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Substance Use

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V03266Age 1st drank alcoholSU1SU1SU1
V03267Age 1st drank 12 drinks per year-computeSU2SU2*
V03268Age 1st drank 12 drinks per yearSU2ASU2ASU2A
V032691st drank 12 drinks per year before teenagerSU2BSU2BSU2B
V032701st drank 12 drinks per year before your 20sSU2CSU2CSU2C
V03271# times at least 1 drink past 12 mthsSU3SU3SU3
V03272# drinks per day each time you drankSU4SU4SU4
V03273Ever a year in life when drank more than past yearSU5SU5SU5
V03276Years when drank most-# times had at least one drinkSU8SU8SU8
V03277Years when drank most-# drinks per daySU9SU9SU9
V03281Drinking ever interfered w/ work/school/job/homeSU12SU12SU12
V03282Drinking problem cause family/friend argue/probsSU12ASU12ASU12A
V03283Continue drinking though caused problem w/ peopleSU12BSU12BSU12B
V03284Ever jeopardized safety due to drinkingSU12CSU12CSU12C
V03288Remember exact age 1st time had drinking issue/problemSU15INTR1SU15INTRSU15INTR
V03289Remember age 1st drinking probsSU15INTR2SU15INT2SU15INT2
V03290Age 1st drinking problem occurredSU15ASU15ASU15A
V03291Estimate age 1st drinking problems-computeSU15BSU15B*
V03292Estimate age 1st drinking problemsSU15B1SU15B1SU15B1
V03293Drinking problems occurred before teensSU15B2SU15B2SU15B2
V03294Drinking problems occurred before 20sSU15B3SU15B3SU15B3
V03295How recently had problem because of drinkingSU16SU16SU16
V03296Age last problem because of drinkingSU17SU17SU17
V03297# of different years in life had problem because of drinkingSU18SU18SU18
V03298Ever had irresistable urge to drinkSU19SU19SU19
V03299Ever need more alcohol for buzz than used toSU19ASU19ASU19A
V03300Ever feel sick when stopped/slowed drinkingSU19BSU19BSU19B
V03301Ever drank to avoid feeling ill when you stopped drinkingSU19CSU19CSU19C
V03302Ever drank when planned not to or drank more than intendedSU19DSU19DSU19D
V03303Ever drank more often than intendedSU19ESU19ESU19E
V03304Ever got drunk when didn't want toSU19FSU19FSU19F
V03305Ever unable to stop/cut down drinking when triedSU19GSU19GSU19G
V03306Ever spent many days recoveringSU19HSU19HSU19H
V03307Ever gave up activities due to drinking SU19ISU19ISU19I
V03308Ever cont'd drinking though it caused phys or emo problemsSU19JSU19JSU19J
V03311Recency had alcohol problemsSU26SU26SU26
V03312# of years in life had 1 or more alcohol problemsSU28SU28SU28
V03313Had 3 or more alcohol problems in same yearSU29SU29SU29
V03314Age 1st had 3 alcohol problems same in a year-computSU30SU30*
V03315Age 1st had 3 alcohol problems in same yearSU30ASU30ASU30A
V033163 drinking problems same year before teensSU30BSU30BSU30B
V033173 drinking problems same year before 20sSU30CSU30CSU30C
V03318After problems began, # of attempts to quit drinkingSU32SU32SU32
V03320Longest time period without drinkingSU34ASU34ASU34A
V03321Unit time no drinkingSU34BSU34BSU34B
V03323# of times not drinking 3 or more monthsSU36SU36SU36
V03325Past year-how often drinking hurt healthSU38ASU38ASU38A
V03326Past year-how often drinking hurt familySU38BSU38BSU38B
V03327Past year-did impulsive things due to drinkingSU38CSU38CSU38C
V03328Past year-failed expectations due to drinkingSU38DSU38DSU38D
V03329Past year-felt unhappy due to drinkingSU38ESU38ESU38E
