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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V04917Ever see vision that others couldn't seePS1APS1APS1A
V04918Ever see vision others didn't when not dream/asleep/subs usePS1A1PS1A1PS1A1
V04919# times see vision when not dream/asleep/subs usePS1A2PS1A2PS1A2
V04920Ever hear voices others couldn't hearPS1BPS1B*PS1B
V04921Ever hear voices when not dream/asleep/subs usePS1B1PS1B1PS1B1
V04922# times hear voices when not dream/asleep/subs usePS1B2PS1B2PS1B2
V04923Ever have mind control experiencePS1CPS1CPS1C
V04924Ever mind controlled when not dream/asleep/subs usePS1C1PS1C1PS1C1
V04925# times mind controlled when not dream/asleep/subs usePS1C2PS1C2PS1C2
V04926Ever feel mind taken over by strange forcesPS1DPS1DPS1D
V04927Ever feel mind taken over when not dream/asleep/subs usePS1D1PS1D1PS1D1
V04928# times felt your mind taken over-not dream/asleep/subs usePS1D2PS1D2PS1D2
V04929Ever exp communication attempts from strange forcesPS1EPS1EPS1E
V04930Ever exp comm attempts when not dream/asleep/subs usePS1E1PS1E1PS1E1
V04931# times exp comm attempts when not dream/asleep/subs usePS1E2PS1E2PS1E2
V04932Unjust plot to harm you/have people follow-nobody believePS1FPS1FPS1F
V04933Ever unjust plot to harm you when not dream/asleep/subs usePS1F1PS1F1PS1F1
V04934# of times believe plot to harm youPS1F2PS1F2PS1F2
V04936Age 1st psychotic experiencePS3PS3PS3
V04937Had psychotic experience in past 12 monthsPS4PS4PS4
V04938# of days had pyschotic experience in past 12 monthsPS5PS5PS5
V04939# times ever had psychotic experiencesPS6PS6PS6
V04940Talked to professional about dealing w/ psychotic experiencesPS7PS7PS7
V04941Psychotic diagnosis-1st mentionPS81PS8_1PS81
V04942Psychotic diagnosis-2nd mentionPS82PS8_2PS82
V04943Psychotic diagnosis-3rd mentionPS83PS8_3PS83
V04944Psychotic diagnosis-4th mentionPS84PS84
V04948Took listed medication(s) for psychosisPS10PS10PS10
V04949Took listed medication(s) for psychosis in past yearPS10APS10APS10A

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