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Social Phobia

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V01504Shy/afraid/uncomfortable meeting new peopleSO1ASO1ASO1A
V01505Shy/afraid/uncomfortable talking to authoritySO1BSO1BSO1B
V01506Shy/afraid/uncomfortable talking in meeting/classSO1CSO1CSO1C
V01507Shy/afraid/uncomfortable at parties and social gatheringsSO1DSO1DSO1D
V01508Shy/afraid/uncomfortable performing in front of audienceSO1ESO1ESO1E
V01509Shy/afraid/uncomfortable taking imp exam though readySO1FSO1FSO1F
V01510Shy/afraid/uncomfort working while someone watchesSO1GSO1GSO1G
V01511Shy/afraid/uncomf entering room when others are presentSO1HSO1HSO1H
V01512Shy/afraid/uncomf talking to people don't know wellSO1ISO1ISO1I
V01513Shy/afraid/uncomf disagree with people don't know wellSO1JSO1JSO1J
V01514Shy/afraid/uncomf write/eat/drink while other watchesSO1KSO1KSO1K
V01515Shy/afraid/uncomf using public bathroomSO1LSO1LSO1L
V01516Shy/afraid/uncomf in dating situationSO1MSO1MSO1M
V01517Shy/afraid/uncomf being center of att/embarrassing sitSO1NSO1NSO1N
V01519Remember exact age 1st social fear situationSO3INTR1SO3INTR1SO3INTR1
V01520Remember exact age 1st fear of social or perf situationSO3INTR2SO3INTR2SO3INTR2
V01521Age 1st fear of social situationsSO3ASO3ASO3A
V01522Estimate age 1st soc fear-computedSO3B
V01523Estimate age of 1st social fearASO3B1SO3B1ASO3B1
V015241st social fear before started schoolASO3B2SO3B2ASO3B2
V015501st social fear before teenagerASO3B3SO3B3ASO3B3
V01527Age 1st avoided social or perf situations due to fearASO6B1
V01528Age 1st avoided social or perf sit due to fear-computedASO6B1SO6B1SO6A
V01529Avoid social or perf situations before started schoolASO6B2SO6B2ASO6B2
V01530Avoided social or perf situations before teenagerASO6B3SO6B3ASO6B3
V01531Social fear situation-blush/shakeSO8ASO8ASO8A
V01532Social fear situation-fear bladder/bowel problemSO8BSO8BSO8B
V01533Social fear situation-fear vomitingSO8CSO8CSO8C
V01534Ever have 2 or more shyness reactionsSO9SO9SO9
V01535Social fear situation-heart poundSO9ASO9ASO9A
V01536Social fear situation-sweatSO9BSO9BSO9B
V01537Social fear situationr-trembleSO9CSO9CSO9C
V01538Social fear situation-sick to stomachSO9DSO9DSO9D
V01539Social fear situation-dry mouthSO9ESO9ESO9E
V01540Social fear situation-chills/hot flushesSO9FSO9FSO9F
V01541Social fear situation-numbness/tingling sensationSO9GSO9GSO9G
V01542Social fear situation-trouble breathing normallySO9HSO9HSO9H
V01543Social fear situationr-feel like chokingSO9ISO9ISO9I
V01544Social fear situation-pain/discomfort in chestSO9JSO9JSO9J
V01545Social fear situation-feel dizzy or faintSO9KSO9KSO9K
V01546Social fear situation-afraid might dieSO9LSO9LSO9L
V01547Social fear situation-fear losing control/go crazy/pass outSO9MSO9MSO9M
V01548Social fear situation-feel distant, not really thereSO9NSO9NSO9N
V01549Social fear situation-feel things unreal/dreamlikeSO9OSO9OSO9O
V01551Social fear situation-fear of panic attackSO10SO10SO10
V01552Social fear situation-ever had panic attackSO10ASO10ASO10A
V01553Social fear situation-fear of being trappedSO11SO11SO11
V01554Social fear situation-fear embarrassment/humiliationSO12SO12SO12
V01555Social fear situation-fear of embarrassing othersSO12ASO12ASO12A
V01556Social fear situation-fear someone look/talk/negative respSO13SO13SO13
V01557Social fear situation-fear of being focus of attentionSO14SO14SO14
V01558Feared most during social fear situation:1st mentionSO14ASO14ASO14A
V01561Social fear due to phys or mental disability embarrassmtSO15SO15SO15
V01562Social fear due to health problem-1st mentionSO15A1SO15A_1SO15A1
V01563Social fear due to health problem-2nd mentionSO15A2SO15A_2SO15A2