V03330Ever used marijuana/hashishSU41SU41SU41
V03331Ever used cocaine in any formSU42SU42SU42
V03332Ever abused prescriptionSU43SU43SU43
V03333Ever used other drugsSU44SU44SU44
V03335Age 1st used marijuana/hashSU45ASU45ASU45A
V03336Used marijuana/hash before teensSU45A1SU45A1SU45A1
V03337Used marijuana/hash before 20sSU45A2SU45A2SU45A2
V03338Age 1st used cocaineSU45BSU45BSU45B
V03339Used cocaine before teensSU45B1SU45B1SU45B1
V03340Used cocaine before 20sSU45B2SU45B2SU45B2
V03341Age 1st abused prescriptionSU45CSU45CSU45C
V03342Abused prescription before teensSU45C1SU45C1SU45C1
V03343Abused prescription before 20sSU45C2SU45C2SU45C2
V03344Age 1st used other drugsSU45DSU45D*SU45D
V03345Used other drugs before teensSU45D1SU45D1SU45D1
V03346Used other drugs before 20sSU45D2SU45D2SU45D2
V03347Used marijuana/hash in past 12 mthsSU47ASU47ASU47A
V03348Used cocaine in past 12 mthsSU47BSU47BSU47B
V03349Use prescription without recommendation in past 12 mthsSU47CSU47CSU47C
V03350Used other drugs in past 12 mthsSU47DSU47D*SU47D
V03351Frequency of marijuana/hash use in past 12 mthsSU48ASU48ASU48A
V03352Frequency of cocaine use in past 12 mthsSU48BSU48BSU48B
V03353Freq of non-recommended prescrip drugs use in past 12 mthsSU48CSU48C*SU48C
V03354Frequency of other drug use in past 12 mthsSU48DSU48D*SU48D
V03357Probs due to drug useSU64INTRSU64INTR
V03443Problems due to drug useSU64INT2SU64INT2
V03358Drug use frequently interfered with job/home/schoolSU65SU65SU65
V03359Drug use caused problems/argue with family and friendsSU65ASU65ASU65A
V03360Continued drug use regardless of problems w/ family/friendsSU65BSU65BSU65B
V03361Jeopardized safety due to drugsSU65CSU65CSU65C
V03364Remember exact age 1st had drug problemSU68INTR1SU68INTRSU68_1
V03365Remember exact age 1st had drug problemSU68INTR2SU68INT2SU68_2*
V03366Age 1st drug problems occurredSU68ASU68ASU68A
V03367Estimate age 1st drug problem occurred - computedSU68BSU68B
V03368Estimate age 1st drug problem occurredSU68B1SU68B1SU68B1*
V033691st drug problem before teensSU68B2SU68B2SU68B2
V033701st drug problem before 20sSU68B3SU68B3SU68B3
V03372Recently had problem because of drug useSU69SU69SU69
V03373Age last problem because of drug useSU70SU70SU70*
V03374# of different years had drug problemsSU71SU71SU71
V03375Ever had irresistible urge to use drugSU72SU72SU72
V03376Ever need more drugs to get high than beforeSU72ASU72ASU72A
V03377Had ill feelings when stopped/cut down drug useSU72BSU72BSU72B
V03378Used drugs to avoid ill feelings when trying to stop/cut downSU72CSU72CSU72C
V03379Used drugs when had no intention toSU72DSU72DSU72D
V03380Ever used drugs more than intendedSU72ESU72ESU72E
V03381Ever tried stop/cut down on drugs and not ableSU72FSU72FSU72F
V03382Ever spent several days recovering from drug useSU72GSU72GSU72G
V03383Ever gave up/reduced activities due to drugsSU72HSU72HSU72H
V03384Ever cont'd drug use though it caused phys or emo problemsSU72ISU72ISU72I
V03388How recent had problem because of drug useSU79SU79SU79
V03389# of years had at least 1 drug problemSU81SU81SU81
V03390Ever had 3 or more drug problems in the same yearSU82SU82SU82
V03391Age 1st had 3 drug problems same year-computeSU83SU83
V03392Age 1st had 3 drug problems same yearSU83ASU83ASU83A1
