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The table below only lists variables in the public use file. If you want to see the position and frequency distribution of variables that are in the restricted file, you can view all variables in this section.

* indicates there is some discrepancy in the question and/or answer text.
This variable appears in different sections of the individual studies.

V01626Ever strongly fear being home aloneAG1AG1AAG1
V01627Ever strongly fear being in crowdsAG1BAG1BAG1B
V01628Ever strongly fear traveling away from homeAG1CAG1CAG1C
V01629Ever strongly fear traveling alone or away from home aloneAG1DAG1DAG1D
V01630Ever strongly fear using public transportationAG1EAG1EAG1E
V01631Ever strongly fear driving a carAG1FAG1FAG1F
V01632Ever strongly fear standing in line in public placesAG1GAG1GAG1G
V01633Ever strongly fear being in stores/mallsAG1HAG1HAG1H
V01634Ever strongly fear being in large auditoriumsAG1IAG1IAG1I
V01635Ever strongly fear being in restaurants or other public placeAG1JAG1JAG1J
V01636Ever strongly fear being in wide open field or streetAG1KAG1KAG1K
V01638Remember exact age 1st time had fear of one situationAG3INTR1AG3INTR1AG3INTR1
V01639Remember exact age 1st time had fear of one situationAG3INTR2AG3INTR2AG3INTR2
V01640Age 1st fear when being alone or in public situationAG3AAG3AAG3A
V01641Estimate age 1st fears-computedAG3B
V01642Estimate age 1st fearsAAG3B1AAG3B1AG3B1
V016431st fears before start school, AG3BAAG3B2AAG3B2AG3B2
V016441st fears before teenager, AG3BAAG3B3AAG3B3AG3B3
V01645Qualifier, AG3BAAG3B4
V01646Fear experienced: being alone or separate from loveAG4AAG4AAG4A
V01647Which fear experienced:danger/being robbed or assaultedAG4BAG4BAG4B
V01648Fear experienced: getting sick to stomach or diarrheaAG4CAG4CAG4C
V01649Which fear experienced: having panic attack AG4DAG4DAG4D
V01650Fear experienced: heart attack or other emergencyAG4EAG4EAG4E
V01651Fear experienced: physically ill/unable to get helpAG4FAG4FAG4F
V01652Fear experienced: difficult or embarrassing to escapeAG4GAG4GAG4G
V01653Fear experienced: other terrible things might happenAG4HAG4HAG4H
V01655Age 1st avoid public situations-computeAG6A
V01656Age 1st avoid public situationsAAG6A1AAG6A1AG6A1
V01657Avoided public before started school, AAG6A1AAG6A2AAG6A2AG6A2
V01658Avoided public before teeager, AAG6A1AAG6A3AAG6A3AG6A3
V09351Was it not before teenagerAAG6A4
V01659Particular event 1st caused fearsAG8AG8AG8
V01660Had panic attack as result of eventAG8AAG8AAG8A
V01661In most severe fear-heart racedAG9AAG9AAG9A
V01662In most severe fear-sweatAG9BAG9BAG9B
V01663In most severe fear-trembleAG9CAG9CAG9C
V01664In most severe fear-dry mouthAG9DAG9DAG9D
V01666During fear-ever have one/more reactionAG11AG11AG11
V01667During fear-trouble breathing AG11AAG11AAG11A
V01668During fear- feel like chokingAG11BAG11BAG11B
V01669During fear-have pain in chestAG11CAG11CAG11C
V01670During fear-sick to stomachAG11DAG11DAG11D
V01671During fear-feel dizzy/faintAG11EAG11EAG11E
V01672During fear-fear losing control/go crazy/pass outAG11FAG11FAG11F
V01673During fear-afraid you might dieAG11GAG11GAG11G
V01674During fear-chills/hot flushesAG11HAG11HAG11H
V01675During fear- felt numbness or tinglingAG11IAG11IAG11I
V01676During fear-feel like not really thereAG11JAG11JAG11J
V01677During fear-feel things unreal/dreamlikeAG11KAG11K
V01678Ever unable to leave home for day due to fearAG13AG13AG13
V01679Length time unable to leave home due to fearAG13AAG13AAG13A
