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Nervous Attacks

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V06457During out of control nerv attack-shout a lotAT2INTRO
V06458During out of control nerv attack-crying attacksAT2B
V06459During out of control nerv attack-break things/aggressiveAT2C
V06460During out of control nerv attack-get very angryAT2D
V06461During out of control nerv attack-scaredAT2E
V06462During out of control nerv attack-hystericalAT2F
V06463During out of control nerv attack-tremble a lotAT2G
V06464During out of control nerv attack-not selfAT2H
V06465During out of control nerv attack-amnesiaAT2I
V06466During out of control nerv attack-dizzyAT2J
V06467During out of control nerv attack-seizureAT2K
V06468During out of control nerv attack-heart palpitationsAT2L
V06469During out of control nerv attack-tight chestAT2M
V06470During out of control nerv attack-faintingAT2N
V06473Talked to Dr about nervous attacksAT3
V06474Totally lost control during nervous attack in past yearAT3_1
V06475Severe nerv attack in past yr interf w/ home mgmtAT5A
V06476Severe nerv attack in past yr interf w/ ability to workAT5B
V06477Severe nerv attack in past yr interf w/ form/maint relationsAT5C
V06478Severe nerv attack in past yr interf w/ social lifeAT5D
V06479More than 1 nervous attackAT6
V06480# nervous attacks lifetimeAT6A
V06481Age 1st nervous attackAT7
V06483Age last nervous attackAT9
V06484Nervous attack occur because of bad newsAT10A
V06485Nervous attack occur because death of family memberAT10B
V06486Nervous attack occur because family problemAT10C
V06487Nervous attack occur because marital problemAT10D
V06488Nervous attack occur because natural disasterAT10E
V06489Nervous attack occur because frightening eventAT10F
V06490Nervous attack occur because strong emotionAT10G
V06491Nervous attack occur because worriesAT10H
V06492Nervous attack occur because assaultAT10I
V06493Nervous attack occur because economic problemAT10J
V06494Nervous attack occur because illnessAT10K
V06495Nervous attack occur because use of alcohol or drugsAT10L
V06496Nervous attack occur because of other situationAT10M

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