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Interviewer Observations

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V10001Anyone else present during interviewIO1A IO1A
V10002Who was present 1st mentionIO2_1 IO21
V10003Who was present 2nd mentionIO2_2 IO22
V10004Who was present 3rd mentionIO2_3 IO23
V10005Who was present 4th mentionIO2_4 IO24
V10006Who was present 5th mentionIO2_5 IO25
V10007Present during how much of the interviewIO3 IO3
V10008How much was R distractedIO4 IO4
V10009How well did R understand QsIO5 IO5
V10010How cooperative was RIO6 IO6
V10011How much effort did R put inIO7 IO7
V10012To what extent respond in other langIO7A
V10013How proficient in language of IwIO7B
V10014How much did R enjoy IwIO8
V10015Seem familiarized with responsesIO9
V10016Influenced by social desirabilityIO10
V10017Pattern of responding in extremeIO11
V10018Communication problemsIO12
V10019Influenced by acquiescenceIO13
V10020How well did R speak language of IwIO13A
V10021How well did R speak EnglishIO13B
V10022R suspicious before interviewK1
V10023R beginning attitudeK2
V10024R ending attitudeK3
V10025R rushingK4
V10026R ask how long interview takeK5
V10027R want to talkK6
V10028# interruptionsK7
V10029# mins interruptionsK7A
V10030Persons present during iw - 1st mentK81
V10031Persons present during iw - 2nd mentK82
V10032Persons present during iw - 3rd mentK83
V10033Persons present during iw - 4th mentK84
V10034Presence of others affect interviewK9
V10035#12 or younger presentK10
V10036Presence of children affect interviewK10A
V10037R wanted assurance of answersK11
V10038R understood questionsK12
V10039R difficulty w/question wordingsK13
V10040R trouble expressing selfK14
V10041R trouble reading R bookletK15
V10045Read R booklet for RK15A
V10046R uncomfortable w/neighborhoodK16A
V10047R uncomfortable w/religionK16B
V10048R uncomfortable w/healthK16C
V10049R uncomfortable w/employmentK16D
V10050R uncomfortable w/familyK16E
V10051R uncomfortable w/helpK16F
V10052R uncomfortable w/identityK16G
V10053R uncomfortable w/personal dataK16H
V10054R uncomfortable w/rootsK16I
V10055R uncomfortable w/disordersK16J
V10056R bored/interestedK19A
V10057R hostile/friendlyK19B
V10058R suspicious/openK19C
V10059R businesslike/socialK19D
V10063Like interview/not like interviewK19H

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