V033931st had 3 drug problems same year before teensSU83BSU83BSU83A2
V033941st had 3 drug problems same year before 20sSU83CSU83CSU83A3
V03396Past year-drugs hurt healthSU86ASU86ASU86A
V03397Past year-drugs hurt familySU86BSU86BSU86B
V03398Past year-regretted impulsive things due to drugsSU86CSU86CSU86C
V03399Past year-failed expectations due to drugSU86DSU86DSU86D
V03400Past year-unhappy due to drugsSU86ESU86ESU86E
V03401Age 1st opportunity to use alcoholSU87ASU87ASU87A
V034021st alcohol opportunity before teensSU87A2SU87A2SU87A2
V034031st alcohol opportunity before 20sSU87A3SU87A3SU87A3
V03404Age 1st opportunity to use drugsSU87BSU87BSU87B
V034051st drug opportunity before teensSU87B2SU87B2SU87B2
V034061st drug opportunity before 20sSU87B3SU87B3SU87B3
V03408# of opportunities before trying alcoholSU88ASU88A*SU88A
V03409# of opportunities before trying drugsSU88BSU88B*SU88B
V03411Ever see doctor about drugsSU95SU95SU95A*
V03410Talked to professional about use of drugs/alc in past yearSU95
V03412Age 1st see doctor about drugsSU95ASU95ASU97
V03413Tried to get professional help for drug/alcohol useSU95B
V03414Reason didn't get help for drugs/alcohol-1st mentionSU95C1
V03415Reason didn't get help for drugs/alcohol-2nd mentionSU95C2
V034161st time saw professional about drug/alcohol useSU96
V03417Talked to psychiatrist about drugs/alcoholSU98A
V03418Talked to other mental health prof about drugs/alcoholSU98B
V03419Talked to family doctor about drugs/alcoholSU98C
V03420Talked to other medical doctor about drugs/alcoholSU98D
V03421Talked to other health prof about drugs/alcoholSU98E
V03422Talked to religious/spiritual advisor about drugs/alcoholSU98F
V03423Talked to other healer about drugs/alcoholSU98G
V03424Professional was helpfulSU99
V03425Treatment received for drug/alcohol problem-1st mentionSU1001
V03426Treatment received for drug/alcohol problem-2nd mentionSU1002
V03427Treatment received for drug/alcohol problem-3rd mentionSU1003
V03428Treatment received for drug/alcohol problem-4th mentionSU1004
V03429# times hospitalized for drug/alcohol problemSU101B
V03430Received helpful/effective treatment for drug/alcohol problemSU102SU102
V03431Age 1st got helpful/effective treatment for drug/alcohol probSU102ASU102A
V03432# of professionals ever talked to incl helpful treatment doctorSU102BSU102B
V03433# of professionals ever talked to about drug/alc problemSU102CSU102C
V03434Received prof treatment for use of drug/alcohol in past yearSU103SU103
V03435Hospitalized overnight for drug problemsSU119SU119SU101
V03436Age 1st hospitalized overnight for drug problemsSU119_1SU119_1SU101A
V03437Ever go to self-help group for drug/alc problemsSU119_2SU119_2SU119_2
V03438Age 1st went to self-help group for drug/alc problemsSU119_3SU119_3SU119_3
V03439# of self-help meetings attended for drug/alc in past yearSU119_4SU119_4SU119_4
V03440# of relatives ever had drug/alcohol problemsSU119_5SU119_5SU119_5*
V03441Received help from fam/friends/acquaint for drug/alc probSU120
V03442Tried to get help from fam/friends/acquaint for drug/alc probSU120A
V09215Why not substance help from fam/friends-1st mentionSU120B1
V09216Why not substance help from fam/friends-2nd mentionSU120B2

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