Getting Started with SDA 3.5

Topics Covered in This Document:

Adjusting your browser for the new interface

Make sure that the main SDA window on your browser displays the various frames so that you can see them clearly.

If necessary, try one of the following procedures:

If a window to "view" the variable on the page of search results does not appear, set your browser to allow pop-ups on the SDA site you are using (for example, the Berkeley SDA site is ''). Some browsers interpret that window as a pop-up and block it from appearing.

Firefox Users:

If you want to move the borders between the various frames inside the main SDA multi-frame window, you must first make the frames resizable by doing the following:

If the small 'Search:' box does not appear on the left side of your screen, even though you have a "Search" tab on the top, it may be necessary to clear the browser cache.
To clear the cache, select 'Tools' then 'Clear Private Data' and make sure that 'Cache' is checked before you click on the button. Then 'Reload' the page, and the small 'Search:' box should appear.

Program Selection

Select a program or procedure from the menu at the top of the main SDA screen (if you want to run a program other than crosstabulation, which usually appears when you start SDA).

After you select a program, the windows for variable selection and for program options will change accordingly.

Most procedures also have additional on-line help specifically for that procedure. Click on the 'Help' button that appears on the option screen for the program or procedure you have selected.

The available procedures will include some or all of the following:

Analysis Programs

Create Variables

Download Files



Getting Started

Variable Selection

You can select variables for analysis in the following ways:

Put the name of the selected variable into the desired target area of the program form

Some options:

Run the Program

After you have selected the program or procedure that you want to run, and the variables to use, then you specify the program options you want.

Finally, you click on the 'Run' button near the bottom of the option page.

Using the Older (Classic) SDA Interface

New SDA Interface versus Older "Classic Interface"

The new SDA interface (version 3.0 and later), with multiple frames in one large window, will generally be used when you start up SDA.

If you prefer to use the older SDA interface, click on "Use classic interface" on the top line of the SDA window.

The older interface will also appear under any of the following circumstances:

  1. Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.
  2. The study you are analyzing does not have a variable tree (generated by the codebook program).
  3. The data archive has set up the study to be run using the older interface.
Note that you can usually fix problem #1 yourself, by enabling JavaScript. However, problems #2 and #3 must be handled by the data archive that hosts the dataset you are trying to use.