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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V03221Never met person didn't likePEA40PEA1PEA40
V03223Have always told the truthPEA41PEA11PEA41
V03224I always win at gamesPEA42PEA3PEA42
V03225Have never been boredPEA43PEA5PEA43
V03226Never get lost even in unfamiliar placePEA44PEA9PEA44
V03227Never annoyed when others cut ahead in linePEA45PEA7PEA45
V03228Table manners at home as good as in restaurantPEA46PEA13PEA46
V03229Have never lost anythingPEA47PEA14PEA47
V03230Regardless of temperature, always comfortablePEA48PEA16PEA48
V03231Not bothered by someone taking advantage of mePEA49PEA18PEA49
V03232Show my feelings for everyone to seePEA50PEA50
V03233Get in intense relationships that don't lastPEA51PEA51
V03234Often feel empty insidePEA52PEA52
V03235I'm very moodyPEA53PEA53
V03236Giiving into urges gets me in troublePEA54PEA54
V03237Have tantrums/angry outburstsPEA55PEA55
V03238When under stress, things around don't seem realPEA56PEA56
V03239Go to extremes to keep people from leaving mePEA57PEA57
V03240Can't decide what kind of person I want to bePEA58PEA58
V03241Never been arrestedPEA59PEA59
V03242Done things that could get person arrestedPEA60PEA60
V03243Feel bad when hurt or upset someonePEA61PEA61
V03244Refused to hold job, even when expectedPEA62PEA62
V03245Will lie/con to serve my purposePEA63PEA63
V03246Lose temper and get in physical fightsPEA64PEA64
V03247Take chances/do reckless thingsPEA65PEA65
V03248Hard to stay out of troublePEA66PEA66
V03249At times, fail to meet financial obligationsPEA67PEA67
V03250Intentionally damaged others' thingsPEA68PEA68
V03251Will give false info about self to keep job/impressPEA69PEA69
V03252Argue/fight when people try to stop me from actionsPEA70PEA70
V03253Feelings always changingPEA71PEA71
V03254Get so angry, I sometimes break/smash thingsPEA72PEA72
V03255Let others make my big decisionsPEA73PEA73
V03256Feel uncomfortabe/helpless when alonePEA74PEA74
V03257Ask advice/reassurance about everyday decisionsPEA75PEA75
V03258Keep to myself even when others aroundPEA76PEA76
V03259People think I am too strict about rules/regsPEA77PEA77
V03260People think I am too stiff/formalPEA78PEA78
V03261Feel awkward in social situtationPEA79PEA79
V03262Others make fun behind my backPEA80PEA80
V03263Prefer activities I can do by myselfPEA81PEA81
V03264Held grudges for yearsPEA82PEA82
V03265Convinced conspiracy behind many things in worldPEA83PEA83

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