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Chronic Conditions

The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V04044Ever had arthritis/rheumatismCC1ACC1A
V04045Ever had chronic back/neck problemsCC1BCC1B
V04046Ever had frequent or severe headachesCC1CCC1C
V04047Ever had any other chronic painCC1DCC1D
V04048Ever had seasonal allergies like hay feverCC1ECC1E
V04049Ever had strokeCC1FCC1F
V04050Ever had heart diseaseCC1GCC1G
V04051Doctor or health professional told have heartCC1HCC1H
V04052Doctor or health professional told high blood pressureCC1ICC1I
V04053Doctor or health professional told have asthmaCC1JCC1J
V04055Doctor/health professional told had chronic lung diseaseCC1LCC1L
V04056Doctor/health professional told have diabetes/high blood sugarCC1NCC1N
V04057Doctor or health professional told have ulcer in stomach/intestCC1OCC1O
V04059Doctor or health professional told have epilepsyCC1SCC1S
V04060Doctor or professional told have cancerCC1TCC1T
V04061Age 1st had arthritis/rhumatismCC3ACC3A
V04062Age 1st had back/neck problemsCC3BCC3B
V04063Age 1st had frequent /severe headacheCC3CCC3C
V04064Age 1st had any other chronic painCC3DCC3D
V04065Age 1st had seasonal allergiesCC3ECC3E
V04066Age 1st had strokeCC3FCC3F
V04067Age 1st had heart attackCC3GCC3G
V04068Age 1st diagnosed with heart diseaseCC3HCC3H
V04069Age 1st diagnosed with high blood pressureCC3ICC3I
V04070Age 1st diagnosed with asthmaCC3JCC3J
V04072Age 1st diagnosed with chronic lung diseaseCC3LCC3L
V04073Age 1st diagnosed with diabetes/high blood sugarCC3NCC3N
V04074Age 1st diagnosed with ulcerCC3OCC3O
V04076Age 1st diagnosed with epilepsy/seizuresCC3SCC3S
V04077Age 1st diagnosed with cancerCC3TCC3T
V04078Still have back/neck problems or receive treatment in past yrCC4B
V0407912 months still have back/neck problemsCC4B
V04081Still have severe headache or received treatmentCC4C
V04080Frequent or sever headaches in past 12 monthsCC4C
V04083Still have Chronic Pain or received treatment paCC4D
V04082Still have other chronic pain in past 12 monthsCC4D
V04085Still have season allergies or received treatmenCC4E
V04084Still have seasonal allergies in past 12 monthsCC4E
V04086Still have high blood pressure or receive treatmCC4I
V0408712 months rec treatment high blood pressureCC4I
V04090Still have diabete/blood pressure or got treatmeCC4N
V04091Still have diabetes or got treatment in past 12 monthsCC4N
V04303Still have ulcer or received treatment in past 12 monthsCC4O
V0430412 months still have ulcerCC4O
V04092Received treatment for back/neck problems in past 12 monthsCC5B
V04093Received treatment for severe headache in past 12 monthsCC5C
V04094Received treatment for other chronic pain in past 12 monthsCC5D
V04095Received treatment for seasonal allergies in past 12 monthsCC5E
V04096Received treatment for high blood pressure in past 12 monthsCC5I
V04098Received treatment for diabetes in past 12 monthsCC5N
V04099Received treatment for ulcer in past 12 monthsCC5O
V04100Currently in treatment for cancer/in remission/been curedCC6CC6
V04101In past yr-had accident/injury/posioning required medical attenCC6_1CC6_1
V04102# of accidents/injuries/poison needed medical atten in past yrCC6_1A
V04103Most recent real accident/did on purpose/result of fightCC6_1B
V04104Most recent at work/work related travel/or elsewhereCC6_1C
V04105Condition on list resulting from injury:1st mentionCC6_21
V04106Condition on list resulting from injury:2nd mentionCC6_22
V04107Condition on list resulting from injury:3rd mentionCC6_23
V04108Condition on list resulting from injury:4th mentionCC6_24
V04109Condition on list resulting from injury:5th mentionCC6_25
V04110Condition on list resulting from injury:6th mentionCC6_26
V04114Where did injury occur - 1st mentionCC6_301
V04116Where did injury occur - 2nd mention CC6_302
V04117Where did injury occur - 3rd mentionCC6_303
V04124Where cancer located:1st mentionCC6A01
