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Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V01920# attacks in life lost control/broke things/hurt or threatenIED3AIED3A
V01921# attacks in life lost control/broke things/hurt or threatenIED3BIED3B
V01922# attack in life lost control/broke or smash somethingIED3CIED3C
V01923# attacks lost control/hurt or threaten to hurt someoneIED3DIED3D
V01924# attack lost control/threatened to hurt someoneIED3EIED3E
V01926Anger attacks occurred without good reasonIED5IED5
V01927Anger occur in situations most people wouldn't have attackIED5AIED5A
V01928Lot more angry than most during attackIED5BIED5B
V01929Unavoidable impulse to blow-up before attackIED6IED6
V01930Anger out of control during typical attackIED7IED7
V01932Anger attack usually occurs because of drinking/drug useIED9IED9
V01933Anger attacks ever occur when not drinking/using drugsIED9AIED9A
V01934Anger attacks ever result of physical illness or medsIED10IED10
V01935Anger attacks ever not result of physical illness or medsIED10BIED10B
V01936Anger attack occur when sad/depressedIED11IED11
V01937Anger attacks ever occur when not sad/depressedIED11AIED11A
V01939Cost/replace value of things broken during anger attackIED13IED13
V01941# anger attacks hurt someone that needed med attentionIED15IED15
V01942Extent anger attacks interfere w/ work/social life/relationsIED16IED16
V01943Unable to carry out daily activities due to angerIED16AIED16A
V01944Guilty/embarrassed/regret after anger attackIED17IED17
V01945Remember exact age 1st anger attackIED18IED18
V01946Remember exact age 1st anger attackIED18AIED18A
V01947Approx age 1st attackIED18BIED18B*
V019481st anger attack before 1st started school, IED1IED18CIED18C
V019491st anger attack before a teenager, IED18BIED18DIED18D
V01950# different years in lifetime having at least 1 anger attackIED19IED19
V01951Largest # anger attacks in single monthIED20IED20
V01952Largest # of anger attacks in single yearIED21IED21
V01953Occurrence of recent anger attackIED22IED22
V01954Age last attackIED22AIED22A
V01955# weeks in past year had at least one anger attackIED23IED23
V01956# total attacks during past 12 monthsIED24IED24
V01957During attack in week-slam door/kick chair/throw clothesIED25AIED25A
V01958During attack in week-break somethingIED25BIED25B
V01959During attack in week-broke several thingsIED25CIED25C
V01960During attack in week-set fire or destroyed property IED25DIED25D
V01961During attack in week-injured/tortured animalIED25EIED25E
V01962During attack in week-threatend someoneIED25FIED25F
V01963Attack in week-hurt someone that needed med attentionIED25GIED25G
V01964Attack in week-hurt someone didn't need medical attentionIED25HIED25H
V01965Extent severe attack interfere home managementIED26AIED26A*
V01966Extent severe attack interfere with ability to workIED26BIED26B*
V01967Extent severe attack interfere with form/maint relationsIED26CIED26C*
V01968Extent severe attack interfere social lifeIED26DIED26D*
V01970# days past yr unable carry out normal acts due to angerIED28IED28
V01971Talked to medical doc or professional about anger attacksIED29IED29
V01972Talked to professional about anger attacks:1st mentionIED29_01
V01975Talked to professional about anger attacks:2nd mentionIED29_02
V01976Talked to professional about anger attacks:3rd mentionIED29_03
V01977Talked to professional about anger attacks:4th mentionIED29_04
V01978Talked to professional about anger attacks:5th mentionIED29_05
V01979Talked to professional about anger attacks:6th mentionIED29_06
V01980Talked to professional about anger attacks:7th mentionIED29_07
V01981Talked to professional about anger attacks:8th mentionIED29_08
V01982Talked to professional about anger attacks:9th mentionIED29_09
V01973Talked to professional about anger attacks:10th mentionIED29_10
V01983Age 1st talk to profssional about anger attacksIED29AIED29A
V01984Received helpful/effective treatment for anger attackIED30IED30
V01985Age 1st got helpful/effective treatment for angerIED30AIED30A
V01986Total profs seen for anger incl helpful treatment docIED30BIED30B
V01987# professional ever talked to about anger attackIED30CIED30C
V01988Receive professional treatment for anger past yrIED32IED32
V01989Hospitalized overnight for angerIED33IED33
V01990# of close relatives had repeated anger attacksIED33_1IED33_1
V01991Age 1st hospitalized overnight for angerIED33AIED33A

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