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IV. Sample Frame Geographic Domains

The second dimension of the CPES weight computation array was defined based on the geographic domain of the U.S. national sample frame with which individual area segments for the three component samples were associated (see Heeringa et al., 2004). The "domain" groupings were assigned at the area segment level. All respondents from the same segment, regardless of population, were assigned to the same domain. Table 2 defines the 11 domain categories that were used to classify area segments and thereby assign each CPES respondents to a geographic domain.

Table 2. Sample Frame Geographic Domains Required for CPES Weight Development
CPES Domain Domain Definition
1 Census Block Group >5% Cuban Population
2 Census Block Group >5% Vietnamese Population
3 Census Block Group >5% Filipino Population
4 Census Block Group >5% Puerto Rican Population
5 Census Block Group >5% Chinese Population
6 Census Block Group >10% Afro-Caribbean (non-Hispanic) (Restricted to NY, NJ, FL, CT, MA, RI and DC)
7 Census Block Group 60-100% African-American
8 Census Block Group 30-59.9% African-American
9 Census Block Group 10-29.9% African-American
10 Census Block Group 0-9.9% African-American
11 Hawaii (NLAAS only)

All segment assignments to geographic domains were performed using Census 2000 data for Block Groups. Like the population assignments for mixed ancestry respondents, area segment domain assignments based on this 11 category classification were not always unique. For example a Census Block Group might have contained a population that was >5% Vietnamese and also >5% Chinese. In cases where a Census Block Group qualified for more than one domain, the corresponding area segment was assigned to the lowest numbered category (e.g. the high density Vietnamese domain for this last example).