V04126Where cancer located:2nd mentionCC6A02
V04127Where cancer located:3rd mentionCC6A03
V04128Where cancer located:4th mentionCC6A04
V041361 to continueCC8A
V04137# times see doctor or other prof for treatment of conditionCC9CC9
V04138Frequency of treatment for conditionCC9_1
V04140Extent to which condition interfered with home managementCC10ACC10A*
V04141Extent to which condition interfered with ability to workCC10BCC10B*
V04142Extent to which condition interfered w/ form/maintain relationsCC10CCC10C*
V04143The extent to which the condition interfered with social lifeCC10DCC10D*
V04145# of day out 365 could not work/normall acts due to conditionCC12CC12
V04146INTRO C13 - condition interfered with lifeCC13
V04147Interfered with life - stomach painCC13B
V04148Interfered with life - diarrhea/constipationCC13C
V04149Interfered with life - severe pain in arms/legs/jointsCC13D
V04150Interfered with life - severe chest painCC13E
V04151Interfered with life - heart race or poundCC13F
V04152Interfered with life - shortness of breath/trouble breathingCC13G
V04153Interfered with life - severe back painCC13H
V04154Interfered with life - nausea/gas/indigestionCC13I
V04155Ever had severe menstrual pain/problemsCC13J
V04156Ever had severe pain/problems during sexCC13K
V04157Ever had frequent/severe dizzinessCC13L
V04158Ever had frequent/severe fainting spellsCC13M
V04159Ever had frequent trouble swallowing/lump in throatCC13N
V04160Ever had severe numbness/tinglingCC13O
V04161# of days had headache in past yearCC14
V04162# of days had severe headache in pastCC14A
V04163# of hours or minutes headache lastsCC15A
V04164Talked to doctor/prof about stomach painCC15B
V04165Unit of time, CC15ACC15B
V04166Talked to doctor/prof about diarrheaCC15C
V04167Talked to doctor/prof about joint/extremity painCC15D
V04168Talked to doctor/prof about chest painCC15E
V04169Talked to doctor/prof about heart pounding or palpitationsCC15F
V04170Talked to doctor/prof about shortness of breathCC15G
V04171Talked to doctor/prof about back painCC15H
V04172Talked to doctor/prof about nausea/gas/indigestionCC15I
V04173Talked to doctor/prof about menstrual problemsCC15J
V04174Talked to doctor/prof about sexual problemsCC15K
V04175Talked to doctor/prof about dizzinessCC15L
V04176Talked to doctor/prof about fainting/passing outCC15M
V04177Talked to doctor/prof about trouble swallowingCC15N
V04178Talked to doctor/prof about numbness/tinglingCC15O
V04179Rate headache pain at worst in past 12 monthsCC16
V04180Rate headache pain at its least in past 12 monthsCC17
V04181Take medication in past 12 months - stomach painCC17B
V04182Take medication in past 12 months - diarrheaCC17C
V04183Take medication in past 12 months - joint painCC17D
V04184Take medication in past 12 months - chest painCC17E
V04185Take medication in past 12 months - heart race or poundCC17F
V04186Take medication in past 12 months - short of breathCC17G
V04187Take medication in past 12 months - back painCC17H
V04188Take medication in past 12 months - nauseaCC17I
V04189Take medication in past 12 months - menstrual painCC17J
V04190Take medication in past 12 months - sexual painCC17K
V04191Take medication in past 12 months - dizzinessCC17L
V04192Take medication in past 12 months - fainting spellsCC17M
V04193Take medication in past 12 months - trouble swallowingCC17N
V04194Take medication in past 12 months - numbness or tinglingCC17O
V04195Scale 0-10 rate headache pain on average past 12CC18
V04197Headaches accompanied by nausea/vomitingCC19A
V04198Your headache accompanied by sensitivity to light/soundCC19B
V04199See spot/lines/heat waves before headache startsCC19C
V04200Headache only on one side of headCC19D
V04201Pain behind 1 eye during headacheCC19E
V04202Partial loss of vision before headacheCC19F
V04203Pain throbs or comes in pulses during headachesCC19G
V04204Took 2+ hours to fall asleep for 2+ weeks in past yearCC20A
