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30-Day Symptoms

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V04525Past mth-felt a lot of psychological distressNSD1
V04526Past mth-feel trapped/caughtNSD1A
V04527Past week as good as other peopleNSD1A
V04529Past month suddenly scared no reasonNSD1B
V04528Past week-trouble keeping mind on taskNSD1B
V04531Past month blame self for thingsNSD1C
V04530Past week-felt depressedNSD1C
V04533Past month how often feel lonelyNSD1D
V04532Past week-everything an effort-includes white RINSD1D
V04534Past month-feel blueNSD1E
V04535Past week felt hopefulNSD1E
V04537Past month worry too much about thingsNSD1F
V04536Past week-had restless sleepNSD1F
V04538Past month-feel no interest in thingsNSD1G
V04539Past week happyNSD1G
V04540Past mth-feel frightenedNSD1H
V04541Past week people were unfriendlyNSD1H
V04543Past month feel hopeless about futureNSD1I
V04542Past week-enjoyed lifeNSD1I
V04544Past month-had trouble concentratingNSD1J
V04545Past week had crying spellsNSD1J
V04546Past month-feel tense/keyed upNSD1K
V04547Past week people dislike meNSD1K
V04549Past month feel everything is an effortNSD1L
V04548Past week-could not get goingNSD1L
V04550Past month-feel worthlessNSD1M
V04551Past month-feel exhausted for no good reasonNSD1N
V04555Past mth-blueNSD2G
V04556Past month-feel irritable/grumpyNSD2K
V04557Past month-feel mad/angryNSD2L
V04558Past month-feel angry and out of controlNSD2M
V04559Past month-feel urge hit/push/hurt someoneNSD2N
V04560Past month-urge to break/smash somethingNSD2O
V04561Past month-everything in slow motionNSD2P
V04562Past month-muscles tense/sore/achingNSD2Q
V04563Past month-heart race without exerciseNSD2R
V04564Past month-short of breathNSD2S
V04565Past month-had indigest/upset stomachNSD2T
V04566Past month-feel dizzyNSD2U
V04567Past month-feel trembly/shakyNSD2V
V04568Past month-had dry mouthNSD2W
V04569Past month-had hot/cold spellsNSD2X
V04570Past month-negative feelings occurNSD3
V04571Past month feel confidentNSD3_1A
V04572Past month feel optimisticNSD3_1B
V04573Past month feel happyNSD3_1C
V04574Past month-feel full of lifeNSD3_1D
V04575Past month-felt lot more, the same, little more full of lifeNSD3A
V04576Past month-felt lot less, the same, little less full of lifeNSD3B
V04577Past month-find new things not remember buyingNSD4A
V04578Past month-feel standing beside and watching selfNSD4B
V04579Past month-not recognize friends/familyNSD4C
V04580Past month-objects/people/world not realNSD4D
V04581Past month-feel body not belong to youNSD4E
V04582Past month-feel like two different peopleNSD4F
V04583Past month-feel voices in your headNSD4G
V04584Worst month in past year-tired for no reasonNSD5A
V04585Worst month in past year-feel nervousNSD5B
V04586Worst month in past year-so nervous, nothing could calmNSD5C
V04587Worst month in past year-feel hopelessNSD5DFD27C* NSD2D*
V04588Worst month in past year- restless/fidgetyNSD5EFD27D* NSD2C*
V04589Worst month in past year-so restless couldn't sit stillNSD5F
V04590Worst month in past year-feel depressedNSD5G
V04591Worst month in past year-so depressed nothing could cheer upNSD5H
V04592Worst month in past year-felt everything is effortNSD5I
V04593Worst month in past year-feel worthlessNSD5JFD27H* NSD2F*

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