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Specific Phobias

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V01399Specific group endorsementSP1_11
V09422How old first time feared some type of animalSP3
V01405Time when always anxious/upset faced with feared animalSP3A
V01406Age 1st time feared some type of animalSP3A1
V01407Before 1st started school, SP3A1SP3A2
V01408Before a teenager, SP3A1SP3A3
V01409Avoid situation w/ risk to see animal because of fearSP3B
V09423How old first time avoided some type of animalSP3C
V01410Age 1st avoided situations to see animalsSP3C1
V01411Before 1st started school, SP3C1SP3C2
V01412Before a teenager, SP3C1SP3C3
V01413Time when always upset/anx when faced with scary situationSP5A
V09424How old first time feared storms or still waterSP5
V01414Age 1st time fear of storm or still waterSP5A1
V01415Before 1st started school, SP5A1SP5A2
V01416Before a teenager, SP5A1SP5A3
V01417Avoid situation being in storm or still water because of fearSP5B
V01418Age 1st avoid situation like storm or still waterSP5C1
V09425Hold old first time avoided storms or still waterSP5C
V01419Before 1st started school, SP5C1SP5C2
V01420Before a teenager, SP5C1SP5C3
V09426How old first time feared going to doctorSP7
V01421Time when always anx/upset seeing doc/inject/blood/injurySP7A
V01422Age 1st time fear doc/inject/blood/injury experienceSP7A1
V01423Before 1st started school, SP7A1SP7A2
V01424Before a teenager, SP7A1SP7A3
V01425Ever avoid doc/inject/blood/injury due to fearSP7B
V01426Age 1st avoid doc/inject/blood/injurySP7C1
V09427How old first time avoided going to doctorSP7C
V01427Before 1st started school, SP7C1SP7C2
V01428Before a teenager, SP7C1SP7C3
V01429Fainted when saw bloodSP7F
V01430Time always upset/anx when faced with closed spaceSP9A
V09428How old first time feared closed spacesSP9
V01431Age 1st time feared closed spacesSP9A1
V01432Before 1st started school, SP9A1SP9A2
V01433Before a teenager, SP9A1SP9A3
V01434Avoided closed spaces because of fearSP9B
V01435Age 1st avoided closed spacesSP9C1
V09429How old when first avoided closed spacesSP9C
V01436Before 1st started school, SP9C1SP9C2
V01437Before a teenager, SP9C1SP9C3
V01438Feared about closed spaces-trapped/unable to escapeSP9F
V01439Fear about closed spaces-panic attack/no helpSP9G
V01440Fear about closed spaces-physical illness/no helpSP9H
V01441Fear about closed spaces-not able to breatheSP9I
V01442Time when always upset/anxious about high placesSP11A
V09430How old was respondent the first time feared high placesSP11
V01443Age 1st feared high placesSP11A1
V01444Before 1st started school, SP11A1SP11A2
V01445Before a teenager, SP11A1SP11A3
V01446Avoid high places because of fearSP11B
V09431How old was respondent the first time avoided high placesSP11C
V01447Age 1st avoided high placesSP11C1
V01448Before 1st started school, SP11C1SP11C2
V01449Before a teenager, SP11C1SP11C3
V01450Fear about high places-get dizzy and fallSP11F
V01451Fear about high places-might jumpSP11G
V01452Fear about high places-panic attack/no helpSP11H
V01453Fear about high places-physical illness/no helpSP11I
V09432How old first time feared flyingSP13
V01454Time when always upset/anxious about flyingSP13A
V01455Age 1st feared flyingSP13A1
V01456Before 1st started school, SP13A1SP13A2
V01457Before a teenager, SP13A1SP13A3
V01458Avoid flying because of fearSP13B
V09433How old first time avoided flyingSP13C
V01459Age 1st avoided flyingSP13C1
V01460Before 1st started school, SP13C2SP13C2
V01461Before a teenager, SP13C2SP13C3
V01462Fear about flying-being high in the airSP13F
V01463Fear about flying-being in closed spaceSP13G
V01464Fear about flying-panic attack/no helpSP13H
V01465Fear about flying-physical illness/no helpSP13I
V01466Fear about flying-plane might crashSP13J
V01467Extent fear/avoidance interfered w/ work/social life/relationsSP16
V01468Time felt emotion upset/disapp/worried because of fear/avoidSP17
V01469During time of severe fear, have 2 or more problemsSP18
V01470In most severe fear-heart pound/raceSP18A
V01471In most severe fear-sweatSP18B
V01472In most severe fear-trembleSP18C
V01473In most severe fear-feel sick to stomachSP18D
V01474In most severe fear-dry mouthSP18E
V01475In most severe fear-chill/hot flushSP18F
V01476In most severe fear-numb/tingleSP18G
V01477In most severe fear-trouble breathing normallySP18H
V01478In most severe fear-feel like chokingSP18I
V01479In most severe fear-pain/discomfort in chestSP18J
V01480In most severe fear-feel dizzy/faintSP18K
V01481In most severe fear-afraid might dieSP18L
V01482In most severe fear-fear losing control/going crazy/pass outSP18M
V01483In most severe fear-like not really thereSP18N
V01484In most severe fear-feel surrounding unrea/dreamlikeSP18O
V01485Last time in months strongly feared or avoided thingsSP19
V01486Age last time strongly feared or avoided thingsSP20
V01487Severity of fear if faced today w/ thing that scares you mostSP21
V01488Avoided feared things in past 12 monthsSP22
V01489Exent to which fear interfered with home managementSP23A
V01490Exent to which fear interfered with ability to workSP23B
V01491Exent to which fear interfered with form/maint close relationsSP23C
V01492Exent to which fear interfered with social lifeSP23D
V01493# days past yr unable carry out normal activities due to fearSP25
V01494Ever talk to medical doctor or professional about fearSP27
V01495Age 1st talk to medical doc/professional about fearSP27A
V01496Received helpful/effective treatment for fearSP38
V01497Age 1st received helpful/effective treatment for fearSP38A
V01498Total profs seen for fear incl helpful treatment docSP38B
V01499# of professionals ever talked to about fearSP38C
V01500Received treatment for fear in past 12 mthsSP40
V01501Hospitalized overnight for fearSP41
V01502# close relatives had strong fear of somethingSP41_1
V01503Age 1st hospitalized overnight for fearSP41A

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