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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V00233Physical health ratingSC8_1SC8_1C8*
V00234Mental health ratingSC8_2SC8_2C8B*
V00240General health status compared to year agoSC9A
V00241General health how much better/worse than year agoSC9B
V00242Frequency trouble sleeping or staying asleepSC9C
V00243Frequency bothered by nervousness, fidgety, tenseSC9D
V00244Frequency bothered by headachesSC9E
V00245Frequency of loss of appetiteSC9F
V00246Freq bothered by upset stomachSC9G
V00247Extent health probs put in risk of dying earlier than age grpSC9H
V00235Freq of vig activity in summer greater than 15minSC9_01
V00236Freq of vig activity in winter greater than 15minSC9_02
V00237Freq of mod activity in summer greater than 30minSC9_03
V00238Freq of mod activity in winter greater than 30minSC9_04
V00239# days past month PH/MH/SU limit daily activitiesSC9_1SC9_1
V00252Difficulty in learn/remember/concentrate due to conditionSC10_1ASC10_1A
V00253Difficulty getting along with others due to conditionSC10_1BSC10_1B
V00254Difficulty dress/bathe/getting around house due to condSC10_1CSC10_1C
V00255Difficulty leave home alone/go doctor due to conditionSC10_1DSC10_1D
V00256Difficulty working at job/business due to conditionSC10_1ESC10_1E
V00257Difficulty participating in school/housework/daily activitiesSC10_1FSC10_1F
V00258Limited in past 3 months due to health problemSC10_1H
V00259Require help w/ personal care needsSC10_2
V00260Require help w/ routine needsSC10_3
V00264Have learning disabilitySC10_4DSC10_4D
V00265Have physical disabilitySC10_4ESC10_4E
V00266Have cond that substantially limits physical activitySC10_4FSC10_4F
V00267Have emotional/mental disabilitySC10_4GSC10_4G
V00273Learning disability:1st mentionSC10_5C1
V00274Learning disability:2nd mentionSC10_5C2
V00281Other physical disability:1st mentionSC10_5E1
V00282Other physical disability:2nd mentionSC10_5E2
V00283Other physical disability:3rd mentionSC10_5E3
V00284Other physical disability:4th mentionSC10_5E4
V00285Other physical disability:5th mentionSC10_5E5
V00287Learning disability:1st mentionSC10_5E11
V00335Physical Handicap: Recoded to Number of MentionsSC10_5EB01
V00292Physical illness:1st mentionSC10_5E201
V00303Physical illness:2nd mentionSC10_5E202
V00307Physical illness:3rd mentionSC10_5E203
V00308Physical illness:4th mentionSC10_5E204
V00309Physical illness:5th mentionSC10_5E205
V00310Physical illness:6th mentionSC10_5E206
V00311Physical illness:7th mentionSC10_5E207
V00312Physical illness:8th mentionSC10_5E208
V00314Mental illness:1st mentionSC10_5E301
V00325Mental illness:2nd mentionSC10_5E302
V00328Mental illness:3rd mentionSC10_5E303
V00329Mental illness:4th mentionSC10_5E304
V00330Mental illness:5th mentionSC10_5E305
V00331Mental illness:6th mentionSC10_5E306
V00332Mental illness:7th mentionSC10_5E307
V00355Mentioned mental or emotion disability:1st mentionSC10_5I01
V00366Mentioned mental or emotion disability:2nd mentionSC10_5I02
V00369Mentioned mental or emotion disability:3rd mentionSC10_5I03
V00370Mentioned mental or emotion disability:4th mentionSC10_5I04
V00371Mentioned mental or emotion disability:5th mentionSC10_5I05
V00372Mentioned mental or emotion disability:6th mentionSC10_5I06
V00373Mentioned mental or emotion disability:7th mentionSC10_5I07
V00374Mentioned mental or emotion disability:8th mentionSC10_5I08
V00375Mentioned mental or emotion disability:9th mentionSC10_5I09
V00356Mentioned mental or emotion disability:10th mentionSC10_5I10
V00357Mentioned mental or emotion disability:11th mentionSC10_5I11
V00446What disability would they think you have:1st mentionSC10_7AA1
V00378Physical handicap:1st mentionSC10_7A01
V00403Physical illness:1st mentionSC10_7A201
V00414Physical illness:2nd mentionSC10_7A202
V00425Mental illness:1st mentionSC10_7A301
V00436Mental illness:2nd mentionSC10_7A302
V00452How long had these difficulties mentionedSC10_8B
V00453Difficulties unit of time, SC10.8BSC10_8B1
V00454Had difficulties longer than 3 monthsSC10_8B2
V00455How long limited activity due to difficulties in 3 mthsSC10_8C
V00456Limited activity unit of timeSC10_8C1
V00458How long assisted care for personal/routine needsSC10_8D
V00459Assisted care unit time, SC10.8DSC10_8D1
V00460Has assisted care longer than 3 monthsSC10_8D2
V00529What phys or emo cond causes difficulty:1st mentionSC10_8FF1
V00530What phys or emo cond causes difficulty:2nd mentionSC10_8FF2
V00461Physical handicap:1st mentionSC10_8F01
V00481Learning disability:1st mentionSC10_8F21