V04205Took an hr + to get back to sleep for 2+ weeks in past yearCC20B
V04206Woke up 2+ hours too early for 2+ weeks in past yearCC20C
V04207Problems feeling sleepy during day for 2+ weeks in past yearCC20D
V04208# weeks in past 52 had problem with sleepCC22
V04209Worst month past year-fall asleep watching TV, readingCC24A
V04210Worst month past yr-get drowsy within 10 minutes sitting stillCC24B
V04211Worst month in past year-doze off when relaxedCC24C
V04212Worst month in past yr-fall asleep in conversation/visit friendsCC24D
V04213Worst month in past yr-feel fatigued due to poor sleepCC24E
V04214Worst month in past year-wake up more than 3 times/nightCC24F
V04215Worst month in past year-wake up feeling restedCC24G
V04216Worst month in past year-difficulty getting upCC24H
V04217Worst month in past year-felt had not slept long enoughCC24J
V04218Worst month in past year-wake up more than 3 times/nightCC26A
V04219Worst month in past year-wake up feeling restedCC26B
V04220Worst month in past yr-difficulty getting upCC26C
V04221Worst month in past year-felt refreshed after sleepingCC26D
V04222Worst month in past year-felt did not get enough sleepCC26E
V04223Ever had medically unexplained chronic painCC28_1CC28_1
V04224Part of body pain occurred:1st mentionCC28_1A1CC28_1A1
V04225Part of body pain occurred:2nd mentionCC28_1A2CC28_1A2
V04226Part of body pain occurred:3rd mentionCC28_1A3CC28_1A3
V04227Part of body pain occurred:4th mentionCC28_1A4CC28_1A4
V04228Part of body pain occurred:5th mentionCC28_1A5CC28_1A5
V04229Part of body pain occurred:6th mentionCC28_1A6
V04230Severity of emotional distress because of pain at worst timeCC28_2CC28_2
V04231Extent which pain interfered with work/social life/relationshipsCC28_3CC28_3
V04232Frequency unable to carry daily activities due to painCC28_3ACC28_3A
V04234Age 1st medically unexplained chronic painCC29_1CC29_1
V04235Total # of years had medically unexplained pain for 6+ mthsCC29_2
V04236Had medically unexplained pain for 6+ mths in past yearCC29_3
V04237# of months with pain in past 12 monthsCC29_4
V04238In worst month-# of days per month had painCC30
V04239In worst month-# of minutes or hours/day had painCC31A
V04240Unit of time, CC31ACC31B
V04241Rate pain at its worst in past yearCC32
V04242Rate pain on average during worst months in past 12CC34
V04243# of doctors seen regarding painCC34_1
V04244Psychological factors played role in tiredness/related probsCC34_10
V04245Medically unexplained pain due to physical causesCC34_2A
V04246Medically unexplainede pain always result of physical causesCC34_2B
V04247Cause of pain according to doctor:1st mentionCC34_301
V04258Cause of pain according to doctor:2nd mentionCC34_302
V04263Cause of pain according to doctor:3rd mentionCC34_303
V04264Cause of pain according to doctor:4th mentionCC34_304
V04270Pain always result of taking medication/drugs/alcoholCC34_5
V04272Find abnormality during examine/tests/x-raysCC34_8
V04273Pain always result of physical illness/injuryCC34_9
V04274Had gallbladder removedCC36
V04275Had abdominal/intestinal surgeryCC38INT1CC38INT1
V04276Ever had abdominal or intestinal surgeryCC38INT2CC38INT2
V04277Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's DiseaseCC39
V04278Age when received diagnosis for colitis/Crohn's DiseaseCC39_1
V04279Stomach pain releived w/ bowel move 1+ wk/mth for 12 mthsCC40
V04280Frequent diarreha/constipation during stomach/ab painCC41
V04281Cange in freq of bowel movement during stomach/ab painCC42
V04282Problems lasted week/mth for 12+ mthsCC43
V04283Age 1st time period of this sortCC44
V04284# of years have bowel problems at least 1 week per monthCC44_1
V04285Have this problem at least 1 week per month in past 12 mthsCC44_2
V04286Severity of distress you had because of these problemsCC45
V04287Extent to which probs interfered with work/social/relationsCC46
V04288Poblem so severe could not carry out daily activitiesCC46A
V04289Have regular med doctor for routine medical careCC48CC48
