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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V04950# of times in life made bet of any kindGM1GM1
V04951# times in life bet on sports w/ friends or office pool GM1_1A
V04952# times in life bet on sports w/ bookie or parlay cardsGM1_1B
V04953# times in life played cards/dice/chess/mental skill for moneyGM1_1C
V04954# times in life played games of physical skill for moneyGM1_1D
V04955# times in life specul on high risk stocks/real estate/futuresGM1_1E
V04956# times in life playing #s/lotto/video lottery/inst lottoGM1_1F
V04957# times in life gambling on internetGM1_1G
V04958# times in life playing video poker/other gambling machinesGM1_1H
V04959# times in life playing slot machines/bingo/pull tabsGM1_1I
V04960# times in life betting on horse/dog races or dog/cock fightsGM1_1J
V04961# times in life gambling at casinoGM1_1K
V04962Age 1st placed bet or gambled with moneyGM2GM2
V04963Gambled at least weekly for 6 months or more in a rowGM4GM4
V04964Age 1st started gambling weekly for 6 months in a rowGM5GM5
V04965Largest amount of money lost in single yearGM6GM6
V04966Gambling interfered with work/school/homeGM8A
V04967Gambling caused argument/probs w/ family/friends/coworkersGM8B
V04968Tried to keep family/friends from knowing how much gambledGM8C
V04969Sometimes claimed to be winning when actually losingGM8D
V04970Spend lots of time thinking about gambling when shouldn'tGM10A
V04971Lots of time planning bets or studying odds when shouldn'tGM10B
V04972Increased amt of bets over time to keep it excitingGM10C
V04973Often used betting/gambling to improve moodGM10D
V04974Gamble to escape or stop thinking about personal problemsGM10E
V04975After losing money would return soon to win back lossesGM10F
V04976Gambled more in hope of winning back big gambling debtGM10G
V04977Try to raise gambling money by writing bad checks/steal/illegalGM10H
V04978Repeatedly borrow from family/friends to support gamblingGM10I
V04979Strong irrestistable desire to bet/gambleGM10J
V04980Gambled when promised self not to/bet more than intended GM10K
V04981# of serious attempts to cut down/stop gamblingGM10L
V04982Trying to cut down gambling make you feel restless/irritableGM13
V04983Since 1st tried to stop, longest time not gambledGM14A
V04984Unit of time longest period of not gambling, GM14GM14B
V04985Remember exact age of very 1st gambling problemGM16
V04986Exact age of 1st problem because of gamblingGM16A
V04987Age 1st problem because of gambling before teensGM16A1
V04988Age 1st problem because of gambling before 20sGM16A2
V04989Estimate age 1st problem because of gambling GM16B
V04990Recent problem because of gambling in past monthsGM17
V04991Age of last problem because of gamblingGM18
V04992# of diff years in life ever had problem because of gamblingGM19
V04993Remember exact age 1st gambling problemGM20
V04994Exact age 1st gambling problemGM20A
V04995Estimate age 1st problems because of gamblingGM20B
V04996Age 1st problems because of gambling before teensGM20B1
V04997Age 1st problems because of gambling before 20sGM20B2
V04998Recent problems because of gambling in past monthsGM21
V04999Age last time any problems because of gambling GM22
V05000Age last time problems because of gambling before teensGM22A1
V05001Age last time problems because of gambling before 20sGM22A2
V05002# of different years in life at least 1 gambling problemGM23
V05003Had 5 or more gambling problems in same yearGM24
V05004Age 1st had 5 or more of gambling problems in same yearGM25
V05005Age 1st had 5 or more of gamb probs same year before teensGM25A1
V05006Age 1st had 5 or more of gamb probs same year before 20sGM25A2
V05007# of days made any sort of bet in past yearGM27
V05008Overall ahead or behind in all losses and wins over past yearGM29
V05009How much ahead/behind over past yearGM29A
V05010Year in life when gambled more frequently than in past yearGM30
V05011Prefer to gamble alone or with friendsGM31
V05012If same payoff, would pick instant ticket or wait to hear ticketGM32
V05013Age last bet or gambled GM33
V05014In year gambled most-# days bet or gambledGM34
V05015In year gambled most-prefer to gamble alone or w/ friendsGM35
V05016During gambl pick instant/wait to hear ticket for same payoffGM36
V05017Extent gambled for excitementGM37A
V05018Extent gambled to relax/have funGM37B
V05019Extent gambled to win moneyGM37C
V05020Extent gambled to be with/make new friendsGM37D
V05021Lost track of time when gamblingGM38A
V05022In trance-like state when gamblingGM38B
V05023Feel you are watching yourself gambleGM38C
V05024Talked to professional about problems with gamblingGM40
V05025Age 1st talked toprofessional about gambling problemsGM40A
V05026# of visits to professional about gambling probs in past yearGM40B
V05027Went to self-help group for people w/ gambling problemsGM41
V05028Age 1st went to self-help group for gambling problemsGM41A
V05029# of self-help group phone calls/mtgs attended in past yearGM41B
V05030Received helpful/effective trmt/cousel for gambling problemGM43
V05031Age 1st helpful treatment/counsel for gambling problemGM43A
V05032# of different profs seen for gambling incl helpful trmt docGM43B
V05033# of different profs or self-help groups seen for gambling probsGM43C

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