V01564Social fear due to health problem-3rd mentionSO15A3SO15A_3SO15A3
V01565Social fear due to health problem-4th mentionSO15A4SO15A_4SO15A4
V01566Social fear due to health problem-5th mentionSO15A5
V01570Extent to which social fear interf w/ work/social life/relatSO16SO16SO16
V01571Emotionally upset/worried/disappt self due to social fearSO17SO17SO17*
V01572Last time strongly feared/avoided social situationSO18SO18SO18
V01573Age last strongly feared or avoided social situationSO18ASO18ASO18A*
V01574Severity of social fear if faced todaySO19SO19SO19
V01575# times avoided social fear in last 12 mthsSO20SO20SO20
V01576Worst mth in yr-extent to which fear interf with home mgmtSO21ASO21A*SO21A
V01577Worst mth in yr-extent to which fear interfered with workSO21BSO21B*SO21B
V01578Worst mth in yr-extent to which fear interf with relationsSO21CSO21C*SO21C
V01579Worst mth in yr-extent to which fear interf with social lifeSO21DSO21D*SO21D
V01582Days in past yr unable to do normal acts due to social fearSO23SO23SO23
V01583Talk to medical doc or professional about social fearSO25SO25
V01584Past year-see professional for social fearSO25
V01585Talked to professional about social fears:1st mentionSO25_101
V01588Talked to professional about social fears:2nd mentionSO25_102
V01589Talked to professional about social fears:3rd mentionSO25_103
V01590Talked to professional about social fears:4th mentionSO25_104
V01591Talked to professional about social fears:5th mentionSO25_105
V01592Talked to professional about social fears:6th mentionSO25_106
V01593Talked to professional about social fears:7th mentionSO25_107
V01594Talked to professional about social fears:8th mentionSO25_108
V01595Talked to professional about social fears:9th mentionSO25_109
V01586Talked to professional about social fears:10th mentionSO25_110
V01596Age 1st see professional for social fearSO25ASO25ASO27
V01597Ever see pro for soc fearSO25A
V01598Tried to get professional help for social fearSO25B
V01599Reason didn't get help for social fear-1st mentionSO25C1
V01600Reason didn't get help for social fear-2nd mentionSO25C2
V016011st time seeing professional for social fearSO26
V01602See psychiatrist for social fearSO28A
V01603See other mental health professional for social fearSO28B
V01604See family doctor for social fearSO28C
V01605See other medical doctor for social fearSO28D
V01606See other health professional for social fearSO28E
V01607See religious or spiritual advisor for social fearSO28F
V01608See other healer for social fearSO28G
V01609Professional was helpfulSO29
V01610Soc fear treatment received-1st mentionSO301
V01611Soc fear treatment received-2nd mentionSO302
V01612Soc fear treatment received-3rd mentionSO303
V01613Soc fear treatment received-4th mentionSO304
V01614# times hospitalized for social fearSO31B
V01615Received help from family/friends/acquaint for social fearSO32
V01616Tried to get help from family/friends/acquaint for social fearSO32A
V09213Why not soc phobia help from fam/friends-1st mentionSO32B1
V09214Why not soc phobia help from fam/friends-2nd mentionSO32B2
V01617Received helpful treatment for social fearSO36SO36
V01618Age 1st received helpful treatment for social fearSO36ASO36A
V01619Total profs seen for social fear incl helpful treatment docSO36BSO36B
V01620# professional ever talked to about social fearSO36CSO36C
V01621Received prof treatment for social fear in past 12 mthsSO38SO38
V01622Hospitalized overnight for social fearSO39SO39SO31
V01623# close relatives with strong fear of social perf situationsSO39_1SO39_1
V01624Age 1st hospitalized overnight for social fearSO39ASO39ASO31A*

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