V00486Physical illness:1st mentionSC10_8F201
V00497Physical illness:2nd mentionSC10_8F202
V00501Physical illness:3rd mentionSC10_8F203
V00502Physical illness:4th mentionSC10_8F204
V00503Physical illness:5th mentionSC10_8F205
V00508Mental illness:1st mentionSC10_8F301
V00519Mental illness:2nd mentionSC10_8F302
V00522Mental illness:3rd mentionSC10_8F303
V00523Mental illness:4th mentionSC10_8F304
V00524Mental illness:5th mentionSC10_8F305
V00525Mental illness:6th mentionSC10_8F306
V00526Mental illness:7th mentionSC10_8F307
V00603Disability causes limitations past 3 mths:1st mentionSC10_8GG1
V00604Disability causes limitations past 3 mths:2nd mentionSC10_8GG2
V00535Physical handicap:1st mentionSC10_8G01
V00560Physical illness:1st mentionSC10_8G201
V00571Physical illness:2nd mentionSC10_8G202
V00575Physical illness:3rd mentionSC10_8G203
V00576Physical illness:4th mentionSC10_8G204
V00582Mental illness:1st mentionSC10_8G301
V00593Mental illness:2nd mentionSC10_8G302
V00677Disab causes assist care for pers/rout needs:1st mentionSC10_8HH1
V00248How long activities limited because condition/problemSC10_12ASC10_12A*
V00249Unit of time activities limitedSC10_12BSC10_12B*
V00250Activities limited longer than 3 monthsSC10_12C
V00251# describes amt health probs limit activities in past 3 mthsSC10_14SC10_14
V00683Willing careful response for following questionsSC19SC19
V00684Fear or panic attack leaving frightened/anxious/uneasySC20SC20SC20*
V00688Attack leads to phys symptoms/loss control/dire outcomeSC20ASC20ASC20A
V00689Anxiety attack leading to fear of losing mindSC20B
V00685Anger attack leading to breaking item of some valueSC20_1SC20_1*SC20_1
V00686Anger attack leading to hitting/attempt hitting personSC20_2SC20_2*SC20_2
V00687Anger attack leading to threat of harm to personSC20_3SC20_3*SC20_3
V00690Sad/empty/depressed for several day periodSC21SC21SC21
V00691Discouraged about life for several day periodSC22SC22SC22
V00692Lost interest in enjoyable things for several day periodSC23SC23SC23
V00693Life seems meaningless for several day periodSC23A
V00694Energetic/restless/talkative/unusual behavior periodSC24SC24SC24
V00695Irritable/grumpy/bad mood for several day periodSC25SC25SC25
V00696Irritation led to shout/argue/hit for several day periodSC25ASC25ASC25A
V00697Restless/uncontrolled thoughts and behavior periodSC25B
V00698Worried more than others about same problemsSC26SC26*SC26*
V00708More nervous/anxious than most with same problemsSC26ASC26ASC26A
V00709Anxious/worried most days for one month or moreSC26BSC26BSC26B
V00710Excessive worries/nervous when on the edgeSC26C
V00699Family worried about health due to excess smokingSC26_1SC26_1SC26_1
V00700Age first smokedSC26_1B1
V00701Before your teensSC26_1B2
V00702Before your twentiesSC26_1B3
V00703How many days smoke in last yearSC26_1C
V00704How many cigarettes per day last yearSC26_1E
V00705Family worried or compl about drug/alcohol useSC26_2SC26_2SC26_2
V00706Alcohol/drug use caused problems/argue with othersSC26_3SC26_3SC26_3
V00707Alcohol/drugs interfered with responsibilitiesSC26_4SC26_4SC26_4
V00715Strong fear of bugs, snakes, animalsSC27ASC27A*SC27A*
V00716Strong fear of still water/weather eventsSC27BSC27B*SC27B*
V00717Strong fear of going to doc or hosp/injections/blood/injurySC27CSC27C*SC27C*
V00718Strong fear of closed spacesSC27DSC27D*SC27D*
V00719Strong fear of heightsSC27ESC27E*SC27E*
V00720Strong fear of flying/airplanesSC27FSC27F*SC27F*
V00712Upset/nervous when faced specified fear(s)SC27_2SC27_2SC27_2
V00713Avoid situation(s) due to fearSC27_3SC27_3SC27_3
V00714Think fear stronger than normalSC27_4SC27_4SC27_4
V00722Extremely afraid or shy in social situationsSC29SC29SC29
V00727Afraid/uncomfortable with public speakingSC29ASC29ASC29A
V00723Very upset/nervous in social sit or in front of groupSC29_1SC29_1SC29_1
V00724Avoid social sit or activity in front of group due to fearSC29_2SC29_2SC29_2
V00725Think social fear stronger than normalSC29_3SC29_3SC29_3
V00728Afraid of crowds/public places/travelingSC30SC30SC30
V00729Upset/nervous when in crowds/public places/travelingSC30_1SC30_1SC30_1
V00730Avoid crowds/public places/traveling due to fearSC30_2SC30_2SC30_2
V00731Think fear stronger than normalSC30_3SC30_3SC30_3
V007336-10 more troub than most with concentration for 6+ mthsSC31
V00735Concentration probs before age 7SC31
V00734Concentration probs childhoodSC31
V00736Restless led to interrupt/troub wait turn 6+ mths in chldhdSC32
V00737Fidgety childhoodSC32SC32
V00738Freq in trouble with adults for 6+ mths in chldhd or adolSC33SC33*SC33
