currently a US citizenH31
V07142Green card statusH32
V07143Length of time US citizen-residentH33
V07145Rate self on liberal/conservative scaleH35
V07146Rate self on liberal/conservative soc/econ issuesH37
V07147Member of Black advancement natl organizations-grpsH38
V07148Better/worse financially than 10 yrs agoH39
V07151Past yr-enough to eat in householdH41
V07152Worry about enough income to pay billsH42
V07153Past yr-you/fam get soc securityH42_5A
V07154Past yr-you/fam get workers compensationH42_5B
V07155Past yr-you/fam get unemployment compensationH42_5C
V07156Past yr-you/fam get food stampsH42_5D
V07157Past yr-you/fam get SSIH42_5E
V07158Past yr-you/fam earned inc tax creditH42_5F
V07159Past yr-you/fam get child support paymentsH42_5G
V07167You/family currently on welfareH49B
V07169Received welfare when growing upH50
V07170How much time received welfare before turned 18H50A
V07173Have mortgage on homeH53
V07175Live in public housingH55
V07176Pay low/no rent because of govtH56
V07196Family members away at schoolH62A
V07197Family members in militaryH62B
V07198Family members in nursing homeH62C
V07199Family members in jail or prisonH62D
V07200# family members away at schoolH63A
V07201# family members in militaryH63B
V07202# family members in nursing homeH63C
V07203# family members in jail or prisonH63D
V07204Anyone in household homelessH64

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