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Group and Personal Identity, Discrimination

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V06975Racial term R prefers to be calledG1
V06976More important-Black or AmericanG2
V06977Closeness in ideas/feelings to BlacksG3A
V06978Closeness in ideas/feelings to WhitesG3B
V06979Closeness in ideas/feelings to Spanish-speaking groupsG3C
V06980Closeness in ideas/feelings to American IndiansG3D
V06981Closeness in ideas/feelings to AsiansG3E
V06982Closeness in ideas/feelings to Black CaribbeansG3F
V06983Closeness in ideas/feelings to AfricansG3G
V06984Closeness in ideas/feelings to poor BlacksG4A
V06985Closeness in ideas/feelings to religious BlacksG4B
V06986Closeness in ideas/feelings to young BlacksG4C
V06987Closeness in ideas/feelings to upper-class BlacksG4D
V06988Closeness in ideas/feelings to working-class BlacksG4E
V06989Closeness in ideas/feelings to older BlacksG4F
V06990Closeness in ideas/feelings to elected BlacksG4G
V06991Closeness in ideas/feelings to Black professionalsG4H
V06992How true Blacks are intelligentG5A
V06994How true Blacks are lazyG5B
V06996How true Blacks are hardworkingG5C
V06998How true Blacks give up easilyG5D
V07000How true Blacks are proud of selvesG5E
V07002How true Blacks are violentG5F
V06993How true Caribbeans are intelligentG5A_CB
V06995How true Caribbeans are lazyG5B_CB
V06997How true Caribbeans are hardworkingG5C_CB
V06999How true Caribbeans give up easilyG5D_CB
V07001How true Caribs are proud of selvesG5E_CB
V07003How true Caribbeans are violentG5F_CB
V07004Whts want Blks to get better break/keep Blks downG6
V07006You want Blksto get better break/keep Blks downG6AWH
V07005Whts want Blk Ams to get better breakk/keep Blk Ams downG6A_CB
V07007Whts want Caribs to get better break/keep Caribs downG6B_CB
V07008Blks want Caribs to get better break/keep Caribs downG6C_CB
V07011Freq Whts treat R badly due to skin shadeG10A
V07012Freq Blks treat R badly due to skin shadeG10B
V07013Freq others find you attractive due to skin shadeG10C
V07014What happens to Blacks affects your lifeG11
V07015How much Blacks fate affects your lifeG11A
V07017What happens to Whites affects your lifeG11WH
V07016How much Whites fate affects your lifeG11AWH
V07018Unfairly firedG12A
V07027Why unfairly firedG13A
V07036Last time unfairly firedG14A
V07045# times unfairly firedG15A
V07019Ever not hired for unfair reasonsG12B
V07028Why not hired for unfair reasonsG13B
V07037Last time not hired for unfair reasonsG14B
V07046# times not hired unfair reasonG15B
V07020Unfairly denied promotionG12C
V07029Why unfairly denied promotionG13C
V07038Last time unfairly denied promotionG14C
V07047# times unfairly denied promotionG15C
V07021Ever unfairly treated/abused by policeG12D
V07030Why unfairly treated/abused by policeG13D
V07039Last time unfairly treated/abused by policeG14D
V07048# times unfairly treated/abused by policeG15D
V07022Unfairly discouraged from continuing education by teacher/advG12E
V07031Why discouraged from continuing educationG13E
V07040Last time discouraged from continuing educationG14E
V07049# times discouraged continuing educationG15E
V07023Unfairly prevented from moving into neighborhoodG12F
V07032Why prevented from moving into neighborhoodG13F
V07041Last time prevented from moving into neighborhoodG14F
V07050# times prevented from moving into neighborhoodG15F
V07024Neighbors made life difficult for you/familyG12G
V07033Why neighbors made life difficultG13G
V07042Last time neighbors made life difficultG14G
V07051# times neighbors made life difficultG15G
V07025Unfairly denied loanG12H
V07034Why unfairly denied loanG13H
V07043Last time unfairly denied loanG14H
V07052# times unfairly denied loanG15H
V07026Received unusually bad service from repairmanG12I
V07035Why unusually bad service from repairmanG13I
V07044Last time unusually bad service from repairmanG14I
V07053# times unusally bad service from repairmanG15I
V07063Frequency followed in storesG18J
V07066Tried to do something about itG21A
V07067Accept it as fact of lifeG21B
V07068Worked harder to prove them wrongG21C
V07069Realized you brought it on yourselfG21D
V07070Talk to someoneG21E
V07071Got madG21F
V07072Prayed about itG21G

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