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Conduct Disorder

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* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V06119Engaged in behavior adults didn't like as a child or teenagerCD1
V06120As child or teen-tell lies to trick people to do what you wantedCD1ACD1ACD1A*
V06121As child or teen-get out of doing things by fooling/lyingCD1BCD1BCD1B
V06122As child or teen-shoplift/steal something worth $10+CD1CCD1CCD1C
V06123As child or teen-steal from parents/guardiansCD1DCD1DCD1D
V06124As child or teen-break into locked car/home/buildingCD1ECD1ECD1E
V06125As child or teen-set fire to cause serious damageCD1FCD1FCD1F
V06126As child or teen-purposely damage others propertyCD1GCD1GCD1G
V06127As child or teen-stay out later than your parents wantedCD1HCD1HCD1H
V06128As child or teen-skip school without permissionCD1ICD1ICD1I
V06129As child or teen-run away from home for at least 4 daysCD1JCD1JCD1J
V06130Child or teen-run away home overnight more than onceCD1KCD1KCD1K
V06132Remember exact age 1st engaged in agg behaviorCD7CD7CD7
V06133Exact age 1st engaged in agg behaviorCD7ACD7ACD7A
V06134Estimate age 1st time you had conduct disorderCD7BCD7B*CD7B
V061351st conduct disorder before start schoolCD7B1CD7B1CD7B1
V061361st conduct disorder before teenCD7B2CD7B2CD7B2
V06137Engaged in conduct disorder in the past 12 monthsCD9CD9CD9
V06138Age last time you had conduct disorderCD9ACD9ACD9A
V06139Total # years engaged in aggressive behaviorCD10CD10CD10
V06140Extent cond disorder inferf w/ school/work/social life/relationsCD11CD11CD11
V06141As child or teen-bullied people incl younger childrenCD16CD16CD16
V06142As child or teen-bullied people incl younger childrenCD16ACD16ACD16A
V06143As child or teen-repeatedly involved in physical fightsCD16BCD16BCD16B
V06144As child or teen-use weapon on other personCD16CCD16CCD16C
V06145As child or teen-physically harm animal on purposeCD16DCD16DCD16D
V06146As child or teen-physically harm person on purposeCD16ECD16ECD16E
V06147As child or teen-threaten/injure in order to get thingsCD16FCD16FCD16F
V06151Remember exact age of 1st aggressive behaviorCD18CD18CD18
V06152Age of the very 1st aggressive behaviorCD18BCD18BCD18B
V06153Estimate age 1st aggressive behavior-computCD18C
V06154Estimate age 1st aggress behaviorACD18C1ACD18C1ACD18C1
V061551st aggressive behavior before started schoolACD18C2ACD18C2ACD18C2
V061561st aggressive behavior before teenACD18C3ACD18C3ACD18C3
V06157Engaged in aggressive behavior in the past 12 monthsCD20CD20CD20
V06158Age last time you engaged in aggressive behaviorCD20ACD20ACD20A
V06159# of years engaged in aggressive behaviorCD21CD21CD21*
V06160Aggressive behav interfered w/ school/work/social/relationsCD22CD22CD22
V06162As child or teen-suspended/expelled as result of agg behavCD32CD32CD32
V06163As child or teen-fired from job due to agg behaviorCD33CD33CD33
V06164As child or teen-in trouble with police due to agg behavCD37CD37CD37
V06165Age 1st police trouble for aggressive behaviorCD37ACD37ACD37A

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