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Documentation of CPES Instruments

In the interactive documentation, question text, response options, and interviewer instructions for CPES and the three source studies are taken directly from the computer assisted survey instruments. Thus, they reflect what the interviewer saw on the screen. That means that if there were typos in the text they remain in the online documentation.

For example: in the documentation for NLAAS Depression variable D38a_3a (CPES V00935), "In what month did that episode start, the interviewer is instructed to "ENTER YEAR;" and the NCS-R Screening variables SC10_5c1 and SC10_5c2 list "ASPERGER'S DISORDER" as the first response option.

Table. New / updated variables
V09435Primary / secondary adult in householdX
CPESCASE CPES Case ID (regenerated)XXX
VERSIONVersion release numberX XX

Updates to Pharmacoepidemiology Section

In the dataset released in July 2007, the Pharmacoepidemiology variables were not completely linked across NCS-R, NLAAS, and NSAL. This has been corrected. These variables include:

  • Med1-reason stop taking: 1st to 6th mention
  • Med2-reason stop taking: 1st to 4th mention
  • Med3-reason stop taking: 1st and 2nd mention
  • Med1-problems took medicine for: 1st to 10th mention
  • Med2-problems took medicine for: 1st to 9th mention
  • Med3-problems took medicine for: 1st to 4th mention

Note, however, that for "Med1-reason stop taking: 1st mention" the NCS-R variable (V03031) has not been linked to NLAAS and NSAL (V03011); this was simply overlooked in the harmonization.