Accessing Non-Publicly Available Files

At this time access to non-public files through this Web site is restricted to the following:

  1. ICPSR Direct Users

    Individuals affiliated with ICPSR member institutions that participate in ICPSR Direct can download data directly. Note that ICPSR Direct allows for the direct downloading of data from campus computers. It does not allow for off-campus access unless the university has a proxy server in place that authenticates off-campus access.

    If you are affiliated with an ICPSR member institution, but your institution is not yet participating in ICPSR Direct, please contact your Official Representative or email for assistance.

  2. Official Representatives (ORs)

    Official Representatives of ICPSR member institutions can use their MyData account to authenticate to the web server. ORs without accounts can contact to request one. For federated memberships, accounts and passwords are available to the Official Representative at the federation's hub institution and to Official Representatives at those institutions participating in ICPSR Direct.

    Official Representatives can change their passwords and e-mail address by selecting Login/Account Info from the MyData options.

Individuals at non-member institutions should send email to ICPSR User Support at or call (734) 647-2200 for information about accessing ICPSR data.

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