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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V05119Age 1st yr worked 6 mths + at paid jobEM1EM1
V05121# years employed at least 6 mths/year part/full timeEM2EM2
V05122# years employed 35+ hrs/wk for 6+ monthsEM3EM3
V05123Longest time not working for pay excl student/retirementEM4AEM4A
V05124Unit of time not working for pay, EM4EM4BEM4B
V05126Reason not work for longest time:1st mentionEM601EM6_01
V05129Reason not work for longest time:2nd mentionEM602EM6_02
V05130Reason not work for longest time:3rd mentionEM603EM6_03
V05131Reason not work for longest time:4th mentionEM604EM6_04
V05132Reason not work for longest time:5th mentionEM605EM6_05
V05138Current employ situation:1st mention: RecodedEM7_101
V05144Current employ situation:2nd mention: RecodedEM7_102
V05146Current employ situation:3rd mention: RecodedEM7_103
V05148Current employ situation:4th mention: RecodedEM7_104
V05160# weeks worked for pay or profit in past 12 mthsEM7AEM7A
V05161# weeks not working due to unpaid leave in past 12 mthsEM7BEM7B
V05162# weeks unemployed and looking for job in past 12 mthsEM7CEM7C
V05163# weeks not working or looking for paid job in past 12 mthsEM7DEM7D
V05164Worked for pay or profit last weekEM7EEM7E
V05165Disability prevents accepting any kind of work for next 6 mthsEM7FEM7F
V05166Employed for pay/profit full/part time last weekEM7HEM7H
V05168Disability prevents accepting any kind of work for next 6 mthsEM7IEM7I
V05169Disability prevents accepting any kind of work for next 6 mthsEM7JEM7J
V05170Reason absent from work last weekEM7KEM7K
V05185Disability due to physical/emotional disorder or combinationEM10
V05186Length of time expect ill/disability to prevent you from workingEM10_1A
V05187Unit of time ill/disability prevent from working, EM10_1AEM10_1B
V05188Working for pay at present timeEM11EM11*
V05189Length of time since last workedEM12A
V05190Unit of time since last worked, EM12AEM12B
V05192Reason left last job:1st mentionEM141
V05193Reason left last job:2nd mentionEM142
V05202Kind of work you normally do: RecodedEM15EM15D4*
V05203Kind of place you work for, they make/do: RecodeEM16EM16D5*
V05204# hours work for pay/profit in average weekEM17D6*
V05205Last job-had employer or self -employedEM18
V05206Kind of work you did at last job: RecodedEM19EM19D23*
V05207Kind of place you worked for at last job: RecodeEM20EM20D24*
V05209Physical/emotional prob prevents you from working for payEM22EM22
V05210Physical health/emotional problem or combinationEM22AEM22A
V05211Limited in kind/amount work due to physical /emot healthEM23EM23
V05212Physical health/emotional problem or combinationEM23AEM23A
V05213Amt of $ could earn w/ your health/ed/training if employedEM23BEM23B*
V05214# full days of work missed in last 30 daysEM24EM24
V05215Reason missed 1 day of work:1st mentionEM251
V05216Reason missed 1 day of work:2nd mentionEM252
V05218# days missed because of own health problemEM26
V05219# days came in late/went home early in past 30 daysEM27
V05220# hours work missed on that dayEM28
V05221Reason missed time:1st mentionEM291
V05222Reason missed time:2nd mentionEM292
V05224Average # hours of work missed each dayEM30
V05225# days reduced time at work due to own healthEM31
V05226# days came early/work late to catch up work in past 30 daysEM32
V05227# of extra hours of work in that dayEM34
V05228Total # of extra hours of work on those daysEM35
V05229Past month-speed/productivity higher than expectedEM36A
V05230Past month-speed/productivity lower than expectedEM36B
V05231Past month-didn't work at time supposed to workEM36C
V05232Past month-find yourself not working as carefully as shouldEM36D
V05233Past month-quality of work lower than expectedEM36E
V05234Past month-find yourself daydreaming/ not concentratingEM36F
V05235Past month-freq of trouble getting along with others at workEM36G
V05236Past month-difficulty controlling emotions around co-workersEM36H