V00739Lie/steal/break rules as child or teenSC33_1SC33_1SC33_1
V00740Broke into cars/set fires/destroy prop as child/teenSC33_2SC33_2SC33_2
V00741Run away/freq hooky/stay out too late as child/teenSC33_3SC33_3SC33_3
V00742Separation anxiety for 1+ mth as childSC34SC34*SC34*
V00744Ever separation prob gt 1mo when adultSC35
V00743Separation anxiety for 1+ mth as adult SC35SC35
V00747Felt out of control due to nervous attack SCAT1
V00748Night in hosp/facil for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emotSCS1
V00750Psychiatrist for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emotSCS2A
V00751Gen pract or doc for ment health/drug/alc/nerves/emotSCS2B
V00752Other med doc for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emotSCS2C
V00753Psychologist for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emotSCS2D
V00754Social worker for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emotSCS2E
V00755Counselor for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emotSCS2F
V00756Other ment health prof for ment health/drug/alc/nerve/emotSCS2G
V00757Nurse/OT/other health pro for ment health/drg/alc/nerve/emoSCS2H
V00758Relig or spiritual adv for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emoSCS2I
V00759Other healer for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emotSCS2J
V00760Age first time psychiatristSCS3A
V00770When last saw psychiatristSCS4A
V00780Times saw psychiatrist last 12 monthsSCS5A
V00761Age first time GP or family docSCS3B
V00771When last saw GP or family docSCS4B
V00781Times saw GP or family doc last 12 monthsSCS5B
V00762Age first time other medical docSCS3C
V00772When last saw other med docSCS4C
V00782Times saw other med doc last 12 monthsSCS5C
V00763Age first time psychologistSCS3D
V00773When last saw psychologistSCS4D
V00783Times saw psychologist last 12 monthsSCS5D
V00764Age first time social workerSCS3E
V00774When last saw social workerSCS4E
V00784Times saw social worker last 12 monthsSCS5E
V00765Age first time counselorSCS3F
V00775When last saw counselorSCS4F
V00785Times saw counselor last 12 monthsSCS5F
V00766Age first time other mental health profSCS3G
V00776When last saw other mental health profSCS4G
V00786Times saw other mental health prof last 12 monthsSCS5G
V00767Age first time nurse, OT, other health profSCS3H
V00777When last saw nurse, OT, other health profSCS4H
V00787Times saw nurse, OT, other health last 12 monthsSCS5H
V00768Age first time relig or spiritual advisorSCS3I
V00778When last saw relig or spiritual advisorSCS4I
V00788Times saw relig or spiritual advisor last 12 monthsSCS5I
V00769Age first time other healerSCS3J
V00779When last saw other healerSCS4J
V00789Times saw other healer last 12 monthsSCS5J
V00790Internet support group for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emoSCS6A
V00791Self-help group for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emoSCS6B
V00792Hotline for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emoSCS6C
V00793Psych counseling with professional for 30+ minSCS6D
V00794Type of professional:1st mentionSCS6G_01
V00797Type of professional:2nd mentionSCS6G_02
V00798Type of professional:3rd mentionSCS6G_03
V00799Type of professional:4th mentionSCS6G_04
V00800Type of professional:5th mentionSCS6G_05
V00801Type of professional:6th mentionSCS6G_06
V00802Type of professional:7th mentionSCS6G_07
V00803Type of professional:8th mentionSCS6G_08
V00804Type of professional:9th mentionSCS6G_09
V00795Type of professional:10th mentionSCS6G_10
V00805Age first used internet support groupSCS7A
V00809When last use internet support groupSCS8A
V00813Times used internet support group last 12 mthsSCS9A
V00806Age first used self-help groupSCS7B
V00810When last use self-help groupSCS8B
V00814Times used self-help group last 12 mthsSCS9B
V00807Age first used hot lineSCS7C
V00811When last use hot lineSCS8C
V00815Times used hotline last 12 mthsSCS9C
V00808Age first used professional counsel 30+ minSCS7D
V00812When last use professional counsel 30+ minSCS8D
V00816Times used professional counsel last 12 mths 30+ minSCS9D
V00817Medicine for mental health/drug/alc/nerves/emo from profSCS10
V00818Type professional gave meds:1st mentionSCS10A_1
V00819Type professional gave meds:2nd mentionSCS10A_2
V00820Type professional gave meds:3rd mentionSCS10A_3
V00821Type professional gave meds:4th mentionSCS10A_4
V00822Type professional gave meds:5th mentionSCS10A_5
V00826Age first time given medicine for mental healthSCS11

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