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Separation Anxiety

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V06174Sep anxiety after 5-sad apart from personSA1ASA1A
V06175Sep anxiety after 5-fear person in accidentSA1BSA1B
V06176Sep anxiety after 5-worry something bad would happen to youSA1CSA1C
V06177Sep anxiety after 5-happening keep you from seeing personSA1DSA1D
V06178Sep anxiety after 5-often want to stay home with personSA1ESA1E
V06180Sep anxiety after 5-refuse to go places without personSA1FSA1F
V06181Sep anxiety after 5-plead to stay w/ personSA1GSA1G
V06182Sep anxiety after 5-ill when apart from personSA1HSA1H
V06183Sep anxiety after 5-sleep only if near person for 1+ mthsSA1ISA1I
V06184Sep anxiety after 5-refuse sleep away from homeSA1JSA1J
V06185Sep anxiety after 5-dream person harmedSA1KSA1K
V06188Sev sep anx as youth-frequency of separation anxietySA4SA4
V06189Sev sep anx as youth-severity of emotional distressSA5SA5
V06190Sev sep anx as youth-nothing could cheer/calm due to sep anxSA6SA6*
V06191Extent sep anx interfered w/ school/work/social/relationsSA7SA7*
V06192Freq emot distress so severe couldn't do daily activitiesSA7ASA7A
V06194Remember exact age of 1st sep anx of 1+ mths from personSA8SA8
V06195Age of 1st specific sep anx of 1+ mthsSA8ASA8A
V06196Estimate age of 1st specific sep anx of 1+ mths-comSA8BSA8B
V06197Estimate age of 1st sep anx of 1+ mthsSA8B1SA8B1
V061981st specific separation anxiety before schoolSA8B2SA8B2
V061991st specific separation anxiety before teenSA8B3SA8B3
V06201# of different years had separation anxiety 1+ mthsSA9SA9
V06204Sad/worried/upset when apart from personSA11ASA11A
V06205Away from person could not care about anything elseSA11BSA11B
V06206Worry something bad happen you when separatedSA11CSA11C
V06207Worry something happen make person leave youSA11DSA11D
V06208Something bad happen to you separate you from personSA11ESA11E
V06210Something happen prevent you from seeing person againSA11FSA11F
V06211Stay home or not go other places stay near personSA11GSA11G
V06212Going places without person bother you, refuse to goSA11HSA11H
V06213Plead with person stay with you or take you alongSA11ISA11I
V06214Worry that person thought you were too dependentSA11JSA11J
V06215Have physical symptoms when apart from personSA11KSA11K
V06216Could not sleep at night unless they were near youSA11LSA11L
V06217Did you refuse to sleep away from this personSA11MSA11M
V06218Repeated nightmares about person harmed/separated from SA11NSA11N
V06221Sev sep anx for 1+ mth-freq of separation anxietySA14SA14
V06222Sev sep anx for 1+ mth-severity of emotionsSA15SA15
V06223Sev sep anx for 1+ mth-nothing could cheer/calm youSA16SA16
V06224Sev sep anx for 1+ mth-interf with life/work/social/relationsSA17SA17
V06226How often sep anx so severe couldn't do daily actsSA18
V06225Sev sep anx for 1+ mth-emot so bad couldn't do daily actsSA18
V06228Remember age of very 1st fam/part/friend sep anx for 1+ mthsSA19SA19
V06229Age of very 1st fam/part/friend separation anxietySA19ASA19A
V06230Estimate age of 1st fam/part/friend separation anxiety-compSA19BSA19B
V06231Estimate age 1st fam/part/friend separation anxietySA19B1SA19B1
V062321st fam/part/friend separation anxiety before schoolSA19B2SA19B2
V062331st fam/part/friend separation anxiety before teenSA19B3SA19B3
V06235Concerns about sep from person for 1+ mths in past yearSA20SA20
V06236Recently had concerns about sep from person 1+ mthsSA20ASA20A
V06237# weeks in past year had separation anxietySA20BSA20B
V06238Age last had separation anxiety for 1+ mthsSA20CSA20C
V06239# years had separation anxiety for 1+ mthsSA21SA21
V06241Longest continuous # years had separation anxiety 1+ mthsSA23SA23
V06243Sev sep anx past yr-interf with home mgmtSA25ASA25A
V06244Sev sep anx past yr-interfere w/ ability to workSA25BSA25B
V06245Sev sep anx past yr-interf w/ ability to form/maint relationsSA25CSA25C
V06246Sev sep anx past yr-interfere w/ social lifeSA25DSA25D
V06248# days in past yr unable to work due to separation anxSA27SA27
V06250Talked to prof about separation anxietySA43SA43
V06251Ever in life talked to prof about separation anxietySA43A
V06252Age 1st talked to prof for separation anxietySA43ASA45*
V06253Tried to get help for separation anxietySA43B
V06254Reason didn't get help for sep anxiety-1st mentionSA43C1
V06255Reason didn't get help for sep anxiety-2nd mentionSA43C2
V06256Received helpful/effective treatment for sep anxietySA44
V06257Rec'd helpful/effect trmt 1st time saw prof for sep anxSA44
V06258Age 1st received helpful/effective treatment for sep anxSA44A
V06259# prof talked to for sep anx incl helpful trmt docSA44B
V06260# professional ever talk about Separation AnxietSA44C
V06261Receive prof trmt for sep anx in past 12 mthsSA46
V06262Talked to psychiatrist for sep anxietySA46A
V06263Talked to other mental health prof for sep anxietySA46B
V06264Talked to family doctor for sep anxietySA46C
V06265Talked to other medical doctor for sep anxietySA46D
V06266Talked to other health prof for sep anxietySA46E
V06267Talked to religious/spiritual advisor for sep anxietySA46F
V06268Talked to other healer for sep anxietySA46G
V06270Hospitalized overnight for separation anxietySA47SA49
V06269Professional was helpfulSA47
V06271Age 1st hospitalized overnight for separation anxietySA47ASA49A*
V06272# times hospitalized overnight for sep anxietySA49B
V06273Treatment received for sep anxiety-1st mentionSA481
V06274Treatment received for sep anxiety-2nd mentionSA482
V06275Treatment received for sep anxiety-3rd mentionSA483
V06278Received help from family/friends/acquaint for sep anxietySA50
V06279Tried to get help from family/friends/acquaint for sep anxietySA50A
V09211Why not sep anx help from fam/friends-1st mentionSA50B1
V09212Why not sep anx help from fam/friends-2nd mentionSA50B2

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