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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V06641I am person of worth/equal to othersC1A
V06642I have # of good qualitiesC1B
V06643I am a failureC1C
V06644I do things as well as othersC1D
V06645I don't have much to be proud ofC1E
V06646I take positive attitude toward selfC1F
V06647I am satisfied with selfC1G
V06648I want more self-respectC1H
V06649I sometimes feel uselessC1I
V06650I sometimes think I am no goodC1J
V06651Impossible to reach my goalsC1K
V06652My future seems hopeless/not changing for betterC1L
V06653No way to solve some of my problemsC2A
V06654I feel pushed around in lifeC2B
V06655Have little control over what happens to meC2C
V06656Can do just about anything set my mind toC2D
V06657I feel helpless dealing w/ life probsC2E
V06658What happens to me in future depends on meC2F
V06659Little I can do to change things important things in lifeC2G
V06660Look to God for strengthC2H
V06661Where you are now in life on ladderC3
V06662Where would like to be in few yrs on ladderC4
V06663How likely to reach step on ladderC5
V06664Disappointment if could never reach step on ladderC6
V06665Lack of ability prevents you from reaching stepC7A
V06666Lack of opportunity prevents you from reaching stepC7B
V06812Lack of effort prevents you from getting to stepC7C
V06813Bad luck prevents you from getting to stepC7D
V06814Your race prevents you from getting to stepC7F
V06815Your gender prevents you from getting to stepC7G
V06668Overall present dental healthC8A
V06670Compare health in general with 1 yr agoC9
V06671Prof said you have arthritisC10A
V06672Extent arthritis interferes w/ daily tasksC11A
V06673Prof said you have ulcersC10B
V06674Extent ulcer interferes w/ daily tasksC11B
V06675Prof said you have cancerC10C
V06676Extent cancer interferes w/ daily tasksC11C
V06677Prof said you had high blood pressureC10D
V06678Extent high blood pressure interferes w/ daily tasksC11D
V06679Prof said you had diabetesC10E
V06680Extent diabetes interferes w/ daily tasksC11E
V06681Prof said you had liver problemC10F
V06682Extent liver problem interferes w/ daily tasksC11F
V06683Prof said you had kidney problemC10G
V06684Extent kidney problem interferes w/ daily tasksC11G
V06685Prof said you had strokeC10H
V06686Extent stroke interferes w/ daily tasksC11H
V06687Prof said you had asthmaC10I
V06688Extent asthma interferes w/ daily tasksC11I
V06689Prof said you had chronic lung diseaseC10J
V06690Extent lung disease interferes w/ daily tasksC11J
V06691Prof said you had blood circulation problemC10K
V06692Extent blood circulation prob interferes w/ daily tasksC11K
V06693Prof said you had sickle cell diseaseC10L
V06694Extent sickle cell disease interferes w/ daily tasksC11L
V06695Prof said you had heart troubleC10M
V06696Extent heart trouble interferes w/ daily tasksC11M
V06699Prof said you had glaucomaC10O
V06700Extent glaucoma interferes w/ daily tasksC11O
V06703Prof said you had fertility probsC10Q
V06704Extent fertility problem interferes w/ daily tasksC11Q
V06705Prof said you had osteoporosisC10R
V06706Extent osteoporosis interferes w/ daily tasksC11R
V06707Prof said you had fibroid tumorsC10S
V06708Extent fibroid tumor interferes w/ daily tasksC11S
V06709Prof said you had anemiaC10T
V06710Extent anemia interferes w/ daily tasksC11T
V06711Prof said you had eating disorderC10U
V06712Extent eating disorder interferes w/ daily tasksC11U
V06713Prof said gone thru menopauseC10V
V06714Extent menopause interferes w/ daily tasksC11V
V06715Past yr-bad headachesC12A
V06716Extent headaches interfere w/ daily tasksC13A
V06717Past yr-hearing probsC12B
V06718Extent hearing probs interfere w/ daily tasksC13B
V06719Past yr-vision probsC12C
V06720Extent vision problems interfere w/ daily tasksC13C
V06721Past yr-allergies/infectionsC12D
V06722Extent allergies interfere w/ daily tasksC13D
V06723Past yr-back problemsC12E
V06724Extent back probs interfere w/ daily tasksC13E
V06725How often garden/yardworkC14A
V06726How often sports/exerciseC14B
V06727How often take walksC14C
V06730Currently trying to lose weightC19
V06731How you feel about your weightC20
V06732Place/person usually go to for medical helpC21
V06733Where/who go to for medical helpC21A
V06734Ever gone to faith healerC22A
V06735Ever gone to person who heals w/ roots/herbs/reads palmsC22B
V06736Ever saw astrologer/psychicC22C
V06737Currently covered by govt health ins programsC23
V06738Govt ins covers mental health/emotion/nerve problemsC23B
V06739Covered by employer health insuranceC24
V06740# of employer health plans covered byC24A
V06741Employer ins covers mental health/emotion/nerve probsC24B
V06742Covered by family's employer health insC24C
V06743Family insurance covers mental health/emotion/nerve probsC24D
V06744Has purchased health insurance directlyC25
V06745$/visit paid out-of-pocket to see doctorC26
V06749$ amount reimbursed by health insuranceC26CS
V06747Reimbursement by health insuranceC26A
V06748$ amount reimbursed by health insuranceC26ACS
V06750Past mth-health problemsC27A
V06751Amount health problems upset youC28A
V06752Past mth-money problemsC27B
V06753Amount money problems upset youC28B
V06754Past mth-job problemsC27C
V06755Amount job problems upset youC28C
V06757Are you a parentC27D1
V06756Past mth-problems w/ childrenC27D
V06758Amount being a parent upset youC28D
V06759Past mth-family/marriage problemsC27E
V06760Amount fam/marriage problems upset youC28E
V06761Past mth-you/family crime victimC27F
V06762Amount victimization upset youC28F
V06763Past mth-police problemsC27G
V06764Amount police problems upset youC28G
V06765Past mth-love life problemsC27H
V06766Amount love problems upset youC28H
V06767Past mth-you/family race problemsC27I
V06768Amount race problems upset youC28I
V06769Past mth-gambling problemsC27J
V06770Amount gambling problems upset youC28J
V06811Your health problems interfere w/ fam/friends in past 30 daysC39

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