V05237Past month-avoided interactactions w/ othersEM36I
V05238Past month-health problems limited you in kind/amt of workEM36J
V05239Overall performance on days worked in past 30 daysEM37
V05240Usual job performance in past year or 2EM38
V05241Usual peformance of most workers on your jobEM39
V05242Achieved special success/achieve in past 30 daysEM40
V05243Work failure any time in past 30 daysEM41
V05244Caused accident or created saftey risk for others in past mthEM42
V05245Directly supervise othersEM43
V05246# people directly superviseEM43A
V05247Quantity of money give to worker w/ score 0EM44A
V05248Quantity of money give to worker w/ score 2EM44B
V05249Quantity of money give to worker w/ score 4EM44C
V05250Quantity of money give to worker w/ score 6EM44D
V05251Quantity of money give to worker w/ score 8EM44E
V05252Quantity of money give to worker w/ score 10EM44F
V05255# years school spouse/partner completed: Top/Bot CodeSE2
V05256Spouse/partner current employ status:1st mention: RecodedSE401
V05260Spouse/partner current employ status:2nd mention: RecodedSE402
V05261Spouse/partner current employ status:3rd mention: RecodedSE403
V05268Spouse/partner working for pay at present timeSE5SE5*
V05270Length of time since spouse/partner workedSE6A
V05271Unit of time since spouse/partner worked, SE6SE6B
V05272Kind work spouse/partner did last job: RecodedSE7SE7H17D*
V05273Kind of place your spouse/partner worked:RcdeSE8SE8H17E*
V05274Kind work spouse/partner does: RecodedSE9SE9H17A*
V05275Kind of place your spouse/partner work: RecodeSE10H17B*
V05276# hours spouse/partner works for pay in average weekSE11SE11
V05279Race of spouse/partner:1st mentionSE1301
V05290Race of spouse/partner:2nd mentionSE1302
V05293Race of spouse/partner:3rd mentionSE1303
V05070Working for pay at present timeD2
V05071Self-employed or work for someoneD3
V05075Pay period-hour/week/month/yearD7A
V05076Have skills/abilities for better jobD8
V05077Extent to which satisfied with jobD9
V05078Satisfaction if son/daughter had your jobD10
V05079Black ppl get better/worse/same jobs as white at workplaceD11
V05080Caribbeans get better/worse/same jobs as black at workplaceD11BCB
V05081Caribbeans get better/worse/same jobs as whitesD11CB
V05082Your job is one black people tend to get more than whiteD12
V05083Black ppl treated unfairly at your workplaceD13
V05084Caribbeans treated unfairly at your workplaceD13CB
V05085Race/gender of your supervisorD14
V05086Group with same work/supervisor at workplaceD15
V05087Race of work groupD16
V05088Blacks mostly Caribbeans or AmericansD16CB
V05089Out of work or laid off any time during past 6 mthsD17
V05090How long out of work in past 6 mthsD18
V05091Unit of time laid offD181
V05092Reduced hours or pay cut any time during past 6 mthsD19
V05093Extent worried about losing job in near futureD20
V05094Ever worked for payD21
V05095Self-employed or work for someoneD22
V05098# hours worked on last job in average weekD25
V05099At job, had skills and abilities for better jobD26
V05100Satisfaction with your jobD27
V05101Satisfaction if son/daughter had your jobD28
V05102Black ppl get better/worse/same job as white at workplaceD29
V05103Carib ppl get better/worse/same job as black ppl at workplaceD29BCB
V05104Carib ppl get better/worse job than white at workplaceD29CB
V05105Your job is one black ppl tend to get more than white pplD30
V05106Black ppl treated unfairly at your workplaceD31
V05107Caribbeans treated unfairly at your workplaceD31CB
V05108Race/gender of supervisorD32
V05109Was group of people w/ same work/supervisor at workplaceD33
V05110Work group race make-upD34
V05111Blacks mostly Caribbean or Black AmericanD34CB
V05112Worked for pay in last 6 mthsD35
V05113Length of time out of workD36
V05114Unit of time out of work D36D361
V05115Presently looking for workD37
V05116Take job if offeredD38
V05117Extent worried about not finding job in near futureD39
V05118Lost hope finding decent jobD40

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