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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V04805Bothered by unpleasant thoughts like dirty hands/germsO1
V04806Recurrent concern about germs/wash/dirt for 2+ weeks O1A
V04807Recurrent impulse to re-check things for 2+ weeksO1B
V04808Recurrent impulse to arrange/order things for 2+ weeksO1C
V04809Compulsion to save unneeded things for 2+ weeksO1D
V04810Recurrent disturb sexual/religious thoughts for 2+ weeksO1E
V04811Recurrent unpleasant thought about morality/sin for 2+ weeksO1F
V04812Recurrent concern might do something terrible for 2+ weeksO1G
V04813Recurrent concern about illness/no symptoms for 2+ weeksO1H
V04814Other recurrent bothersome comp to repeat for 2+ weeksO1I
V04815Other unpleasant and persistent thoughtsO2
V04817Freq OCD exp-# mins/hours each day exp OCD behavior (all)O3A
V04818Unit of time # mins/hours experienced OCD, O3AO3B
V04819Experienced OCD behavior at least 60 min/day (all)O3C
V04820Some thoughts seemed unreasonableO4
V04821OCD thoughts returned regardless of effort to resistO5
V04822Freq OCD exp-# mins/hours each day exp OCD behav (gt eq3)O5A
V04823Unit of time # mins/hours experienced OCD behavior, O5AO5B
V04824Experienced OCD behavior at least 60 min/day (gt eq3)O5C
V04825Talked to professional about thoughtsO6
V04826Amt time spent w/ unpleasant thoughts/image/impul on mindO7
V04827OCD interfere with life/work or difficulty w/ friends/rels or upsetO7
V04828Amt of time spend on repetitive behav or mental actsO8
V04829Age 1st time had unpleasant thoughtsO8
V04830Age 1st time had unpleasant thoughtsO8A
V04831Last time unable to get rid of unpleasant thoughtsO8B
V04832Age last time had unpleasant thoughtsO8B1
V04833Engage in foolish repetitive behaviorO9
V04835Considered thoughts/impulses excessive and unreasonableO10
V04834Engage in compulsive orderingO10
V04836Pay more attention to images/impulses than deservedO10A
V04837Thoughts/images/impulses make you anxiousO11
V04838Period of several weeks when couldn't resist counting thingsO11
V04840Extent to which thoughts/imulses interf w/ work/soc/relationO12
V04839Compulsion to repeat things over and overO12
V04842Attempted to get thoughts/images/impulses out of mindO13
V04844Thoughts/images/imp so strong couldn't get out of headO14
V04843Thought compulsions were unreasonableO14
V04846Had thoughts/images/impulses 2+ weeks in past yearO16
V04847Recent month had thoughts/images/impulsesO16A
V04848# weeks had thoughts/images/impulses most days in past yrO16B
V04849Age last had thoughts/images/impul most days for 2+ wksO16C
V04845OCD interfere with life/work or difficulty w/ friends/rel or upsetO16
V048501st time had to do any of these things-RB, PG 79O17
V04852# mintes/hours in past yr had thought, image, imO17A
V04854Unit of time, O17AO17B
V04851Age 1st time had unpleasant thoughtsO17A
V04853Last time had to do any of these thingsO17B
V09434At least 60 minutes a dayO17C
V04855Age last time had unpleasant thoughtsO17B1
V04856Extent these images/impul make you upset/anxious in past yrO18
V04857Amt effort to resist thoughts/images/impul in past yrO19
V04858When tried to resist, how much control over thoughts/impulO20
V04859Considered repeated behavior excessive or unreasonableO22
V04860Think behaviors were useless and unnecessary/overdoneO22A
V04861Feel bad thing will happen if not repetitiveO23
V04862Exent which repetitiveness inferf w/ work/social life/relationsO24
V04863Freq unable to conduct normal activities due to behaviorsO24A
V04864Tried to resist doing things over and overO25
V04865Impul/urges so strong that couldn't resist regardless of effortO25A
V04866Upset when prevented from carrying out repeated behaviorO26
V04867Repeated behav/mental acts most days 2+ wks in past yrO28
V04868Recent repeated behav/mental actsO28A
V04869# weeks carried out repeated behav/mental acts in past yrO28B
V04870Age last carried out repet behavior most days for 2+ weeksO28C
V04871# mins/hours spend each day conducting repetitive behavior O29A
V04872Unit of time spent conduct repetitive behavior each day, O29AO29B
V04873Extent repeated behaviors make you upset/anxious in past yrO30
V04874Extent upset when prevented from repetitive behavior in past yrO30A
V04875Extent effort to resist repetitive behavior/mental actsO31
V04876When tried to resist, amt of control over doing repetitive behavO32
V04877OCDB behavior ever result of physical causeO37A
V04878OCD behavior always result of physical causeO37B
V04879Physical cause resulting in OCD behavior-1st mentionO37C01
V04885Physical cause resulting in OCD behavior-2nd mentionO37C02
V04893Remember exact age of very 1st OCD behavior of 2+ wksO45
V04894Age of very 1st OCD behavior of 2+ wksO45A
V04895Estimate age of 1st time OCD behavior of 2+ wksO45B
V04896Estimate age of 1st time OCD behavior of 2+ wksO45B1
V048971st OCD behavior of 2+ weeks before started schoolO45B2
V048981st OCD behavior of 2+ weeks before teensO45B3
V04899# different years had OCD most days for 2+ weeksO46
V04900Longest continous # wk/mth/year had OCD most daysO47A
V04901Unit of time of longest continuous OCD most days, O47AO47B
V04902Worst mth past yr-OCD behav interfere w/ home mgmtO49A
V04903Worst mth past yr-OCD behav interfere w/ ability to workO49B
V04904Worst mth past yr-OCD behav interf w/ form/maint relationsO49C
V04905Worst mth past yr-OCD behav interfere with social lifeO49D
V04906# days in past year unable to work/normal acts due to OCDO51
V04907Talked to professional about OCD behaviorO53AO15*
V04908Age 1st talked professional about OCD behaviorO54
V04909Received helpful/effective treatment for OCD behaviorO67
V04910Age 1st received helpful/effective treatment for OCD behaviorO67A
V04911# prof talked to about OCD behavior incl helpful trmt docO67B
V04912# professionals ever talked to about OCD behavior O67C
V04913Received professional treatment for OCD behav in past yrO69
V04914Hospitalized overnight for OCD behaviorO70
V04915Age 1st hospitalized overnight for OCD behaviorO70A
V04916# of separate times hospitalized for OCD behaviorO70B

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