V04290Have regular place to go for routine medical careCC48ACC48A
V04292In past year-doctor asked you about alcohol or illegal drugsCC49_2CC49_2*
V04293In past year-doctor advise to stop or cut drugs/alc useCC49_2ACC49_2A
V04294In past year-doc asked about emotions/ nerves/mental healthCC49_2BCC49_2B
V04296Past year-doctor advise see specialist for emot/subst probsCC49_2DCC49_2D
V04297Past year-doctor suggested meds for emot/subst probsCC49_2ECC49_2E
V04298Past year-doc spent 5 mins + counsel for emot/subst probsCC49_2FCC49_2F
V04299In past yr-# of visits to doctor/hosp/clinic for routine examCC49ACC49A*
V04300In past year-# of visits to dentist/optician for routine examCC49BCC49B
V04301In past year-# of visits to ER/doctor/urgent careCC49CCC49C
V04302In past year-# of visits to doc/ortho/ophth for sched treatmentCC49DCC49D
V04305Covered by type of military health insuranceCC50CC50*
V04306Health insurance obtained through employer/unionCC50_1CC50_1
V04331Covered by health ins plan purchased from ins companyCC50_2CC50_2
V04332Covered by MedicareCC50_3CC50_3
V04333Covered by Medicare supplemental or Medigap CC50_3ACC50_3A
V04334Covered by government assistant program for people in needCC50_4CC50_4
V04335Covered by state health ins for uninsured peopleCC50_5CC50_5
V04337Covered by other health insurances not mentionedCC50_7CC50_7
V04340sign up with a certain primary care doctor, grouCC50_9
V04339Plan requires certain doctor for all routine careCC50_9
V04307Communicate with care provider in own languageCC50_10
V04308Interpreter availableCC50_10A
V04309Health insurance requires referral/approval for specialistCC50_11CC50_11
V04311Can see any doc if accepts ins or pick from networkCC50_12CC50_12
V04314Pay higher co-pay for doctors not in the networkCC50_13CC50_13
V04315Health plan is HMOCC50_14CC50_14
V04318If not have referral, insurance cover the costCC50_15CC50_15
V04319Cost of going to plan doctor for routine visitCC50_16_5CC50_16_
V04320Dollar or percentCC50_16ACC50_16A
V04321Cost for prescription medicines?CC50_17_5CC50_17_*
V04322Dollars or percentCC50_17ACC50_17A
V04323Difficult to get doctor appt over phone in last yearCC50_18A
V04324Difficult getting referral to specialistCC50_18B
V04325Provider spends limited timeCC50_18C
V04326Long waits of 1+ hour in waiting roomCC50_18D
V04327Difficulty getting info or advice over phoneCC50_18E
V04328Difficulty getting to assigned clinicCC50_18F
V04329Difficulty getting prescribed medsCC50_18G
V04330Lack of continuity of care/high turnover of providersCC50_18H
V04341If serious emot problem, probability of going to professionalCC51CC51
V04342Comfort level of talking to prof about personal problemsCC52CC52
V04343Embarrass level if friends knew getting prof help for emotionsCC53CC53
V04344Percent people helped who see prof for serious emotional problemsCC54
V04345Percent people who get better without professional helpCC55
V04346# of days in past 30 carried gun outside homeCC60
V04347# days past 30 day carried other weapons outside homeCC61
V04348# of guns in working condition in houseCC62
V04349Gun(s) currently loaded and unlockedCC64
V04350Gun easily accessable now or gun/ammo put awayCC66
V04351Had a job that required you to carry gunCC67DA36_1B1
V04352Aside from job, # of times you threatened someone with gunCC68DA36_1C1
V04353Threat always in self-defenseCC70DA36_1E1
V04354Age when threat with gun happenedCC72DA36_1G1
V04355Age 1st time threatened someone with gunCC73DA36_1H1
V04356Threatened someone with gun in past 12 monthsCC74DA36_1I1
V04357# of times you threatened someone with other weaponCC75DA36_1J1
V04358Threat with other weapon always in self-defense?CC77
V04359Age threatened someone with other weaponsCC79
V04360Age 1st time threatened someone with other weaponCC80
V04361Threatened someone with other weapon in past 12 monthsCC81

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