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Oppositional-Defiant Disorder

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V06050In childhood or adol-often lose temperOD1AOD1A*
V06051In childhood or adol-often argue with adultsOD1BOD1B
V06052In childhood or adol-often disobey rulesOD1COD1C
V06053In childhood or adol-refuse to follow directions from adultsOD1DOD1D
V06055In childhood or adol- angry a lot of the timeOD1EOD1E
V06057In childhood or adol-felt you were treated unfairlyOD1FOD1F
V06059In childhood or adol-annoy people on purposeOD1GOD1G
V06061In childhood or adol-blame others for your mistakes/behaviorOD1HOD1H
V06063In childhood or adol-did mean things to pay people backOD1IOD1I
V06065In childhood or adol-easily take offense at way ppl treated youOD1JOD1J
V06067In childhood or adol-easily annoyed by othersOD1KOD1K
V06069Remember exact age 1st behavior problems for 6+ mthsOD3OD3
V06070Exact age 1st behavior problems for 6+ mthsOD3AOD3A
V06071Estimate age of 1st behavior problems for 6+ mths-computeOD3BOD3B
V06072Estimate age 1st behavior problems for 6+ mthsOD3B1OD3B1
V060731st behavior problems for 6+ mths before first started schoolOD3B2OD3B2
V060741st behavior problems for 6+ mths before teenOD3B3OD3B3
V06075Had behavior trouble in past yearOD4OD4
V06076Age last had behavior trouble for 6+ monthsOD4AOD4A
V06077Total # of years had trouble with behaviorOD5OD5
V06078Extent behavior trouble interf w/ school/work/social/relationsOD6OD6
V06080Worst month in past year-behavior interfered w/ home mgmtOD8AOD8A*
V06081Worst month in past year-behavior interfered w/ ability to workOD8BOD8B*
V06082Worst month in past year-behav interf w/ form/maint relationsOD8COD8C*
V06083Worst month in past year-behavior interfered w/ social lifeOD8DOD8D*
V06085# days past yr unable to work due to behaviorOD10OD10
V06087Ever talked to prof about behaviorOD12
V06086Talked to prof about behavior in past yearOD12
V06089Age 1st talked to professional about behaviorOD12A
V06088Ever talked to prof about behaviorOD12A
V06090Tried to get help from prof for behaviorOD12B
V06091Reason didn't get help for behavior-1st mentionOD12C1
V06092Reason didn't get help for behavior-2nd mentionOD12C2
V06093Was this 1st time saw prof for behaviorOD13
V06094Age 1st saw prof for behaviorOD14
V06095Saw a psychiatrist for behaviorOD15A
V06096Saw other mental health prof for behaviorOD15B
V06097Saw family doctor for behaviorOD15C
V06098Saw other medical doctor for behaviorOD15D
V06099Saw other health prof for behaviorOD15E
V06100Saw religious/spiritual advisor for behaviorOD15F
V06101Saw other healer for behaviorOD15G
V06102Professional was helpfulOD16
V06103Treatment received for behavior-1st mentionOD171
V06104Treatment received for behavior-2nd mentionOD172
V06105Treatment received for behavior-3rd mentionOD173
V06109Received help from family/friends/acquaint for behaviorOD19
V06110Tried to get help from family/friends/acquaint for behaviorOD19A
V09205Why not ODD help from fam/friends-1st mentionOD19B1
V09206Why not ODD help from fam/friends-2nd mentionOD19B2
V06111Received helpful/effective treatment for behaviorOD23
V06112Age 1st got helpful/effective treatment for behaviorOD23A
V06113# profs talked to about behavior incl helpful trmt docOD23B
V06114# professionals ever talked to about behaviorOD23C
V06115Received professional treatment for behaviors in past 12 mthsOD25
V06116Hospitalized overnight for behaviorOD26OD18
V06117Age 1st hospitalized overnight for behaviorOD26A

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