V01680Unit of time unable to leave home due to fear, AG13AAG13A1AG13A1AG13A1
V01681Unable to leave home without family/friendAG14AG14AG14
V01682Extent fear situations interf with work/social life/relationsAG15AG15AG15
V01683Ever time felt emotionally upset/worried/disapp due to fearAG16AG16AG16
V01684Strong fear or avoid situations in the past yearAG17AG17AG17
V01685When avoided situations in the past yearAG17AAG17AAG17A
V01686Age last time avoided situations due to fearAG17BAG17BAG17B
V01687Severity of fear if faced today with sit that scares mostAG18AG18AG18
V01688How often avoid feared situations in the past yearAG19AG19AG19
V01689Severe mth-extent to which fear interfere home mgmt AG20AAG20A*AG20A*
V01690Severe mth-extent to which fear interf with ability to workAG20BAG20B*AG20B*
V01691Severe month-extent to which fear interf form/maintain relAG20CAG20C*AG20C*
V01692Severe month-exent to which fear interfere with social lifeAG20DAG20D*AG20D*
V01695# of days in past yr unable to carry out acts due to fearAG22AG22AG22
V01696Talked to professional about fear in past 12 mthsAG24
V01697Ever talked to Medical professional about fearAG24AG24AG24A*
V01698Talked to professional about fear:1st mentionAG24_101
V01701Talked to professional about fear:2nd mentionAG24_102
V01702Talked to professional about fear:3rd mentionAG24_103
V01703Talked to professional about fear:4th mentionAG24_104
V01704Talked to professional about fear:5th mentionAG24_105
V01705Talked to professional about fear:6th mentionAG24_106
V01706Talked to professional about fear:7th mentionAG24_107
V01707Talked to professional about fear:8th mentionAG24_108
V01708Talked to professional about fear:9th mentionAG24_109
V01699Talked to professional about fear:10th mentionAG24_110
V01700Talked to professional about fear:11th mentionAG24_111
V01709Age 1st time talk professional for fearAG24AAG24AAG26
V01710Tried to get professional help for fearAG24B
V01711Reason didn't get help for fear-1st mentionAG24C1
V01712Reason didn't get help for fear-2nd mentionAG24C2
V017131st time talked to professional about fearAG25
V01714Talked to psychiatrist about fearAG27A
V01715Talked to other mental health professional about fearAG27B
V01716Talked to family doctor about fearAG27C
V01717Talked to other medical doctor about fearAG27D
V01718Talked to other health professional about fearAG27E
V01719Talked to religious or spiritual advisor about fearAG27F
V01720Talked to other healer about fearAG27G
V01721Professional was helpfulAG28
V01722Treatment received for fear-1st mentionAG291
V01723Treatment received for fear-2nd mentionAG292
V01724Treatment received for fear-3rd mentionAG293
V01725Treatment received for fear-4th mentionAG294
V01727# times hospitalized for fearAG30B
V01728Received help from family/friends/acquaint for fearAG31
V01729Tried to get help from family/friends/acquaint fearAG31A
V09194Why not agora help from fam/friends-1st mentionAG31B1
V09195Why not agora help from fam/friends-2nd mentionAG31B2
V01730Received helpful/effective treatment for fearAG35AG35
V01731Age 1st got helpful/effective treatment for fearAG35AAG35A
V01732Total profs seen for fear incl helpful treatment docAG35BAG35B
V01733# of professionals ever talked to about fearAG35CAG35C
V01734Received professional treatment for fear in past yearAG37AG37
V01735Ever hospitalized overnight for fear?AG38AG38AG30
V01736# of close relatives w/ fear of home alone/crowds/awayAG38_1AG38_1
V01737Age 1st time hospitalized overnight for fearAG38AAG38AAG30A*

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