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30-Day Functioning

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V04445Status of overall physical health during past 30 daysFD1FD1
V04446Amount of change in physical health in past 30 daysFD1AFD1A
V04447Frequency experienced physical discomfort in past 30 daysFD2FD2
V04448Severity of physical discomfort during past 30 daysFD2AFD2A
V04449Overall mental health status in past 30 daysFD3FD3
V04451Amount of change in mental health status in past 30 daysFD3AFD3A
V04452# days in past 30-no work/norm acts due to phys/ment/substFD4FD4*C29A*
V04454No activities due to emotions/nerves/ment health/subst useFD4AFD4AC29C
V04455# days no activities due to emot/nerves/ment health/subst useFD4BFD4BC29D
V04456# days past mth in bed 1/2 day+ due to health/substanceFD5FD5C29E
V04458# days in past 30 reduced acts due to phys/ment/subs useFD7FD7*C29G*
V04460Reduced activities due to emotion/nerves/substance useFD7AFD7AC29I
V04461# of reduced act days were due to emotion/nerves/ment/substFD7BFD7BC29J
V04462# days in 30 cut quality of work due to phys/ment/subst useFD8FD8C29K
V04463# days in 30 took extreme effort to do usual level of work/actsFD9FD9C29L
V04465Extreme effort due to nerves/emotion/substance useFD9AFD9AC29N
V04466# days extreme effort due to nerves/emotion/subst useFD9BFD9BC29O
V04467Health probs caused diffic w/ concen/mem/think in past mthFD10FD10C30
V04468# days had difficulty w/ concen/mem/think in past 30 daysFD10AFD10AC30A
V04469Amount of difficulty concentrating for 10 minutesFD11AFD11AC31A*
V04470Amount of difficulty understanding what was going onFD11BFD11BC31B*
V04471Amount of difficulty remembering to do important thingsFD11CFD11CC31C*
V04472Amount of difficulty learning a new task FD11DFD11DC31D*
V04473Difficulty w/ mobility due to health problems in past 30 daysFD12FD12C32
V04474# of days had difficulty w/ mobility in past 30 daysFD12AFD12AC32A
V04475During mobility problems-difficult standing for 30+ minutesFD13AFD13AC33A*
V04476During mobility problems-difficulty move around inside homeFD13BFD13BC33B*
V04477During mobility problems-difficulty walking long distanceFD13CFD13CC33C*
V04478Health related probs caused diff w/ self care in past 30 daysFD14FD14C34
V04479# days health-related probs caused difficulty w/ self-careFD14AFD14AC34A
V04480During self-care probs-amount of difficulty washing whole bodyFD15AFD15AC35A
V04481During self-care probs-amount of difficulty getting dressedFD15BFD15BC35B*
V04482During self-care probs-amount of diffic staying alone few daysFD15CFD15CC35C*
V04483Health probs caused diffic w/ getting along/maint social lifeFD16FD16C36
V04484# of days had diffic getting along/maint social life in past mthFD16AFD16AC36A
V04486During trouble getting along-diffic start/maintain conversationFD17AFD17AC37A
V04487During trouble getting along-diffic deal w/ people not know wellFD17BFD17BC37B*
V04488During trouble getting along-difficulty maintaining friendshipsFD17CFD17CC37C*
V04489During trouble getting along-difficulty making new friendsFD17DFD17DC37D*
V04490During trouble getting along-diffic cont emotions around pplFD17EFD17EC37E*
V04491Severity of health-related diffic w/ house respons in past mthFD18AFD18A
V04492Severity which emotionally affected by health during past mthFD18BFD18B
V04493Severity of health drain on finances for past 30 daysFD18CFD18C
V04494Severity of problem joining in community acts in past 30 daysFD18DFD18D
V04496Amt of embarrassment due to health probs in past 30 daysFD20FD20
V04497Amt of discrimination due to health probs in past 30 daysFD21FD21
V04498Amt health-related diffic interf w/ life of friends/fam in past mthFD22FD22
V04499Rate health of otherwise healthy person with broken legFD23AFD23A
V04500Rate health of person with severe arthritisFD23BFD23B
V04501Rate health of person with terminal cancerFD23CFD23C
V04502Rate your own physical and mental health in pastFD23DFD23D
V04504# of months/years your health at this levelFD24_1AFD24_1A
V04505Unit of time health at this level, FD24_1AFD24_1BFD24_1B
V04506Willing to pay $100 for treatment to get score of 100FD25FD25
V04507Willing to pay $500 for treatment to get score of 100FD25AFD25A
V04508Willing to pay $50 for treatment to get score of 100FD25BFD25B
V04509Largest amt willing to pay for treatment to get score of 100FD25CFD25C
V04510Willing to take free treatment even if on bed rest for 3 daysFD26FD26
V04511Willing to take free treatment even if on bed rest for 7 daysFD26AFD26A
V04512Willing to take free treatment even if on bed rest for 1 dayFD26BFD26B
V04513Longest time willing to give up per month for free treatmentFD26C1FD26C1
V04514Unit of time willing to give up for free treatment, FD26C1FD26C2FD26C2
V04515Past mth-depressedFD27A
V04516Past mth-so depressed nothing could cheer you upFD27BNSD2A
V04519Past mth-so restless couldn't sit stillFD27E
V04520Past mth-tired for no good reasonFD27F
V04521Past mth-everything an effortFD27GNSD2E
V04523Past mth-nervousFD27INSD2B
V04524Past mth-so nervous nothing could calm youFD27J

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