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Variable Label: Recurrent concern about germs/wash/dirt for 2+ weeks


Some people have repeated unpleasant thoughts or impulses that they can't get out of their heads that make these people feel compelled to behave in repetitive ways. For example, some people have the idea that their hands are dirty no matter how much they wash them. This often leads these people to wash their hands again and again many times a day. (READ SLOWLY.) Did you ever have a period of time in your life lasting two weeks or longer when most days you experienced any of the following unpleasant thoughts, images, or impulses, or repeated behaviors that you felt compelled to do:

A recurrent concern about dirt, germs, contamination, or feeling compelled to repeatedly wash, clean, or decontaminate things? (Did you ever have any of these experiences?)


5 NO

-8DONT KNOW1-00.00%

Disclaimer: Frequencies displayed above are not weighted.

  • Missing Data Codes: -9 (Refused), -8 (Don't know), . (Missing)
  • Total Cases: 20013

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