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Irritable Depression

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V01158Other problems during irritable episodeIR1A
V01159Other problems during irritable episode for several days +IR1BIR1
V01160Period of being irritable + other problems for most of 2 weeksIR2IR2
V01161Longest # days when irritable + other probs most of dayIR2AIR2A
V01163Irritable + other probs sev days every mth of yearIR4IR4
V01164Irritable + largest # other probs episode that stands outIR7IR7
V01165Age worst episode occurredIR7AIR7A
V01166Length irritable episode + largest # other probsIR7B1IR7B1
V01167Unit of time irritable episode + largest # other probs, IR7B1IR7B2IR7B2
V01168Experiences most day, every day last time irritable + otherIR7CIR7C
V01169In worst ep-feel discouraged about how things going in lifeIR8AIR8A*
V01170In worst episode-lose ability take pleasure in good happeningsIR8BIR8B
V01171In worst episode-much larger appetite nearly every dayIR8CIR8C
V01172In worst episode-much smaller appetite nearly every dayIR8DIR8D
V01173In worst episode-have trouble sleepingIR8EIR8E
V01174In worst episode-sleep too much nearly every nightIR8FIR8F
V01175In worst episode-lot more energy nearly every dayIR8GIR8G
V01176In worst episode-lot less energy nearly every dayIR8HIR8H
V01177In worst episode-nerv/jittery so can't sit still or paceIR8IIR8I
V01178In worst episode-trouble concentrating nearly every dayIR8JIR8J
V01179In worst episode-lose your self-confidenceIR8KIR8K
V01180In worst episode-think about committing suicideIR8LIR8L
V01181In worst episode-think about harming someone elseIR8MIR8M
V01183Irritability + other probs interfered w/ work/social life/relationsIR10IR10
V01184Unable to carry out daily activities because of irrit + other probIR10AIR10A
V01185Amount of time irritability lastedIR11IR11
V01186Severity of irritability during episodeIR11_1IR11_1
V01187So irritable that nothing could bring good moodIR11_2IR11_2
V01189Irritability due to physical causes or med/drugs/alcoholIR12AIR12A
V01190Irritability always from physical causesIR12BIR12B
V01191Remember exact age 1st irritable period + other probsIR20IR20
V01192Age in years 1st irritable episode + other probsIR20AIR20A
V09420About how old first time had an episode of this sortIR20B
V01194Approximate age 1st irritable episode + other probsIR20B1IR20B1*
V01195Irritability + other probs before 1st started school, IR20B1IR20B2IR20B2
V01196Irritability + other probs before a teenager, IR20B1IR20B3IR20B3
V09421Not before a teenagerIR20B4
V011971st time because stress experience or out of blueIR20C
V011981st time irritable + other probs because stress exp/out of blueIR20C
V01199Approx length 1st time irritable + other probsIR20D1IR20D1
V01200Unit time, IR20D1IR20D2IR20D2*
V01201Irritable + other probs episode after someone close diedIR20E
V01202Irritable + episode reason other than someone close diedIR20F
V01203Irritable episodes past 12 monthsIR21IR21
V01204Most recent irritable episodeIR21AIR21A
V01205# different irritable episodes past 12 monthsIR21A_1IR21A_1
V01207Month irritable episode startedIR21A_3AIR21A_3A
V01208Year irritable episode startedIR21A_3BIR21A_3B
V01209Length of irritable episodeIR21A_4AIR21A_4A
V01210Unit time, IR21A.4AIR21A_4BIR21A_4B*
V01212Has this episode ended or still going onIR21A_6
V01213Has this episode ended or still going onIR21A_6
V01214Length 1st irritable episode lastedIR21A_7AIR21A_7A
V01215Unit time, IR21A.7AIR21A_7BIR21A_7B*
V01217Most recent episode ended or ongoingIR21A_9IR21A_9*
V01218# of days irritable episodes past yearIR21BIR21B
V01219Age last time had irritable episodeIR21CIR21C
V01220# irritability episodes in lifetimeIR35IR35
V01222# episodes brought on by stressful experienceIR36_1IR36_1
V01223Happened after someone close diedIR36_2
V01224Length of longest irritable episodeIR38AIR38A
V01225Unit time, IR38AIR38BIR38B
V01226# years with at least one irritable ep/mth for 2+ weeks/mthIR39IR39
V01228Worst month in past year-feel cheerfulIR48AIR48A
V01229Worst month in past year-feel slowed down IR48BIR48B
V01230Worst month in past year-enjoy book/radio/TV IR48CIR48C
V01231Worst month in past year-still enjoyed things you used toIR49IR49*
V01232Worst month in past year-laugh/see funny side IR49AIR49A*
V01233Worst month in past year-interest in physical appearanceIR49BIR49B*
V01234Worst month in past year-look forward w/ enjoyment to thingsIR49CIR49C*
V01235Exent to which irritability interfered with home mgmtIR50AIR50A*
V01236Exent to which irritability interfered with workIR50BIR50B*
V01237Extent to which irritability interf w/ form/maint close relationsIR50CIR50C*
V01238Extent to which irritability interfered with social lifeIR50DIR50D*
V01240# days in past year unable to do usual activities due to irritabIR52IR52
V01241Talked to professional about irritabilityIR56IR56
V01242Talked to professional about irritability:1st mentionIR56_101
V01245Talked to professional about irritability:2nd mentionIR56_102
V01246Talked to professional about irritability:3rd mentionIR56_103
V01247Talked to professional about irritability:4th mentionIR56_104
V01248Talked to professional about irritability:5th mentionIR56_105
V01249Talked to professional about irritability:6th mentionIR56_106
V01250Talked to professional about irritability:7th mentionIR56_107
V01251Talked to professional about irritability:8th mentionIR56_108
V01252Talked to professional about irritability:9th mentionIR56_109
V01243Talked to professional about irritability:10th mentionIR56_110
V01244Talked to professional about irritability:11th mentionIR56_111
V01253Age 1st talk to medical professional about irritabilityIR56AIR56A
V01254Received helpful/effective treatment for irritabilityIR68IR68
V01255Age 1st time got helpful/effective treatment for irritabilityIR68AIR68A
V01256Total profs seen for irritability incl helpful treatment docIR68BIR68B
V01257# professionals ever talk to about irritabilityIR68CIR68C
V01258Receive professional treatment for irritability in past yearIR70IR70
V01259Hospitalized overnight for irritabilityIR71IR71
V01261Age 1st time hospitalized overnight for irritabilityIR71AIR71A
V01260# close relatives had irritable episodeIR71_1IR71_1

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